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Gambling License in Belarus

Since 2018, the Government of Belarus has begun actively engaging in the development of gambling and entertainment business sectors. This has provided many entrepreneurs the opportunity to actively invest in these areas.

Law and Trust International offers you an excellent opportunity to get a license for bingo, lottery, offline and online gaming in Belarus.

Opening a casino in Belarus requires the involvement of either private entrepreneurs or legal entities. Therefore, to be considered for a license application, you must register as a private entrepreneur or open a company in Belarus.

How to Obtain a License for Casino in Belarus

The companies planning to engage in gambling and looking to gain a steady income must meet the following mandatory requirements. They include:


  • Availability of an office address in the Republic of Belarus;
  • Details of the management body in the Republic of Belarus;
  • Shareholders and directors should not have any criminal record;
  • Documents on the absence of tax claims against shareholders and directors.

The future owner of a gambling license is required to comply with the following conditions

  • Guaranteed minimum deposit of 2,250,000 Belarusian rubles (about 978,000 euros);
  • Expert opinion confirming the compliance of the gambling business with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
  • The presence of RNG (Random Number Generator) for online casinos;
  • Certificate of compliance with the information security system in the information system of a virtual casino.

Why Obtain Casino License in Belarus with Law and Trust International?

Law and Trust International provides you with an excellent opportunity to acquire a license for casino in Belarus. Our qualified specialists are ready to assist in obtaining the desired license. After all, Law and Trust International offers:


  • A full range of related services: We provide a full range of services, including such as registering a company and a trademark, collecting necessary documents, obtaining a license for a necessary type of activity, opening a bank account and much more.

  • Free initial consultation: Lawyers of Law and Trust provide free initial advice, as well as services for analyzing and developing a legal position on the issue you have raised.

  • Professionals and expertise of Law: Worldwide registration and legal maintenance of companies, accounting services and audit, tax planning and optimization, trademark and patent registration, and many more. Best professionals are always available to help your business.

  • Fast and reliable: L&T ensures the security of our client’s data.

  • Efficiency: Strategically providing up to date personalized services to help your business succeed.

If you are interested in getting a gambling license in Belarus, lawyers of Law&Trust International are readily available to help you get this license. Simply send us an email or call now!

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