Business immigration is one of the fastest and most secure ways of obtaining a residence permit, and in consequence - citizenship. In the process of such immigration, the change of status of a resident to the status of a business immigrant provides for certain rules. These rules will be discussed later.

First and foremost, it should be indicated that business immigration is not the easiest process, since it implies softening of the state's demands for such an immigrant, and thus discriminates against the remaining wishing to become its citizens. Therefore, a number of bureaucratic obstacles that are identical in different jurisdictions arise on the path of a business immigrant. But always, from the time of the feudal system to our time, the sovereign demands either to replenish the treasury, or, as in the case of business immigration, to demonstrate the prospects for economic growth in connection with the admission of a business immigrant.

Business immigration exists in two forms:

Most jurisdictions (e.g. Bulgaria, Switzerland, Great Britain) offer both forms of such immigration, certain ones - only one option.

Investment programs most often involve investing in the public sector, for example, in securities. This method differs significantly in terms of investment, than the program of entrepreneurial immigration.

When deciding to move to a permanent residence in another jurisdiction, the business owner can choose one of the two ways mentioned above. In any case, the businessman will face the need to restructure the business.

Restructuring the business allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • ensuring withdrawal from the status of a resident of the state of which the businessman is a citizen;
  • creation of conditions that allow the owner to receive income using the most favourable taxation conditions;
  • establishment of a business management system that excludes the participation of the owner in operational management;
  • establishment of a system of economic legal relations that allows the owner to freely invest in the development of business or in the purchase of assets in the jurisdiction that he chose to register a business or as his place of residence;
  • creation of a business structure excluding residents from the ownership system, with a view to the possible tax-free sale of business.

The possibility of business immigration is provided for by the legislation of Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Canada and many other countries. But the conditions for the registration of companies in order to obtain residence permit are extremely different. Slovakia has the most favorable conditions for business immigration today.

Business immigration to Slovakia is not only the easiest, but also the most cost-efficient way to move to the EU. Along with other advantages of such immigration there is a low level of taxation and a relatively free market for the development of own business.

Advantages of immigration to Slovakia:

  1. Political and economic stability.
  2. Schengen area.
  3. Low labour costs in comparison with high labour productivity of local highly qualified specialists.
  4. Large selection of land parcels for industrial development /construction and significant number of office areas.
  5. Reasonable and understandable taxation.

Taxes in Slovakia:

  • corporate income tax - 22%;
  • income tax - 19% up to 34 401.74 euros of annual income, and 25% - above this amount
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) - 20%;
  • real estate tax - 0.033 euro/sq. meter;
  • land tax - 0.25 euro/sq. meter.

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