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Law & Trust International specializes in providing services and qualified legal advice in various fields of law. We are pleased to inform you about the new practice the company will undertake, and that is the legal support of sports projects.

As part of the practice, we’ll provide legal assistance to athletes, sports clubs, coaches, sponsors, sports schools on any legal issues, regardless of the sport and place of business.


Preparation and examination of various agreements due to the law requirements

  • This includes employment and agency agreements with clubs, athletes, coaches and agents; sponsorship agreements; agreements with sports organizations volunteers)

Consultations on various tax issues

  • Legislation on Controlled Foreign Companies and deoffshorization;
  • Tax support in the framework of current activities of companies or group of companies;
  • Consultations on the taxation of individuals, preparation and submission of declarations; enforcement of income tax, corporate property tax and tax on securities transactions;
  • International taxation;
  • Taxation in investment activities;
  • Application of double taxation treaties.

Consultation on the organization and preparation of sports competitions

  • Proper organization of professional sporting events will further avoid disputes over the recognition of certain results achieved by athletes. However, from a taxation and currency control perspective, it is necessary to structure the prize payment system for both residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation. 

    It is also important to legally carry out the advertisement of events and any other sponsorship-related act.

Advice on sports sponsorship, the use and protection of commercial and other related rights

  • When organizing a sporting event, a great deal of attention should be paid to the relationship with sponsors - on what conditions would funding be provided, how does the sponsor transfer intellectual property to the organizers.

  • The careful consideration of these issues will help avoid misunderstandings and disputes between sponsors and organizers of a sporting event.

Advice on anti-doping regulation

  • Athletes, teams and their coaches may encounter the following problems in their field of activity:

    • A prohibited substance or its components were detected (mistakenly or not) in an athlete's test;
    • A team or athlete is accused of trying to use prohibited drugs;
    • The inspecting authorities suspect a fake result of the doping test.
  • This is not a complete list of situations in which the assistance of a lawyer is required. In order to avoid negative consequences, fines or disqualification, it is important for every party involved to be aware of their rights and opportunities.

Settlement of conflicts

  • We propose the consulting services in the field of physical culture, sports and legal representation with regards to the resolution of sports disputes in Russian and international sports federation jurisdictions.

    Law&Trust possess vast experience in resolving sports disputes of varying complexity, both at either the stages of trial or complaint.

Drawing up legal documents in the field of sports

  • Our specialists have a great deal of experience in drafting and developing various regulations/rules necessary for holding different sporting events.

Comprehensive legal support of football or hockey clubs and academies

  • Drafting and auditing of labour, agency and other contracts;
  • Compilation and audit of various internal regulations (on fire safety, job descriptions, training regime);
  • The introduction of a trade secret regime;
  • Drafting and auditing confidentiality agreements.

Legal assistance to sports organization for the solidarity payments

  • If a professional is transferred before the expiration of his contract, any club that has contributed to his education and training must receive a proportional part of the compensation paid to his former club (joint and several contributions).

  • There are a lot of controversies arising over who should pay whom and how much money should be paid for the transfer of one player to another team.

  • Our team will help in the correct analysis and calculation of the compensation payment and, as a result, prevent or settle the dispute between clubs.

Advice on the use and protection of rights to images and TMs

  • Each athlete or sports organization has certain intangible assets that may be improperly used by third parties. To prevent such violations, it is necessary to protect the intellectual rights of an athlete or sports organization. To do so, it is strongly recommended to register the necessary trademarks and make a deposit of copyright objects (photos, texts, etc.).

  • After registration of intellectual property objects, it is necessary to conclude license agreements for the sale of products with registered objects. A licensing agreement is an agreement between the licensor and the licensee (the holder of a license) on the transfer of exclusive rights to use a created or registered intellectual property.


  • Under a licensing or distribution agreement, the licensor (owner of the intellectual property) grants permission to the licensee to use any intellectual property that belongs to the licensor in a particular territory.

    We do not recommend creating licensing agreements without professional help as the experience of professionals count in these kinds of matters. By possessing comprehensive intellectual property protection, an athlete or sports organization reduces the risks of illegal use of the intellectual property.

  • This also means that the presence of legally valid copyright confirmation allows a client to have a firm position in court and demand compensation for copyright infringement. In addition, the presence of accompanying documentation compiled by professionals, allows you to gain the confidence of customers and partners, affirming the impression of a reliable and responsible counterparty.

Protection of business reputation

  • A lot of athletes are faced with publications of inaccurate information about themselves both in the media and on the internet. Our team will help remove any piece of this information both in pretrial and court, demanding compensation.

Escrow agent services

Escrow is a widely known legal method in world practice, where the parties involved in a contract, transfer part of the fee or property to a third party (escrow agent) in a situation similar to a deferred payment under the terms of the contract or a deferred transfer of the rights of what will be purchased. An escrow agent stores the property due under the contract, and upon fulfilment of certain conditions, it is then transferred by one of the parties. This approach is relevant when parties to the main contract want the deferred payment part of the board or other property to be kept by a third party, who does not depend on either of the parties to the contract. This is like an independent arbitrator who upon the stipulated conditions, transfers the assets or part of the payment under the contract to the appropriate party

In world practice, escrow services are traditionally used:

  • In real estate transactions;
  • Insecurity transactions;
  • In transactions with goods (delivery, exchange, etc.);
  • When providing services and performing work (services, in a row, etc.).
This method first appeared in Russian law on June 1st, 2018: now law companies can act as escrow agents and open corresponding accounts. However, very few companies offer this service. These days professional sports are not immune to conflicts or disputes, contracts and various tax issues. Sometimes, the slightest mistake causes disagreements that impede further work progress between an athlete and the whole team, which affects the productivity of both parties.


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Experience and qualifications. The experience of the L&T International team is more than 15 years. It gives the opportunity for working with cases in many business areas like finance, IT, agriculture, trade and foreign economic activity. Thanks to this experience, our specialists always offer the best selection of services.

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Comprehensive approach and individual solutions. Law and Trust International always provides a vast range of services for our clients, taking into account the individual characteristics of each particular case. Due to this symbiosis, our specialists always fulfil all the wishes of clients in full and taking into account the requests and preferences of customers.

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Monitoring and innovation.Our team keeps tracking the newest and most advanced working methods, as well as the latest legislative, financial and economic information events around the world. It allows lawyers of Law and Trust International to quickly and creatively resolve virtually any issues in the field of legal consulting.

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Privacy and responsibility. The security of our customers' data and respond to them are particularly important in the work of Law and Trust International. For all the time of work, we have not had a single leak of commercial, personal or legal information. It allows us to develop, grow and achieve new opportunities.

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Reputation and result. A team of lawyers of Law and Trust International always welcomes the success of our clients. Reaching new results, we develop new skills that we successfully use in our work. Thanks to successful cases, our clients and our team, we are creating qualitatively new opportunities to achieve the desired result now.

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