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Gambling license in the Seychelles

Every owner of gambling business must have a certificate confirming the legality of the use of the Software, as well as the legality to carry out all transactions. Issuance of licenses for casinos and other kinds of gambling takes place only in those territories where gambling is officially authorized or its development does not provide for administrative or criminal responsibility. The Seychelles also belong to the offshore zones for registration of gambling certificates.

The Act on Interactive Games was adopted in this jurisdiction in 2003, after which the country obtained the rights of the licensor and began to issue permissions for local entrepreneurs and non-residents. The main advantage of registering a gambling business in the Seychelles is the complete absence of taxation both of the gambling structure itself and of its revenues.

Additional advantage is that the territory of the Seychelles includes about a hundred islands, where it is possible to open a casino branch after the approval of one application.

Law&Trust Company provides a range of services for registration of permissions in the territory of the islands. Our lawyers have an extensive experience of working with this jurisdiction, which allows us to speed up the process of collecting documents and to prevent the nuances that may arise when submitting a package of official documents. All types of certificates available for obtaining using services of our company are listed below.


for slot machines in the Seychelles

  • Gambling machines are present in all interactive and physical casinos, therefore this type of authorization is necessary for each beneficial owner of a gambling corporation. Obtaining a license for slot machines in the Seychelles is not enough to prove an honest policy, and in addition to this certificate you should purchase rights to the Random Number Generator and the eCOGRA documentation. All official forms are published on portal pages, and users can draw conclusions about the reliability and security of slots on the website.

for bingo in the Seychelles

  • To obtain a license for bingo in the Seychelles, you need to collect a standard documentation package. The jurisdiction of the country does not apply strict requirements to applicants, however some conditions are necessary for implementation.

    1. The founding organization must have a registration on the islands. In the presence of a corporation that already operates beyond the jurisdiction, it is necessary to open another company or move the head office to the territory of the Seychelles.
    2. Servers supporting the online gambling portal should also be located within the boundaries of the islands. This makes it easy to monitor the activities of websites, as well as the work of system support.
    3. The standard package of documentation includes not only the forms for the corporation and its owners, but also data on shareholders and investors or sources of income of the organization. It is obligatory to provide information about the technical supply of business.

for lotteries in the Seychelles

  • As well as slots, lotteries depend on a random number generator, so  the need for corresponding certificate is applicable to them. The island commission does not examine the portal, this responsibility falls within the competence of other organizations to which consideration of your application is submitted after a detailed study of the documentation. It is possible to obtain a license to conduct lotteries in the Seychelles not only for Internet gaming, since a certificate is required even in case of availability of a small boutique for ticket sales.

for opening a casino in the Seychelles

  • The concept of "casino" implies the presence of several types of gambling, so Law&Trust’s specialists offer registration of the package of certificates for each of the categories. Slots, lotteries, bingo, poker, roulettes and aggregators for taking bets can be located in a gambling room.

    The cost of a license to open a casino in the Seychelles depends on the number of types of games, as well as on a lot of other factors. The concrete cost is given after the analysis of your company`s activity during personal conversation with the expert.

Bookmaker license in the Seychelles

  • The cost of permission to accept bets in the Seychelles is slightly lower than that of the casino package. The certificate gives the right to accept finances from players for any events, including the outcome of private disputes. When registering bookmaker’s activities, a smaller amount is required to be placed to a bank account due to a lower level of software support costs and technical support.

Documents and cost of registration of a gambling license in the Seychelles

The counterparty applicant must collect the following documents for submission as part of a package of mandatory documents for consideration:

  • company's charter, certificate of registration and data from the state register, as well as tax authority;
  • regulations with conditions and rules of games on the portal or in a ground-based casino;
  • certificates of software vendors/suppliers, as well as their certificates for the right to develop gambling software;
  • data on the authorized capital and balance sheet;
  • extract with the official legal address of the company; physical location should also be published on the website;
  • documents proving the payment of utility services (confirm the address of your corporation and indicate the responsibility of the owner);
  • contract that determines the degree and types of the company's relationship with the players;
  • data on the payment systems used, level of payment of winnings and fairness of the transactions made.
First of all, the application and personal data on shareholders are considered. All founders must have financial education and work experience in gambling business. In case one of the investors has a criminal record, this will lead to a refusal.
You can find out details about registering a gambling license in Seychelles, as well as the cost of a service package on the website of Law&Trust or during personal conversation with a lawyer of our company.

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