The cost of opening an account: From 450 USD

General information

Name:Caledonian Global Financial Services

Cayman Islands

Faunded:1 970
History:Caledonian was formed in 1970 by the late Mr. William. Mr. Walker was born in Guyana and was educated at Cambridge University in England. He visited the Cayman Islands a few times before deciding to take up permanent residence in 1964. He formed the first law firm on the island, and a few years later created, Caledonian. Mr. Walker has played an important role in promoting the development of early financial services legislation, which became the foundation of growth and development of the Island. In 2011, the Caledonian was acquired by New World Holdings Inc. a private investment company in the Cayman Islands. Through the acquisition, Caledonian and all subsidiaries operate under the new name of Caledonian, and formed one of the largest specialized providers of financial services in this jurisdiction.
Employees:English-speaking staff


Terms of opening for admission (days):3
Opening terms for cancellation (days):5
Recommendations:Not required
Description of activity:Superficial
Account type:Personal, corporate
Types of accounts:Savings; Checking; Investment
Departure to the bank:Check out the bank is not required
Required documents:All necessary corporate documents be drawn up and submitted to the bank.Bank require personal documents from each director, shareholder and persons authorized by the bank: A notarized or certified copy of the passport page with photo, signature and personal details, proof of address in the form of the original utility bill, issued within the last 3 months.
Account opening, probability:Calculated
Particularities during account opening:No special


Country Rating:2
Rating on loans:А1


Balance, minimum:0 €
Limit of transfers (per month):No restrictions
An initial fee :200 €
Transaction speed:2-3 business days

Services and costs

Cost of translation:Internal and external transfer of US $ 5
Cost of enrollment:Free
Cost of account maintenance:Monthly account maintenance fee of $ 30 (active accounts) US $ 200 (at rest).
Credit card restrictions:No
Insurance for credit cards:No information
Access to the account:i-Bank System for remote management of account.
Bank services:International Payments, Treasury, Custody, Agent Banking, Credit, Platinum Debit Card.
Bank cards:VISA, MasterCard
Cost of extracts storing:See rates
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Select Bank's name sort descending Price of account opening Terms of account opening (days) Established World Ranking
Caledonian Global Financial Services 450 USD 3 1970
DMS Offshore Investment Services 590 USD 7 1972