Team of Law&Trust International - is a cohesive and friendly team of active and ambitious young people

If you decided to engage yourself in jurisprudence and always strive for excellence - then you have come to the right place! You will not only be developing as a first-class specialist, but also as a person. Moreover, you will get invaluable experience and decent salary.

Our team is always glad to bring experienced lawyers, programmers, bankers, and young professionals or graduates of universities into the fold. We are waiting for interesting and motivated individuals who know exactly what they want and follow the life philosophy and attitudes of the leader.

Teamwork with Law&Trust International constitutes invaluable experience and opportunity to develop, be a successful person and be a leader in everything!

The following vacancies are always open:

- Lawyer in the field of International Corporate Law.
- Lawyer in the field of Intellectual Property Law.
- Legal Assistant/paralegal, intern.
- Senior Lawyer / Head of Department.
- Head of legal practice.

In addition, if you are a worthy and respected specialist in your field - we can consider your candidacy outside of open vacancies.

Stages of selection for vacancies:

1. filling in the application for a job position/vacancy on the website;
2. passing the professional testing (English language, legal test);
3. being interviewed by HR-specialist (video-interview or personal meeting);
4. being interviewed by the department manager.

For more information, please contact -
Phone: +74994031113
Skype: lawstrust.111

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Legal Adviser
Svetlana Artemenko
Junior Legal Counsel
Владислава Волянык
Senior Lawyer
Annie Lingerman
Ekaterina Bogatova
Aleksander Shushin
Anastasia Alexeeva
Branch Director, HR
Victoria Zhelezova
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Legal secretaries & Receptionists
Dariia Grib
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