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Law&Trust provides legal support for Blockchain and ICO (TGE) projects

Our services

Selection of a jurisdiction and a bank optimal to carry out ICO legal maintenance for an issuing company

Our ICO lawyers will carefully study Your project and prepare legal opinions on possible methods of operation and preferential jurisdiction for establishment, allowing transactions with cryptocurrency and providing a possibility for opening bank account.

Opening accounts in banks and payment systems

Compiling a package of documents and submitting it to a bank or a payment system, as applicable.

Development of prompt internal corporate documentation for holding ICO, preparation and analysis of White Paper

Preparation of a company's incorporation documents, taking into account its activities. Cooperation with government bodies. Preparation of recommendations regarding White Paper, as well as providing comments on changes required to comply with legal requirements by ICO lawyer.

Elaboration of prompt legal concept of a token

Development of a mechanism for selling a token, while not allowing to refer to it as to a security, in accordance with relevant practice of a number of states.

Tax consulting, development of measures to reduce tax risks by ICO lawyer

Elaboration of measures to reduce tax risks for and burdens on an issuing company, founders and investors, including in accordance with the legislation on CFC (controlled foreign companies) by ICO lawyers.

Preparation of compliance measures for an issuing company

1. Measures to reduce risks of considering tokens to be securities in accordance with applicable law. Our experts examine a planned method of operation after offering of a token and give recommendations on the means to avoid recognizing a token as a security in such jurisdictions as the USA, UK, etc.

2. Measures to reduce risks of violation of legislation on combating legalization (laundering) of money obtained by illegal means and financing of terrorism; Preparation of AML/KYC policies of a project in accordance with the requirements of legislation of a country of establishment of a company holding ICO.

3. Measures to reduce risks of violating legislation on insider trading and market manipulation;

Development of internal corporate measures in accordance with legislation of a country of establishment of an issuer of a token for ICO legal maintenance.

4. Measures to reduce risks of violation of legislation on countering illegal financial activities.

Our ICO lawyer will prepare documents for a company and offer methods of operation of a company incorporated in accordance with legislation on combating illegal financial activities of a selected jurisdiction.

Preparation of investment agreements and user agreements

Development of investment agreement, user agreement, and other documentation.

Elaboration of a mechanism for allocating of investments attracted during ICO between different groups of persons concerned

Preparation of legal solutions on distribution of profits attracted during ICO legal process between the following groups of persons: developers, consultants, users, exchanges, other persons.

Development of a mechanism for converting cryptocurrency attracted during ICO process into fiat money

Selection of a jurisdiction and a bank allowing to perform transactions related to withdrawal of fiat money raised during ICO legal process. Preparation of possible legal mechanisms for a company's work to withdraw income through fiat money.

Maintenance of procedures for licensing and obtaining special permissions/authorizations

Collection and preparation of necessary documentation, support for a whole process of obtaining a license or special permissions/authorizations.

Elaboration of a mechanism for accepting fiat money during ICO

Working out of variants allowing to accept fiat money during ICO process. Selection of a jurisdiction and establishment of a company; processing; licensing of activity, if necessary.

Development of a system of measures to minimize risks of personal liability of a CEO of an issuing company and initiators of a project

Selection of a jurisdiction, registration of a company in a country with minimum risks and positive practice of information disclosure about beneficial owners. Development of a corporate structure in accordance with existing regulation of controlled foreign companies, PSC requirements, FATCA, etc., status and residence of a CEO and beneficial owners.

Drafting of documents for ICO, preparing and analyzing documents for AML/KYC procedures

  1. Processing Policy, Users’ Personal data transfer policy, Privacy Policy; Preparation of documents in accordance with the requirements of AML and KYC regulation in a jurisdiction of a company being established.
  2. Terms of use; Preparation of documentation determining conditions for provision of services within ICO and use of online platform in addition to offers;
  3. Agreements/offers being concluded due to sale of a token; Preparation of electronic contracts to be concluded in forms of click-wrap and browse-wrap agreements, public offers, and other documents.
  4. Privacy Policy/NDA for employees; Compilation of documentation determining a non-disclosure policy for confidential information and trade secrets of a project. Preparation of employment agreements with employees in accordance with non-disclosure policy and full material responsibility of an employee for disclosure of information that may impair activity of a project.
  5. Loan agreement, barter agreement, assignment agreement (if necessary);
  6. Other documents concerning establishment of contractual relations with holders of tokens and reducing legal risks for an issuing company.

Answers to questions of investor in writing via e-mail, Telegram, Slack or other means of communication during entire period of ICO maintenance

Preparing legally competent answers to investors in a form convenient for them.

Preparation of financial statements

Services of escrow agent

Our company can act as an escrow agent or carry out searching for another intermediary, who will serve as a guarantor of money transfers under ICO.

Participation in resolution of ICO-related disputes

Representation of a client's interests in resolving disputes related to ICO (arbitration proceedings, mediation, litigation in state courts). Processing of arbitration clause, proposal of a preferred applicable law and jurisdiction over a dispute.


Our services are aimed at consulting clients, who are aware of legal, criminal and tax risks of modern blockchain and cryptocurrencies regulation and are tending to launch ICO or establish a business related to cryptocurrency for implementing a good real project, not exclusively for personal wealth accumulation. 
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Spheres of activity

Turn-Key ICO consulting
Full legal support of a project and its ICO. Advising on ICO project, selecting the most suitable jurisdiction for ICO, registering a company for ICO, opening a bank account, working out a mechanism for contributing and withdrawing fiat money and cryptocurrency, compiling project documentation…
Legal Status of Cryptocurrency
Professionals of Law&Trust International carry out monitoring of changes in legislations of various countries related to regulation of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, mining and ICO. We can advise you on the best countries to work with cryptocurrency …
Legal maintenance of mining projects. Legal support of purchase and sale of necessary equipment, development of corporate structure for a project, consulting of miners regarding legal issues. Licensing of mining activities in a number of jurisdictions …
Full maintenance of new projects related to cryptocurrency. Compilation of project documentation and legal support. Marketing of projects and technical advice. Monitoring of changes in legislations of different states and searching for optimal solutions for clients...

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The Company Law&Trust is not an organizer of ICO, does not hold ICO, does not receive profits or bear losses from ICO, as well as with regard to present clients. Law&Trust Company exclusively provides legal maintenance and consulting support to the present clients to the extent requested by them in the framework of agreements, and does not participate in decision-making in these projects (clients reserve right to act according to own convictions and risk assessment policy).