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Getting a Business License: Types, Countries and Peculiarities

Company Law&Trust can help with obtaining of financial or gambling license.

Our Lawyers can offer variety of different Countries to obtain license, so you can chose among any state the most preferable variant with good terms and nice conditions.

International Business Licenses: How to Obtain?

All Licenses could be divided in four different types:

Broker license

  • With that type of license you can deal with trade markets. To obtain such license you will need:

    • Choose preferable jurisdiction;
    • Chose general terms and conditions;
    • Settle up broker Company according to requests of necessary license;

E-money License

  • With such License you will be able to create your own system, like PayPal or WebMoney. It is useful not only for Banks, but for broker companies, insurance companies and for gambling business. Requirements for E-money License could change according to jurisdiction, but mostly you will need:

    • Company’s staff should include at least 3 directors, each of them have to be experienced in financial sphere;
    • Real office in the State of registration;
    • Equity capital should be at least 50 000 EUR for companies with low annual profit, for Companies with full activity capital should be equal to 400 000 EUR;

Financial License

  • hat type of license will be helpful if you deal with financial management of different funds. For obtaining of such license you will need big set of documents, our lawyers can help you with that issues. Terms will depend on jurisdiction and on type of investments, there is three basic types of investments:

    • Direct investments, where investor has the right to participate in managing activities;
    • Finance lease or loan for natural person or Company;
    • Portfolio investments to obtain passive income from bond market.

Banking License

  • That type of License is useful not only for Companies, but for small credit Organizations. Advantages:

    • no monetary control;
    • data protection;
    • preferable Taxes and other advantages depending on chosen Jurisdiction.

Our Business License Services

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Company Law&Trust cooperate with Lithuania, Czech Republic, Belize, Australia, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Cyprus, Latvia, Malta, New Zealand and Panama.

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You can obtain License in any of above-mentioned Countries with our help. Our Lawyers can help you with documents and Authorities of particular Country.

How Much Does a Business License Cost?

If you want to check out our prices you may call or send an e-mail with request. Our Lawyers deal with that all the time, that experience can help you to avoid some issues and to speed up the process. Therefore, it is right to attract professionals who have experience in license obtaining. Law&Trust International have a lot of experience in successful license obtaining, our team will help yup to create safe and effective legal structure.
Company can offer the most effective and low-cost way of doing business. We are proud, that due to our support at this time successfully and profitably operate a large number of companies our customers with a license for a certain type of activity. Therefore, we will be glad to help you with obtaining of any type of licenses.

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