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A Bingo license: processing with Law&Trust

Our company is engaged in obtaining permissions and licenses for gambling business for many years.

Processing permission to conduct a bingo lottery does not significantly differs from obtaining ordinary licenses.

There are certain alterations in the package of documents, but the foregoing should not concern the client, since collection of documentation is the task of our specialists.

In order to open a large-scale casino, it is often required to register the forms for slots, games of chance, betting and other entertainments.

Bingo, poker and miscellaneous imply processing of the third-class permission, and the remaining additions can be obtained later when the organization is expanded.

Obtaining a Bingo license: Foreign Countries

Among the partner countries of our company that issue bingo lottery permissions are the following: Costa Rica, Seychelles, Alderney, Romania, Great Britain, Malta, Antigua and Barbuda, as well as other countries. It is possible to consider certain conditions for granting permissions using the example of Antigua and Barbuda, as well as Malta.

Advantages of obtaining a Bingo license in Antigua and Barbuda:

  • Companies licensed in Antigua and Barbuda obtain good standing, and this country is characterized by liberal legislation in the sphere of gambling regulation.
  • The cost starts from 120,000 dollars, depending on the category and annual turnover of the firm.
  • The annual tax fee is equal to or not less than 75,000 dollars (depending on the type of license).
  • Among the main advantages there are simplified procedure for software certification, short term for obtaining license to bingo (compared to other jurisdictions), as well as possibility of tax planning.
  • There are only two classes of licenses in the country, namely: for casinos and for games of chance and betting, but intermediate varieties (bingo) are classified as one of the categories, which gives an opportunity to get permission not only for the lottery, but also to other activities.

A Bingo License - Malta

  • There is the most progressive legislation for regulation of gambling rules, and the Internet gambling market is controlled by the  Gaming ACT company;
  • There is certain class of licenses for each type of entertainment. Thus, bingo corresponds to the 3rd category, however, when it is positioned as a lottery, it is possible to obtain the 1st category.
  • The fixed tax rate is 5% of the amount of income, and the effective rate has similar coefficient.
  • Jurisdiction has a high reputation among the similar ones, and all clients are guaranteed the maximum degree of protection on the part of the state.
  • No problems may arise in case of bankcard payments.

Gambling license for bingo: documents and cost

It is necessary to specify this information directly from the specialists of our Company. It is impossible to post specific prices due to constant fluctuation of prices and changing in the package of documents in each individual case.

Applying to us by phone, you obtain free consultation regarding selection of the jurisdiction. It is clear from the above lists that all countries have advantages and disadvantages.

The task of our lawyers is to optimize all the nuances so that they do not negatively affect your business.


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