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A gambling license in Costa Rica

The jurisdiction of Costa Rica is not considered an offshore zone for registration of certificates for a particular field of activity, but this does not prevent the state from gaining popularity among non-resident entrepreneurs. Absence of offshore companies often gives advantages in terms of interaction with the target audience of the United States and the European Union. Among the features when obtaining a license to open a casino in Costa Rica, there are the following:

  1. All transactions with America, Mexico, Canada, Dominica, Chile and other Caribbean countries are tax-free. This makes working with local counterparties profitable and beneficial.
  2. Costa Rica did not participate in the signing of the Hague Convention. This may complicate the process of legalizing the package of documents while expanding the gambling business, but this shortcoming can not be called significant against the background of the benefits of tax rates.
  3. To register a new gambling establishment, it is recommended to submit an application with three alleged names of the room. The organizational form is established by the regulations of the country, the establishment must have the status of LLC.
  4. To obtain the license to accept bets in Costa Rica or for other gambling activities, registration of the company's physical office will be required. The procedure takes about a month, taking into account the collection of documentation.


for slot machines in Costa Rica

  • There is no certificate for slot machines in the jurisdiction as such. Instead, the state uses the "Data Processing" license. The document includes superficial information on the activities of the enterprise. If the counterparty plans a further expansion, it should buy the RNG certificate and eCOGRA in an additional order.

    The price of license for slot machines in Costa Rica is different for non-residents and local entrepreneurs. Establishment of a physical branch is not always required for local entrepreneurs, except for applicants from among individuals.

for lotteries in Costa Rica

  • The lottery is regulated as entertainment of a gambling type and is often included in the list of spheres of activity of a casino. The counterparty may receive a certificate of this type with the documentation package for the room or separately, if necessary. Regardless of the way the tickets will be distributed: on the Internet, by mail or in offices/branches, the applicant must have a registered office with employees.

    It is expected that the accounts will be fully submitted, as well as periodic audit of the enterprise will be conducted to check the integrity policy and the company's compliance with local legislation. The cost of license for lotteries in Costa Rica depends on affiliation of the counterparty with the jurisdiction of the state, availability of certificates for the software used and many other factors.

for opening a casino in Costa Rica

  • Local gambling regulatory commission is formed from the state structures for control of  finance and information, which means that special requirements are not imposed on the casino. Much more attention is paid to the level of the authorized capital of the counterparty and the adequacy of staff with due qualifications. The process of passportization in other countries when registering a head office in the territory of Costa Rica is not available, so that the client needs to re-submit the package of documentation to the desired jurisdictions for the expansion of the activities of physical representations. However, the development of Internet gambling is not limited to one or several states. The Costa Rican regulations allow the licensed room to interact with residents of all the republics, but players should be familiar with the licensor's laws.

bookmaker license in Costa Rica

  • A license for betting in Costa Rica can be obtained by any applicant. This type of activity is characterized by the lowest tax rates among the gambling areas of games. The level of contribution to the treasury is determined as a percentage of the income of the counterparty. In addition, a certified bookmaker must pay for the possibility of using the license each year.

    Renewal is made after the audit of the enterprise.

Obtaining a Bingo License in Costa Rica

  • It is a variety of the lottery, having a national scale, that is more focused on the citizens of one country than on the audience from around the world. The authorization to conduct bingo in Costa Rica does not require presentation of additional software certificates or confirmations of the integrity of the enterprise.

    More often, an official license for conducting gambling activities, as well as a certificate for a random number generator, are sufficient. The price of a bingo license in Costa Rica is published on our website, however it can vary, depending on the client’s data.

    Law&Trust Company offers all applicants comprehensive support in the process of registering any kind of gambling license. Advantages of addressing us are the following:

    • General knowledge of the jurisdiction of Costa Rica;
    • Strict observance of confidentiality;
    • Availability of diverse services (registration of companies, opening of accounts, full legal support).

    The process of issuing certificates consists of several stages. The client contacts us for advice and receives forms of primary documents for examination and signing. The main package of documentation is completed by the lawyers of Law&Trust on the basis of a power of attorney from the counterparty.

    The applicant provides only 2-3 documents, which are necessary for transfer to the commission of Costa Rica, the remaining collection is handled by our lawyers. Before sending, all forms require detailed examination for inconsistencies and mistakes; translation into English and certification of copies are carried out.

    Total cost of obtaining a gambling license in Costa Rica is calculated by our professional, depending on the number of tasks required.

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