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How and where to obtain gambling license?

Law&Trust offers processing of permission for gambling in the following countries: Costa Rica, Curacao, Malta, Isle of Man, Seychelles, Alderney, Antigua and Barbuda, Kahnawake , Romania, Montenegro, Latvia, and the UK. Due to special registration policy, the largest number of official representations of gambling establishments are located there.

Our lawyers carry out collecting documents and negotiating with the representative offices of the above countries, which makes the process of obtaining permission quick and easy.

What is the purpose of license for gambling?

It legalizes business in accordance with international laws, and also guarantees you honesty, decency and transparency in financial matters.

Real casino, room of slot machines, bookmaker's office, as well as websites and establishments with lotteries and bingo always have the relevant documents, copies of which should be presented to counterparties and partners to increase loyalty, as well as to tax authorities and representatives of inspection authorities.

Rules and requirements for obtaining gambling license

The norms:

  • The norms prescribe the behavior of all persons who are associated with the organization being licensed, including partners, employees and owners themselves.
  • The requirements for obtaining license for gambling are similar to those for persons conducting banking activities:
  • The owners and personnel of the company should have certain working experience in the financial sector to ensure the stability of their own business;
  • Persons suspected of involvement in illegal activities are refused even without consideration of the application;
  • Particular commissions verify applicants for availability of good standing;
  • Complete information on the structure of the finances and the company itself, its employees and partners is sometimes required.
The rules for gambling license abroad are set by the special commission in order to make it more convenient to monitor and control the activities of the applicants.

Licensing of gambling business: How to Select Jurisdiction

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Antigua and Barbuda. In order to obtain license, it is necessary to submit a number of documents under the laws of Antigua and Barbuda. There is a one-time fee for filing the application, as well as insignificant percentage of taxes on net gambling gain.

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Curacao. It is considered one of the most reliable countries for licensing and has single application form for bookmakers, slot machines, bingo, lotteries and casinos. For registration of the company it is necessary to register in the Chamber of Commerce of the Antilles.

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Malta. The level of reliability is very high, but the procedure takes a little longer. There is considerably large list of fees, which is reconsidered depending on the scope of activity of the client.

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Alderney. Obtaining gambling license abroad on this island allows the operator to accept gamers' bets from around the world. Before submitting the application, you must obtain Software Provider Certificate. The foregoing can also be carried out with our help.

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Kahnawake. The first country with jurisdiction to grant gambling licenses. Representatives of its commission issue three types of different forms, and our lawyers will help deal with them.

License for online gaming activities

Company Law&Trust offers you to acquire gambling license abroad. Obtaining document implies the existence of a firm to provide accounts and conduct transaction, and if it is not available, our lawyers will carry out its registration.
When applying to us, you obtain full package of comprehensive legal services, which reduces time consumption for searching for legal specialists regarding each operation and allows you to save on financial expenses.


Obtaining a gambling license in Alderney

License Requirements

Requirements include the economic presence of the company in the country of registration (real office, employees), compliance mechanisms with AML-CFT policy.

Documents for obtaining a license
  • Business plan
  • Description of games
  • RNG certificates,
  • RTP
  • AML-CFT policy.
The timingFrom 6 months.
CostThe first payment for a license is from £ 17,500; when renewing a license, the cost depends on income - it’s up to £ 400,000 for annual renewal.

Law&Trust offers a full range of services for obtaining a license to open a casino on Alderney.
This jurisdiction has a number of advantages:

  • low taxes for citizens and non-residents;
  • absence of income tax;
  • short terms for consideration of the application;
  • full support for the development of casinos and other types of gambling.

We provide comprehensive support in licensing gambling activities. The client is required to provide a power of attorney, copies of personal documentation, as well as to sign several application forms. Translation and legal verification of all documents will be carried out by our specialists.

Obtaining a gambling license in Antigua and Barbuda

CountryAntigua and Barbuda
License Requirements

Depend on the type of games. But there are fixed payments.

  • A one-time non-refundable fee for examining the documentation and the site of the owner of the gambling structure is $ 15,000
  • The annual contribution for the development of gambling is 100,000 US dollars and does not depend on the success and the total income of the legal entity
Documents for obtaining a license
  • Business plan
  • Site policies
  • Proof of origin of funds
  • Resume
The timingFrom 3 months
CostFrom 25,000 EUR

Jurisdiction of Antigua and Barbuda began to license a gambling business in 1994, and due to the foregoing it is one of the first countries where gambling is not only allowed, but certificates for casino are also issued to non-residents. Consideration of applications in this country is handled by the special FSRC commission (Financial Services Regulatory Commission's Division of Gambling). All certificates in Antigua and Barbuda are divided into two types:

  • Interactive Gaming - the legal force of the permission extends to online casinos, poker, roulettes, slot machines, video slots, lotteries and other kinds of gambling.
  • Interactive Wagering is required for  licensing of bookmaker's office.

