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Company formation and maintenance

Company formation and maintenance

At the present day, Law&Trust International offers to register or purchase and maintenance a company in 134 jurisdictions worldwide, including any offshore jurisdictions. We are also ready to offer tailored solutions with respect to individual cases on client's request.

By applying our extensive experience and international communications with our representatives and partners, we provide registration services of companies, offshores, trusts and funds from A to Z:

  • company registration in any jurisdiction of the world, including offshores;
  • drafting relevant documents (Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Power of Attorney, etc.);
  • secretarial company services;
  • provision of registered (legal) address;
  • professional nominee service (shareholder, director, partner);
  • notarization and apostilled certification of a set of company's documents;
  • bookkeeping, preparing annual return, audit and filing of tax statements;
  • obtaining Certificates of Good Standing, Incumbency, Tax residence;
  • and much more.

In this way, our client receives the "Registration of the company" service on a turnkey basis with further legal support from one team of professionals.

Legal Opinion Letter

Legal Opinion Letter

A legal opinion is a written document in which a specialist presents a qualified opinion on the basis of legal provisions applicable to the actual circumstances of a particular case.

In view of the special approach to each case, drawing up of the legal opinion requires professional skills in the relevant sphere of law.

Lawyers of Law and Trust International have been working in the legal services market for over 15 years. Years of experience of our specialists in the sphere of law will help each client to get their legal opinion from the subject of interest.

Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts

Opening a bank account in any country of the world becomes easy with our help. We can open an account for your company and help you to choose the best reliable financial institution in order to optimize the expenses for banking services.

A bank account is an indispensable tool for functioning of the company. Therefore, the task of opening the account and ensuring its continuous and unimpaired operation is an integral part of the business organization.

Our company cooperates with a large number of foreign banks worldwide. Therefore, our experts are always ready to fit the bank for your requests.

In addition, we are always ready to consider any additional requests.

Merchant accounts

Merchant accounts

Merchant account is a solution that enables processing and accepting customer credit cards payments. They can be made ​​either through POS terminals, or remotely (on a web page of the vendor, via e-mail).

If you are interested in expanding your payment options, we are ready to assist you in merchant account opening.

Professional consultants of Law&Trust International will help you to choose an optimal merchant account and carry out all the steps in registration of the account for the international payment operations settlement, including also accounts for high-risk activity.

Accounting and auditing services

Accounting and auditing services

As a rule, accounting and auditing are fraught with the greatest number of potential hidden problems for entrepreneurs and investors. Therefore, knowledge of the standards and the intricacies of financial reporting is crucial for business success.

We provide licensed services in the following areas:

  • accounting;
  • audit performance;
  • preparing all kinds of financial statements in various jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, USA, Cyprus and many other.

Tax planning and optimization

Tax planning and optimization

Tax planning, as well as tax optimization - is the most important components of profitability of an enterprise, that is committing its activity both on the territory of the Russian Federation or abroad. Therefore, we can guarantee professional services in this area, such as:

  • development and implementation of individual tax strategies for companies;
  • tax optimization on a turnkey basis taking into concern legal, fiscal and political risks of your company.
While developing the principles of international tax planning the experts of Law&Trust International always take into consideration the residence of the client and the foreign component. We learn international practice in order to ensure full service for every customer.

Capital Protection

Capital Protection

The Capital Protection service is particularly necessary and it is an integral part of international tax planning.

Due to the unpleasant events that are taking place with the business owners assets (e.g., raiding) in our time, it is necessary to ensure the financial and property safety. We may help you implement this by applying an experience and knowledge of the foreign trusts work, private trust companies, including offshore jurisdictions. Effective investments protection is a success formula for your company.

Holding, Trust, Fund

Holding, Trust, Fund

In case you are looking for the way to protect your own assets, the best suitable option is an offshore trust or an offshore fund. Possession of these legal forms ensures reliable protection of assets from possible risks.

However trusts and funds are not intended for regular commercial activity.

You can make use of the holding to optimize cash flow, streamline income generation, as well as to achieve tax optimization for your own business. Holding scheme based on the participation of the holding company as a shareholder of JSC or LLC participant company in the authorized capital of other members of the group (subsidiaries). In this way, a range of important tasks can be solved in an absolutely legal way.

