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eCOGRA: Obtaining a certificate

e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance is an independent organization, sphere of activity of which is to control the virtual gambling industry. ECOGRA certification is necessary for every entrepreneur, registering companies with games of chance and betting, gaming machines, slots, poker and other directions of gambling on the Internet.

eCORGA лицензия
eCORGA лицензия

Certificate eCOGRA

gives the website a few significant advantages over its competitors:


  • The result of the casino audit regarding honesty and reliability, published for free access, allows to keep permanent users and attract a new target audience.
  • Availability of the certificate at the disposal of the software provider for online casinos allows to  distribute products in any jurisdiction legally.
  • ECOGRA document allows to avoid frequent inspections by other audit systems.
  • Lawyers of our company provide assistance in obtaining this certificate. Extensive experience of specialists guarantees prompt collection of documentation, and also increases the chances of getting a positive response from the expert committee of the organization. Transfer of documents, as well as constant communication with the counterparty is conducted via the Internet, which eliminates the need to waste time on travel.

Conditions for obtaining eCOGRA certificate

  • A person who is an owner, co-owner or manager of gambling business can submit application for the certificate. For US customers and certain European countries, gambling structure can be represented in form of a physical casino, and for states where gambling is officially prohibited, the point at issue is about the virtual sites;

  • Validity of business is irrelevant, because applications are accepted from new casinos and those which have long been in the sphere of gambling. The earlier an entrepreneur will complete the processing of eCOGRA certificate, the faster his website will develop;

  • Special requirements apply to the package of documentation and accuracy of its preparation, thus, a business must be registered according to all rules of jurisdictional regulations of the country of registration;

  • Counterparty shall issue a permit to commission for a complete check of a virtual organization, after which experts will publish reports with recommendations and give the certificate.

The process of obtaining eCOGRA

  • Ontacting of a client the Law & Trust company. Our experts are engaged in the issuance of application forms, provide free consultations, and have the opportunity to make a preliminary examination of gambling business for compliance with regulation of eCOGRA Committee. Negotiations are held via chat or phone, and a form of a call from the main page of our website was created for the convenience of clients.

  • Collection of the documentation package. Passport data of  beneficiaries and directors of a gambling organization, the charter of a company, data on bonuses and payments, complete legal rules of procedure of the virtual casino, information about purchase sources of software are in obligatory list. Law & Trust lawyers negotiate and cooperate with all the authorities that are engaged in the issuance of the necessary documentation in person.

  • Transfer of the application in eCOGRA Committee. After examining the package of documentation and auditing accuracy of its preparation from a legal point of view, the experts carry out a thorough check of the applicant’s website starting from the operation of the random numbers generator up to the payment terms of winnings to the players. If a gambling business complies with all the standards of honesty and responsibility, the site owner is given an appropriate certificate.

  • Placement of reports. In addition to the electronic certificate, audit reports are published on the casino site, and they contain a duplicate of eCOGRA certificate, RNG certificate and a document with information about the percentage of payments to players for gambling directions.

The cost of eCOGRA certificate

All data concerning prices for the services of specialists of the Law & Trust company should be specified during individual consultation. Publication of a single value is impossible, since each counterparty has a different structure of a gambling business, differs from other applicants by the number of software or workforce. Factors, affecting the cost of obtaining eCOGRA certificate, will be listed for you by the lawyer.


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