Gambling License in Belarus

License Requirements
  • The presence of a physical office in the Republic of Belarus
  • Effective management body in the Republic of Belarus
  • Shareholders and directors should not have problems with the law
  • Documents on the absence of tax claims against shareholders and directors
Documents for obtaining a license
  • Business plan
  • Documents for the legal entity and its participants
  • Rental of premises
  • Information about the product
The timingFrom 3 months
Costfrom 9,000 EUR

Since 2018, the Government of Belarus has begun actively engaging in the development of gambling and entertainment business sectors. This has provided many entrepreneurs the opportunity to actively invest in these areas.

Law and Trust International offers you an excellent opportunity to get a license for bingo, lottery, offline and online gaming in Belarus.

Opening a casino in Belarus requires the involvement of either private entrepreneurs or legal entities. Therefore, to be considered for a license application, you must register as a private entrepreneur or open a company in Belarus.

Obtaining a gambling license in Costa Rica

CountryCosta Rica
License Requirements

A local company is required

Documents for obtaining a license

Papers include only the founder’s documents

The timing3 weeks
Cost5000 USD

Costa Rica is a unique jurisdiction located in Central America, and a casino license is not provided here.

Despite the fact that more than 400 online casinos and bookmakers are currently registered in Costa Rica, the country has not developed legislation regulating the conduct of online gambling business on the Internet. That is, any company (including offshore) of Costa Rica can carry out this activity without obtaining any additional permits. Only citizens of Costa Rica and other countries where online casinos are banned or require a local license cannot participate in such gambling projects. In order to exclude possible claims of the regulatory authorities of these countries, it will be enough just to set the blocking by IP addresses.

Obtaining a gambling license in Curacao

License Requirements

Basic requirements are the presence of servers and the company in Curacao, certificated software.

Documents for obtaining a license

The documents include a description of games, a business plan, RNG certificate.

The timingApproximately 3 months
Cost14900 EUR

Curacao is a member of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. This fact significantly increases the level of customer loyalty to a casino or bookmaker company with registration in Curacao.

Users from all over the world often play on online portals but obtaining a license in Curacao requires that each player follows certain rules and is notified in advance of the dangers of gambling. The company must meet the requirements of responsible gaming.

Gambling License in Georgia

License Requirements

Requirements include opening a land-based casino in the permitted area

Documents for obtaining a license
  • Business plan
  • Description of the games.


The timingUp to 20 business days
CostDepends on the region and the urgency of the issue.

Gambling business in Georgia is becoming a fast developing sector in this jurisdiction, due to the favourable legislative policies set out by relevant authorities attracting foreign capital/investment to the nation. According to the gambling legislation in Georgia with regards to the organization of online casinos, it is necessary to have a real economic substance of the gambling business.

Obtaining a gambling license in Gibraltar

License Requirements

Impeccable reputation, experience in the gambling industry, a business plan, and the availability of a license in another jurisdiction

Documents for obtaining a license
  • A copy of the license for conducting gambling business and financial reports from other places of doing business
  • Confirmation of financial viability (both for founders and beneficiaries, as well as the sufficiency of company funds)
  • Identification documents (passport, data from fiscal authorities) and verification of addresses of owners, founders, directors, and authorized persons
  • Confirmation of the reliability of all these persons (letters of recommendation from banking, financial or other institutions that are involved in the regulation of the gambling business)
  • Documents confirming the ability to pay any possible winnings (providing copies of the payments made to the winners)
  • Bank account and processing should be open exclusively in Gibraltar

Local legislation on gambling is designed for gaming operators to secure tax advantage when carrying out activities and maintaining high level of reputation in Gibraltar, a jurisdiction known to be one of the most economically attractive in Europe.

Obtaining gambling license in Greece

License Requirements

According to the requirements, a gambling operator can be a legal entity that is taxed in accordance with the general provisions of Law 2238/1994 (Article 151).

Documents for obtaining a license

In order to obtain a license to carry out gambling activities (through slot machines), you must submit an application to the Hellenic Gaming Commission, which includes the applicant’s data and the number of certified slot machines.

The timingFrom 6 months
CostFrom 25,000 EUR

The main aspects of gambling activities in Greece are regulated by law 4002/2011. The provisions of this law establish the basic rules and conditions that must be observed when providing services in the sphere of gambling.

So, according to the above-mentioned law, supervision, monitoring and control of gambling operators in the territory of the country are carried out by a specially created independent administrative body called the Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC), which consists of 9 members appointed by the Ministry of Finance.

Obtaining a gambling license on the Isle of Man

CountryIsle of Man
License Requirements
  • Company on Maine
  • Two local directors
  • Local bank account
Documents for obtaining a license
  • Business plan
  • Detailed description of the games
  • RNG certificate
The timingFrom 6 months
CostFrom 34,900 USD

The Isle of Man is a dependent territory of Great Britain, an island in the English Channel. This offshore territory is one of the most prestigious for obtaining a license for the gambling business. The first gambling regulation commission was created here in 1962, and in 2001, an organization for controlling online gambling appeared.

