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Malta Gaming License

Malta is the second most popular online gambling jurisdiction.

As a result of the reform, it is possible to obtain one of two licenses in Malta:

  1. B2B – A license for a developer of games or key software provided to game platform operators. Operators of the gambling industry of the island state can use only licensed software.
  2. B2C – Online gambling operator license.
    This license provides for several types of gambling, including:
    • slots;
    • poker;
    • roulettes;
    • lotteries, etc.

Companies can choose one or several types of gambling activities. Gambling licenses may be issued to a company registered in Malta.

Law & Trust specialists take care of the entire preparation, submission, and review of the license application. As a result of consideration of the application by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), a license is issued for a period of 10 years.

If you still do not know which license you need or what types of games to include in the application, our specialists will advise you. During the consultation, the company's specialists will tell about the selection criteria and help determine the appropriate types of games and licenses in the application.

The requirements for the licensed company will depend on the type of license and games included in it.

License to open an online casino in Malta

  • Game portals often include slots, poker, roulette, tournament lotteries, bingo draws, bets against casinos and more. Due to the wide variety of games, it is necessary to clearly distinguish them by type. This is a mandatory requirement of the Maltese regulator. Law&Trust will conduct a preliminary assessment and give an expert opinion on your type of game. However, the MGA reserves the right to revise the selected type.
  • The games listed in this section are of the first and second types. They require a minimum authorized capital of 100,000 euros.
  • Type 1 games use a random number generator. Therefore, additional RNG certification is required. An eCOGRA certificate may also be required.

Skill games in Malta

  • Fantasy Sport or eSports can also be classified as regulated types of gambling when it comes to cash prizes in tournaments.
  • The minimum authorized capital for such games is 40,000 euros.

Malta betting license

  • When submitting an application for betting, you must specify it as a type 3 game. In addition to sports and other events, poker, bingo, and other commission games also fall into this category.
  • The minimum authorized capital is 40,000 euros.

Documents for registering a gambling business in Malta

  • Copy of the beneficiary's passport;
  • Copy of the birth certificate;
  • Confirmation of the address of residence;
  • Letter of recommendation from the bank;
  • Certificate of good conduct;
  • CV;
  • Proof of ownership of a domain name;
  • Contracts with suppliers of software and hardware in English;
  • Information about the software and website, as well as the types of proposed activities;
  • Other documents that may be requested.

If a bookmaker is registered, the specified list of documents must be submitted by beneficiaries owning more than 5% of the shares of the gambling company.

It is also necessary to provide documents to confirm the business plan, charter, and extracts on the corporation's turnover. The price of a license to open a casino in Malta may vary depending on your requirements. Contact our specialists via chat, e-mail or phone, and we will describe in detail the requirements of the regulator, as well as the cost of registering a company.

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