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A gambling license in Curacao

Curacao is a member of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. This fact significantly increases the level of customer loyalty to a casino or bookmaker company with registration in Curacao.
In addition to gambling reputation, a businessman receives many other advantages, including the main ones:

  • Gambling licenses have been issued on the island since 2002, as a result, Curacao can be officially considered one of the best and most trusted licensors.
  • Minimum requirements are imposed on software manufacturers of a gambling portal, which allows to use slots and RNGs that are in beta testing.
  • The documentation package is limited to a minimum: personal data on beneficiaries and shareholders, information on the material condition of the corporation, and the percentage of revenue, as well as superficial data on the status of personal accounts of company owners, are required.
  • In Curacao, there is no division of gambling into species and classes. This allows you to get one license for all types of entertainment in the casino. If you applied for a certificate for a lottery or bingo, then the issued permit gives you the full right to supplement the game room with slots, poker and other games of chance.
  • The terms and cost of considering the application are as low as possible for non-residents and local businessmen.
  • The taxis 2% not of the total but net profit.
  • No personal presence required;
  • The license may be distributed further as a White Label.
  • License confirmation can be obtained online and posted on the site.

Users from all over the world often play on online portals but obtaining a license in Curacao requires that each player follows certain rules and is notified in advance of the dangers of gambling. The company must meet the requirements of responsible gaming .

How to get a gambling license

To successfully obtain a license for online gambling, our specialists carry out:


  • Registration of a legal entity in Curacao;
  • Appointment of the director of a new company, collection of his personal and financial data;
  • Appointment of a local company representative;
  • Assistance in the preparation and collection of documents, filing an application for a license;
For a licensed project, Law and Trust can also assist in the opening of settlement and merchant accounts, register a trademark, and prepare documentation for the website. In the future, you can request the legal support of the website, as well as the submission of tax and accounting reports, which need to be filed to government bodies annually.

Requirements for obtaining a license

  • Availability of a registered company in Curacao;
  • The presence of a local representative;
  • Provision of a full description of the games;
  • The presence of the Rules for using the website;
  • Domain ownership;
  • Presence of at least one physical server of the company in the jurisdiction;
  • Implementation of AML procedures in relation to each player;
  • Providing technical audit of each gaming system (including software);
  • Software Certification - RNG Certificate;
  • Refusal to register persons under the age of 18, residents of the United States, and the Netherlands Antilles.

Company registration

To obtain a gambling license in the jurisdiction of Curacao, you must first establish a local limited liability company (B.V. or N.V.).
Company names must be in Latin transcription and individualized. Also, company names should describe only the real activities of the company and not be misleading.

In accordance with the requirements of the law, a company in Curacao must have a registered address in Curacao in the e-zone and be registered in the chamber of commerce. The company must also appoint a local agent representative who will manage the company in Curacao or appoint a local resident managing director in the place of the local agent.


For companies operating on the Internet and registered in the e-zone, no taxes are applied, except for the tax on the net profit of 2%.

Curacao is a great jurisdiction to quickly obtain an online gambling license at a low cost. The absence of division of the license into classes and low tax rates ensure the smooth launch of a large-scale project. Law and Trust experts will help you go through all stages of licensing and allow you to fully focus on your business.


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