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License for gaming machines

Opening of a casino is illegal in many countries due to the relevant legislation. Most entrepreneurs today open a gaming business in a virtual network.

However, even here companies engaged in gambling business are faced with a large number of rules and conditions that must be observed.

In order to conduct activities legally, you need to hold an appropriate license. Our company works with a large number of jurisdictions.

Law&Trust Lawyers provide comprehensive legal assistance in obtaining licenses for gambling activities.

Our specialists have extensive experience in the field of gambling licensing, and they provide prompt and quality support in obtaining the necessary licenses.

We are working with Western jurisdictions with significantly high and strict requirements. At the same time, licenses issued by Western jurisdictions are perceived by players with much greater loyalty.

How to get a license for slot machines

Slot machines correspond to a mechanical, electrical or electronic process, the result of which can be the distribution of a monetary or other valuable prize, and the win is completely or predominantly independent of the player's skills.

In order to choose a jurisdiction correctly, you should contact us for advice, but you should focus on three key points to be outlined further.

Specialists of Law&Trust will provide you with legal advice that will help you to find the most effective jurisdiction for obtaining a gambling license.

Selecting a jurisdiction

When selecting a jurisdiction for opening a gambling business, you need to pay attention

To three key points:

  • Evaluate the country from which the maximum influx of users of slot machines is planned;
  • Pay attention to taxes. Some jurisdictions require an annual or monthly transfer of funds to the state, while others may not;
  • Clarify with our lawyers the following information: which of the licenses is highly respected in the world. The higher the level of prestige, the more loyal customers will treat your company;
Studying the licensing procedure in different jurisdictions takes a long time. You just need to call our phone number, and the expert will recommend several options for you. It will be much easier to decide among them.

License for slot machines online: where to register

 • Costa Rica. If you do not work with the residents of the country, your income is not taxed, but a resident representative is required, as well as requirements for the company staff and office rent are imposed.
 • The Isle of Man. It offers favourable conditions for obtaining a gambling license, but the tax charge is 1.5% of income.
 • Romania and Curacao are characterized by the most relaxed requirements.

However, the list of jurisdictions available for obtaining a license for this type of gambling, such as slot machines, is much broader. For additional options and for more information about licensing activities related to gaming machines, you can contact our lawyer by phone.


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