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Gambling license on the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is under the jurisdiction of Great Britain, and it is subject to the laws of the Kingdom. This offshore territory is one of the most prestigious for obtaining a license for gambling. The first commission on the regulation of gambling was created here in 1962. In 2001, a special organization to control online gambling appeared.

Since that time, the island's jurisdiction has obtained the right to license non-resident corporations engaged in gambling.

The Isle of Man has several significant advantages, in view of which this country is recommended to applicants for gambling registration:

  1. Despite the impact of United Kingdom regulations, where the level of taxation on gambling profits is 24-28% depending on the type of gambling, the Isle of Man maintains a percentage level of 1.5% of income. Some groups of non-residents may be exempted from taxation, provided that special rules are met. Check peculiarities with Law&Trust.
  2. The state does not divide gambling into categories: if in other jurisdictions slots, bingo, lotteries and poker need to submit several packages of documentation and receive different certificates, here it is enough to prepare one package and one application form for all casinos. This significantly speeds up the review period and simplifies the preparation of official documents.
  3. There is an opportunity to acquire not only main license, but also sublicense. The first is issued to corporations that independently acquire the necessary software, conduct advertising campaigns and comprehensively develop without the help of other business entities. Sublicense allows a small casino to work on behalf of a larger independent organization, which is very beneficial for newcomers to gambling. After a certain period of time, a small enterprise can be re-qualified for the main corporation. Conditions for changing the status can be clarified by our lawyers.


for slot machines on the Isle of Man

  • It is quite simple to obtain a license for slot machines on the Isle of Man: the jurisdiction of the UK encourages new counterparties of gambling segment in the economy of the island. However, several conditions are required to register a certificate:

    1. The applicant must have own company on the territory of the Isle of Man. Regardless of the type of business he will develop: online gambling or real casino with slots, the office must be registered and function.
    2. Appointment of a directorate is required at the constituent meeting: managers are required to have considerable experience in working with finances, as well as relevant education. It is necessary to attach any forms that indicate the qualifications of the directors to the documentation package.
    3. One of the authorized persons must be a resident of the Isle of Man. A founding company has the right to announce a vacancy through any media or to find a manager among a number of acquaintances, however, his/her qualifications must correspond to the position, and the reputation must be impeccable.
    4. It is possible to obtain a license to open a casino on the Isle of Man with slot machines only after registering an account with a local bank. The account must contain the authorized capital in a certain amount. Financing of the account should reflect the success of the corporation, and also conform to the business development plan.
    5. Players must be familiar with the regulations of jurisdiction. For this purpose, publication of rules on the website with several world-level languages shall be available. Lack of this information can be regarded as a concealment of data or an attempt to mislead users.

to open a casino on the Isle of Man

  • Before receiving a certificate on casino, the counterparty must familiarize himself with the tax rates that depend on the income level of the owner of gambling structure. The lower the income level of a corporation, the greater tax is levied on the part of the state. When calculating the level of taxation, net profit of the casino is taken into account.

Bookmaker license on the Isle of Man

  • To obtain a license for betting on the Isle of Man, you must meet all of the above requirements. In addition to the basic certificate of activity, you will need a permission to use software to accept bets. Specialists of Law&Trust will assist you in obtaining a bookmaker license on the Isle of Man, as well as deal with all the subtleties of the jurisdiction.

Bingo license on the Isle of Man

  • Standard documentation package is required for a bingo certificate. A sub-license is often issued, because bingo rarely exists as a separate gambling room. Annual fee for this type of license is about 5 thousand euros. The cost of license for bingo on the Isle of Man can be clarified by phone during personal consultation.

Получить букмекерскую лицензию на острове Мэн, а также разобраться со всеми тонкостями юрисдикции вам помогут специалисты компании Law&Trust.

How to obtain a license for lottery on the Isle of Man?

This country, like the United Kingdom, is a member of the EU. Therefore, the right of passportization operates here, which enables subsequent expansion to the whole of Europe without additional filing of documentation. The certificate is issued by the same commission as all other gambling licenses.

Law&Trust specialists conduct free consultations where you can specify all stages of obtaining certificates, find out the list of necessary documents for filing an application with the expert commission.

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