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Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship is a great solution for diversification of a variety of risks. When you obtain a dual citizenship, you will have the opportunity to become a full citizen of two countries and, as a consequence, have two passports.

How to Get Dual Citizenship

To obtain permission to enter the countries of EU, you will need to obtain a visa. The political situation can be changed and countries may change the obtaining visa policy. However, if you have a second citizenship (citizenship of a EU country), you will have many opportunities to travel around the world without additional visa requirements.

Sometime the political situation in your country can be a great problem and you will face unpredictable obstacles to change or obtain your international passport. In addition, you can lose your passport and it make the situation even more complicated as you need pretty much long period of time to solve your problems, but your international trip, meeting, seminar or important negotiations cannot wait. So in this moment a citizenship of another country will be a great help.

Your second passport can help to optimize the taxation policy of your international business. The U.S. government has refused the basic tax rules long time ago, which state that taxation takes place either at the place of residence, or sources of income. U.S. citizens are required to pay taxes regardless of their place of permanent residence. Because of this, many immigrants who win a green card prefer not to obtain a U.S. citizen as long as possible, if they have a business in another country. This policy gradually is adopted by other countries. Fortunately, Russia and many other European countries have not yet joined  these principles of taxation policy. So, for the moment, it is quite beneficial to get a second EU citizenship, for example, the Romanian citizenship. It gives  you a great flexibility when choosing taxation policy and enhances confidentiality of banking and investment plans.

We can help you to get a second passport in the following countries:

• Commonwealth of Dominica

• The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis

• The Republic of Cyprus

• Panama

• Luxembourg

• Latvia

• Hungary

• Romania

• Poland

• Ukraine

Residence permit can be issued in different countries with subsequent possibility of a full citizenship:

• Czech Republic

• Austria

• Spain

• Italy

• Sweden

• and many others countries

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