Obtaining a gambling license in Kahnawake

License Requirements
  • Server and a company in Kahnawake
  • There are no requirements for authorized capita
Documents for obtaining a license
  • Business plan
  • RNG certificates
The timing2-4 months
CostThe first state payment for consideration of the application is 25,000 USD

Kahnawake is a small area within the border of Canada, which belongs to one of the indigenous Indian tribes. Jurisdiction of this region considered gambling potential several decades ago. The issuance of licenses was started in 1999.
Since then, the availability of a certificate from Kahnawake indicates the reliability and honesty of the operator who has been granted permission to develop online gambling or create a real casino.

Obtaining a gambling license in Latvia

License Requirements
  • Software certification
  • Adequacy of funds
  • Impeccable reputation
  • The director must be a resident of the EU
Documents for obtaining a license
  • Proof of origin of funds
  • RNG certificate
  • Financial statements.
The timingThe terms are 3 months.
CostFirst-stage fees are € 427,000

A gambling industry is considered the most profitable field for rapid business development and income multiplication. As in any other sector of economic activity, it is necessary to provide guarantees to clients and investors, as well as ensure legalization of a gambling establishment by obtaining appropriate licenses and certificates.

Gambling is strictly prohibited on the territory of Russia, China, Kazakhstan and many other countries of the former Soviet Union, but Latvia provides certificates for gambling activities to both its citizens and non-residents. Among the advantages of business registration in this country, the following should be mentioned: absence of double taxation and low cost of considering an application regarding offshore zones.

Obtaining a gambling license in Malta

License Requirements

Depend on the type of games. The minimum authorized capital is up to 100,000 euros


Documents for obtaining a license
  • Business plan
  • Site policies
  • Proof of origin of funds
  • Resumes
  • Ccertificates for games
The timingFrom 6 months
CostFrom 25000 EUR

Malta is the second most popular online gambling jurisdiction.

As a result of the reform, it is possible to obtain one of two licenses in Malta:

  1. B2B – A license for a developer of games or key software provided to game platform operators. Operators of the gambling industry of the island state can use only licensed software.
  2. B2C – Online gambling operator license.
    This license provides for several types of gambling, including:
    • slots;
    • poker;
    • roulettes;
    • lotteries, etc.

Obtaining a gambling license in Montenegro

License Requirements

Include the presence of a company in Montenegro, the authorized capital of the company from 25 to 90 thousand euros. To organize online games, you must have a ground license.

Documents for obtaining a license
  • Business plan
  • Detailed description of the games
  • RNG, RTP certificates
The timingFrom 6 months
CostLicense fee is 25,000 euros, further annual payment is 15,000 euros

Montenegro is a country where most of the casinos are located in crowded places, for example, in hotels. The state has a special Gambling Law that regulates the rights and obligations of gambling establishments.
Casinos receive great development support, which is why they have the opportunity to provide large prizes in lotteries and other types of gambling.

A license for gambling in Montenegro is necessary for every entrepreneur who is going to establish a gambling business in the real or virtual world.
Online rooms can cover players from different countries, however, if they are under the jurisdiction of Montenegro, then the rules of the country must be respected by both the owner of the casino and its customers.

Obtaining a gambling license in Romania

License Requirements

Include the presence of a company in Romania, servers in Romania or in an EU country, the presence of a traffic control system, and access to sites and its mirrors

Documents for obtaining a license
  • Business plan
  • Detailed description of the games
  • RNG, RTP certificates from a Romanian supplier
The timingFrom 6 months
Cost6,000 to 120,000 euros

The attitude to the gambling business in Romania was formed over three decades. During this time, the state issued and edited several significant bills, each of which introduced new procedures for regulating gambling activities. At the moment, there are two bodies in the country that control the casino.

Obtaining a gambling license in the Seychelles

License Requirements

Include an opened company and servers in Seychelles, game certification

Documents for obtaining a license
  • Description of games
  • Description of the site
  • RNG certificate
The timingFrom 6 months
CostThe fee for obtaining a license for online gambling is 17,000 USD

Seychelles is one of the most loyal jurisdictions for all types of business activities. To start an online casino project, you must obtain permission from the regulator in accordance with the law.

A new law on the licensing of gambling was adopted in this jurisdiction in 2014. According to its provisions, the types of licenses and requirements for licensees were changed.

Obtaining a gambling license in the UK

CountryUnited Kingdom
License Requirements

Vary by game type and license, respectively. Both local and foreign companies can obtain a license

Documents for obtaining a license

Depend on the type of license. Still, the applicant must have a

  • business plan
  • game certification
  • software information
The timing3-6 months
CostFrom 9000 EUR

Great Britain is one of the countries in Europe, where casinos and other gambling establishments and institutions are officially allowed.

Legislation of the UK promotes and encourages entrepreneurs engaged in gambling activities. Local businessmen pay tax fees at low interest rates, and non-residents are exempt from most financial costs, expenses and commissions.


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