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Gambling license in the Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the most loyal jurisdictions for all types of business activities. To start an online casino project, you must obtain permission from the regulator in accordance with the law.
A new law on the licensing of gambling was adopted in this jurisdiction in 2014. According to its provisions, the types of licenses and requirements for licensees were changed.
The legislation of Seychelles allows to get three types of licenses: for slot machines, land casinos, and interactive gambling (online casinos).
A license for slot machines allows you to install and operate physical slot machines. The annual license fee depends on the number of slot machines.

The land-based casino in Seychelles works on the same principle. The more tables and slot machines are placed, the higher the cost is. Also, employees of land-based casinos are required to have permission to work in this area, for which a fee also has been introduced.
An online casino license has a fixed price. The site can have an unlimited number of slot machines, as well as other gambling games, such as poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc.

Requirements for applicants to obtain a gambling license in Seychelles


  • The parent organization must be registered on the islands. If you have a corporation that already operates outside the jurisdiction, you must open another company or move your head office to the territory of Seychelles;
  • Servers supporting the online gambling portal should also be located within the boundaries of the islands. This simplifies the monitoring of sites, as well as the work of system support.
  • The software must be certified.

The applicant must collect the following documents for submission

  • Company charter, registration certificate, and data from the state register and the tax office;
  • Regulations with the terms and conditions of games on the portal or in the land-based casino;
  • Certificates of software suppliers, as well as their certificates confirming the right to develop gambling software;
  • Data on the authorized capital and balance sheet;
  • An extract with the official legal address of the company, the physical location should also be published on the site;
  • Documents proving the payment of utilities (confirming the address of your corporation and indicating the responsibility of the owner);
  • An agreement determining the level and types of relations between the company and the players;
  • Data on the payment systems used, the amount of payouts, and the honesty of transactions, including a certificate for a Random Number Generator (RNG) for the offered games, as well as an eCOGRA certificate for RTP;
To date, a small number of licenses have been issued in this jurisdiction. Due to the recent introduction of new legislation, this jurisdiction remains undervalued by entrepreneurs to organize gambling. Nevertheless, if you want to open a casino or start operating an online gambling platform, Law&Trust specialists will be able to find the solution that suits you best.


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