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Financial Licenses and Certifications

If the company's activities are related to financial services, the availability of a specialized license allows to convince potential partners and clients of the stability of the company and its reliability.

Law&Trust accompanies the procedure for obtaining financial licenses in various countries.

Each state offers its advantages in obtaining license in its jurisdiction, but there are certain nuances that should be taken into account when choosing a particular country. In order to clarify all the details of processing, you need to call our company or contact the lawyer by mail.

Legal advice.
Legal advice.

Main Types of Financial Licenses:


  • Brokerage license. Licenses for brokerage activities allow to bring ultimate clients to the stock markets of different countries for conducting transactions.

  • Forex license. Forex licenses increase the level of loyalty and confidence of clients, which indicates integrity of funds and conscientious policy of the company.
  • License for electronic money. Payment systems have high incomes from clients' turnover of funds by providing services for handling transactions of the client. Such license will convince your clients of the reliability of your resource.
  • Investment license. It is necessary for more efficient interaction with other companies, in which you are going to invest the client’s finance. The license for such financial services allows working with private and public funds, exchanges and organizations of any type.
  • Banking license. Each microcredit company or large financial institution stand up for its clients. The license for providing such financial services not only enlarges the number of potential counterparties in the service sectors of accepting deposits and credit provision to clients, private banking aimed at serving VIP clients, but also increases the chances of advancement at the international level.
It is possible to clarify comprehensive and detailed information on each type of financial licenses with lawyers of Law&Trust.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Obtaining Financial License
Procedure of Obtaining Financial Licenses

The conditions depend on the client’s category, the selected country and the type of financial license. Terms and requirements can be specified during personal conversation with our lawyer.

You can send application for obtaining the necessary information in an interactive form to save your time. Consultations are free of charge and are aimed at helping the client determine the jurisdiction.

There is no need to personally visit other countries to file documents regarding registration of new company, collect documents, prepare certified translations and copies of passports, and you do not need to queue in tax services and state authorities for receiving statements and certificates. All the foregoing tasks will be accomplished by professional lawyers.

In case of any problems with the documents, our notaries will notify the client about this and correct all the nuances. The cost of obtaining financial license can be clarified by phone.


Australian Financial License (ASIC)


If you decide to open a business in the financial sphere in the territory of Australia, you will need to obtain a financial license from the Australian regulator - Australian Securities & Investments Commission. Our specialists will provide assistance for you in the foregoing and save your time.

Obtaining a financial license in the Czech Republic

CountryCzech Republic

n order to start operating as a payment institution, it is necessary to obtain a license from the Czech National Bank, since the Czech National Bank in the Czech Republic is the official authority and issues licenses for all types of financial activities.

Obtaining financial license in Georgia


Georgian legislation does not provide for obtaining license to trade in financial instruments or other securities. At the same time, the law prescribes for licensing for:

  • the registrar of securities;
  • brokerage activities;
  • stock exchange;
  • central depository;
  • specialized depositary.

Obtaining a Financial License in Hong Kong (MSO)

CountryHong Kong

Any person operating a money service should be licensed with the Commissioner of Customs and Excise pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (Financial Institutions) Ordinance (Chapter 615 of the Laws of Hong Kong) (the “AMLO”). 

Obtaining financial license in Latvia


Obtaining a financial license in Latvia is not a simple task, as it requires experience and knowledge. With our help, obtaining a financial license in Latvia will require minimal finance and time. Obtaining licenses in different countries of the world is one of the main directions of our work.

Obtain the financial license in Lithuania


Lithuania is not an offshore jurisdiction, however it does not prohibit non-residents of the state from conducting activity in its territory.

License is not required for most branches of business in order to start operation, but financial license should be obtained in Lithuania for establishing bank, investment company or credit institution, as well as company engaged in related field of activity.

Obtaining a financial license in Malta


Before obtaining a license, you will need to register a company with an authorized capital of at least 125,000 euros. Personal presence of the beneficial owner in the process of registering a company in Malta is not necessary.

Maltese legislation provides for a requirement for the amount of the authorized capital for such a company in the amount of EUR 125,000. However, the MFSA regulator most often establishes additional (increased) requirements for the authorized capital in the event that it sees greater risks in the activities of the applicant company. Such requirements are established in each case individually and the amount of the increased authorized capital can not be foreseen in advance.

Obtain the financial license in New Zealand

CountryNew Zealand

New Zealand is a state that provides registration of offshore companies for most entrepreneurs tending to establish business within the territory of the country. The country is unitary one, but its legislation is still under the influence of the United Kingdom.

The procedure for obtaining financial license in New Zealand is similar to the analogous process in the UK, but, at the same time, there are insignificant differences.

Obtaining a financial license in United Kingdom

CountryUnited Kingdom

Until 2013, the Financial Services Authority was responsible for the provision of services in the sphere of financial control and financial activities in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. With the financial reform, these functions were transferred to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This body is an independent non-governmental organization whose powers and authority relate to:

  • establishment of minimum standards and requirements in the field of financial market;
  • regulation of actions in the field of marketing of financial products;
  • control over companies and private entrepreneurs;
  • establishment and application of sanctions.


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