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Gaming license in Malta

Permission to conduct a gambling business is issued in a small number of jurisdictions. Malta is one of the most profitable countries where it is possible to issue a certificate for slots, poker, roulettes, lotteries and other kinds of gambling. Obtaining a license for slot machines in Malta is possible if an applicant organization complies with one of the following conditions:

  • certified Internet portal in the field of gambling belongs to a company registered in the territory of Malta;
  • the gambling website belongs to the jurisdiction of another state, however all payments are made through a third party or a branch opened in Malta;
  • Maltese company acts as the holder of gamers' funds;
  • if the terms and rules of online games are published on the game portal, where the name of one of the Maltese firms appears (game developer, financial institution, etc.).

Submission of an application for the receipt of a certificate for gambling is made by the specialists of Law&Trust. It is transferred to the representatives of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA). The specialists of our company are ready to assume the obligations to represent your interests in a foreign jurisdiction.

A business plan and concepts for the development of gambling website are discussed during the interview, in order to determine the class of the license for issuing it to an applicant. If the scope of activity of a client is wide and covers several types of gambling, you need to obtain certificates of various classes. Law&Trust lawyers   determine the necessary types of licenses in advance, which significantly saves time.


for opening a casino in Malta

  • Game portals often include slots, poker, roulettes, lotteries based on tournament results, bingo drawings and the like, so they need to obtain a certificate package: one for each kind of gambling. Our company suggests conducting a preliminary monitoring of the website to find out the register of the package of documentation required to be submitted to the jurisdiction of Malta.

    The more complete the package of official documents, the faster the application process will be. Submission of documents in several stages is prohibited from 2011. Now the commission requires provision of complete data on the enterprise, its activities and material well-being.

    Absence of one of the important forms will lead to return of the entire package for editing and addition. First-class license A is provided for the casino, while the content developer for your website must confirm the legality of the software provided with type A certificate of the fourth class.

for slot machines in Malta

  • Slot machines are present in any casino, as a result of which the first class of A-license extends to them. For full-fledged gambling activities, you also need to have eCOGRA and RNG certificates. You can obtain these permits by submitting documentation to special committees that track the integrity and honesty of online games.

    Using the services of our company, you get the opportunity to register all necessary licenses and certificates for gambling by collecting one package of documents.

for lotteries in Malta

  • It is often issued with a first class certificate, but if the applicant does not use slot machines on the website, he will need to collect a smaller package of documents. In Malta, there is no distinction between lottery types: instant, jackpot or bingo - all get the same type of license, which gives the website the possibility to use all available types of gambling due to one certificate.

Bookmaker license in Malta

  • Certificate of the second class is required for this type of activity. Operators of bookmaker offices are distinguished from other kinds of gambling by a fixed tax rate. The level of annual contributions is 5% of the total income of the enterprise. In addition, commission fees are charged, as well as monthly taxes of up to 1.2% of the counterparty's profits.

    Legislation of Malta provides for taxation of both citizens and non-residents.

Bingo license in Malta

  • Our specialists will also help register a license for bingo in Malta: the license is issued after a detailed investigation of the applicant's portal and verification of the data provided in the documentation package. Availability of the certificate makes it possible to work with players around the world, play or draw both monetary and valuable prizes.

    Obtaining a permission to conduct a lottery in Malta is impossible without positive reputation of the counterparty and its business. If your website does not interact with jurisdictions of other countries, Malta's expert commission gives a month to launch and test all systems and software. During this same time, the portal is verified for honesty policy.

Documents for registering a gambling business in Malta

  1.  Application Annex A, completed in English.
  2. Copy of the birth certificate and main pages of the passport.
  3. CV and declaration with original signatures (CV and Annex C forms).
  4. Financial recommendations, information on professional activities and certificate on the absence of previous convictions.


When obtaining a license for bookmaking in Malta or other kinds of gambling, above documents are required from each beneficiary or shareholder of an enterprise that owns more than 5% of the total shareholding.

It is also necessary to provide documents on the confirmation of the business plan, charter and extracts on the turnover of the corporation. The price of license to open a casino in Malta can be specified at the request of the counterparty. Leave an application in chat, by mail, and also by phone.

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