Document legalization, certification and translation

Document legalization, certification and translation

Law&Trust International offers services of legalization documents by apostile. We also provide consular legalization and notarization.

Our specialists perform document translation into any language of the world and their notarization and legalization with respect to the Hague Convention.

Precious metals

Precious metals

Investment in precious metals is a reliable form of investment, quite popular among sophisticated customers. If you want to invest in the gold, silver, platinum, and other metals stored in a form of capital under the guarantee of the most reliable banks in Switzerland, Austria, Australia, we are ready to provide comprehensive professional assistance.

Real estate

Real estate

Financial benefits and confidentiality are main advantages of buying real estate and land in offshore areas.

Our experts will help you to purchase or sell real estate and land profitably and with no extra tax expenses in any place of the world. We work with primary and secondary market housing.

The sale or purchase of land and real estate by means of Law&Trust International is not only more profitable, but also very safe.

Ships and aircraft registration

Ships and aircraft registration

For advantageous registration of a ship or plane, it is necessary to carry out these operations in an offshore jurisdiction. Such registration has many benefits and opportunities to owners of vessels or aircraft.

Yachts, ships and airplanes registration in offshores entitles yacht or ship to sail under the flag of the state in which they have made ​​the relevant registration and ownership.

Privacy is one of the main advantages that pops up during the registration of ships and aircraft in the offshore jurisdiction. Due to this, the owner can reduce the active competition risks and avoid problems related to various lawsuits.

Another advantage of the offshore registration of ships and aircrafts is the possibility to reduce tax payments to a minimum level. There are many offshore areas, where the fee of the registration and ownership of ships and aircraft is at a low level. At the same time, the owner can avoid paying taxes on income earned as a result of usage of the ship as the ship is registered in the offshore zone.



The company has extensive experience in obtaining various types of licenses. As an example, by 2018 the company's portfolio has 28 licenses for online gambling (poker, online casino betting), 14 financial licenses, 1 banking and 3 insurance licenses.

If you are interested in obtaining a license or authorization documents of various types – you may seek for qualified legal support in the Law&Trust International.



Licensed lawyers of Law&Trust International offers the following services:

  • customer Advocacy preliminary investigation stage;
  • customer Advocacy in court, including criminal cases;
  • suppression of unwarranted prosecution;

We use all legal measures to protect and defend our client’s interests in any matter.

Additional services

Additional services

Serious business requires serious legal and regulatory approach. Please find hereunder a list of important additional services. They may be useful in such processes as registration and purchase of companies (including offshore) in the US, UK, Germany and so on, as well as in the conducting of trade and commercial operations:

  • international certification and notarization of the constituent documents;
  • сonsular certification of the constituent documents in CIS countries consulates, as well as other countries;
  • providing a registered address in prestigious European or other countries;
  • both accounting and audit reporting for offshore companies and paying taxes companies;
  • opening bank accounts in the Baltic or European banks;
  • making changes in the board of directors or shareholders of non-resident companies;
  • redomicile (moving) companies under another jurisdiction;
  • obtaining a tax number (EIN) for U.S. companies, as well as the tax number for companies from other jurisdictions;
  • transition of the company under our maintenance;
  • obtaining the Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Incumbency, Tax Residence etc.;
  • the process of the official closing of the company;
  • registration of companies with the brand name in Russian, Ukrainian and other languages;
  • make changes in the statutory documents of the company;
  • registration of insurance, reinsurance, financial and stock companies;
  • submitting the tax-free aged companies, registered between 1982-2014 years;
  • registration in the Industrial and Trade Chamber of foreign countries;
  • participation in other commercial and non-profit organizations around the world;
  • searching and obtaining information on particular companies anywhere in the world;
  • many other additional services.

Trademarks, patents

Trademarks, patents

The legal protection of a trademark is limited by the territory of the country in which it is registered. Therefore, if your company is developing its business abroad, you need to register your trademark under the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Trademarks or with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market.

Trademark registration under the Madrid System lets you choose precise country for registration. The International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) manage this procedure.

If you are interested in the trademarks protection in the European Union, you need to register a Trademark of the European Union (TMES). TMES is ​​a trademark registered by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market of the European Union (OHIM). It grants the exclusive right to use the trademark for commercial or industrial purposes for products and services throughout the EU.

If you need to register a trademark, patent or intellectual property right as per procedure of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market of the European Union (OHIM), experts of Law&Trust International will provide all necessary support.

Information Security

Information Security

Information Security is no longer a virtual concept, it is an integral part of any business strategy today. Law&Trust International specialists will:

  • design and introduce the best solutions for the protection of personal data;
  • carry out an examination of your information systems for vulnerabilities;
  • establish certified and tested data protection;
  • hold consultations on legal and technical aspects of data services;
  • obtail certificates for SSL, PCI DSS, etc.



The citizenship and residence issue is becoming increasingly important to our customers each year. Education, medicine and the possibility of a simple and unrestricted travelling through Europe are highly rated by wealthy families. In addition, a residence permit or citizenship of another country can become a reliable guarantee of the investment and banking secrecy.

Our experts will objectively answer all your questions, including:

  • "pros" and "cons" when choosing a particular jurisdiction;
  • details of taxation and obtaining resident status;
  • special features of family and hereditary law;
  • the ways of avoiding double taxation;
  • the opportunity of obtaining citizenship in exchange for investments;
  • practical issues of picking real estate, schools, and universities.
In addition, our experts will offer you a list of the most attractive countries in the world for an alternative residence permit in terms of your situation.

Law&Trust International has not only serious experience in the registration of companies, trusts and holdings abroad, we are also ready to provide comprehensive advice on such procedures as obtaining a residence permit and citizenship in Sweden, USA, UK, Australia and other major jurisdictions.

Gambling License in Belarus

Since 2018, the Government of Belarus has begun actively engaging in the development of gambling and entertainment business sectors. This has provided many entrepreneurs with the opportunity to actively invest in these areas.

Law and Trust International offers you an excellent opportunity to get a license for bingo, lottery, offline and online gaming in Belarus.

Gambling License in Belarus

Opening a casino in Belarus requires the involvement of either private entrepreneurs or legal entities. Therefore, to be considered for a license application, you must register as a private entrepreneur or open a company in Belarus.

How to Obtain a License for Casino in Belarus: Requirements

The companies planning to engage in gambling and looking to gain a steady income must meet the following mandatory requirements. They include:

  • Availability of an office address in the Republic of Belarus;
  • Details of the management body in the Republic of Belarus;
  • Shareholders and directors should not have any criminal record;
  • Documents on the absence of tax claims against shareholders and directors.

The future owner of a gambling license is required to comply with the following conditions:

  • A guaranteed minimum deposit of 2,250,000 Belarusian rubles (about 978,000 euros);
  • Expert opinion confirming the compliance of the gambling business with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
  • The presence of RNG (Random Number Generator) for online casinos;
  • Certificate of compliance with the information security system in the information system of a virtual casino.

Obtain a License for Casino in Belarus

Why Obtain Casino License in Belarus with Law and Trust International?

Law and Trust International provides you with an excellent opportunity to acquire a license for a casino in Belarus. Our qualified specialists are ready to assist in obtaining the desired license.
After all, Law and Trust International offer:

  • A full range of related services: We provide a full range of services, including such as registering a company and a trademark, collecting necessary documents, obtaining a license for a necessary type of activity, opening a bank account and much more.
  • Free initial consultation: Lawyers of Law and Trust provide free initial advice, as well as services for analyzing and developing a legal position on the issue you have raised.
  • Professionals and expertise of Law: Worldwide registration and legal maintenance of companies, accounting services and audit, tax planning and optimization, trademark and patent registration, and many more. Best professionals are always available to help your business.
  • Fast and reliable: L&T ensures the security of our client’s data.
  • Efficiency: Strategically providing up to date personalized services to help your business succeed.

If you are interested in getting a gambling license in Belarus, lawyers of Law&Trust International are readily available to help you get this license. Simply send us an email or call now!



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