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A gambling license in Curacao

Curacao is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This fact significantly increases the level of customer loyalty regarding the casino with registration in Curacao. In addition to gambling reputation, businessman receives many other advantages, among the main ones there are the following:

  1. Licenses for gambling activities are issued in the island since 2002, in view of which the country can be officially considered one of the best and proven licensors.
  2. Minimum requirements are imposed on software vendors on your portal, which allows you to use slots and RNG that are in the beta-testing stage.
  3. The package of documentation is limited to a minimum: personal data on beneficiaries and shareholders, information on good standing of the corporation and percentage of revenue, as well as minimum data on the status of personal accounts of the owners of the company.
  4. The most significant advantage: there is no division of gambling types into categories and classes in Curacao. This allows you to get one license for all types of entertainment in the casino. If you applied for a lottery or bingo certificate, the license provided gives you the full-fledged right to supplement the game room with slots, poker and other gambling.

Terms and cost of consideration of the application are minimized for non-residents and local businessmen. The level of taxation is 2% of the net profit (not of total one).

That is, accounting department of the corporation must provide a balance of all income and expenses; the cost of hosting, technical support, staff salaries, commission fees in electronic payment systems, etc. are deducted from the amount of profit. The tax is levied only on the amount that remains in the profit column after all the deductions.


for slot machines in Curacao

  • License can be obtained through cooperation with our company. Experienced lawyers will pre-monitor your portal for legal inconsistencies, as well as correctness of registration of the LLC or IP. It is worth noting that the necessary item before registering a license for slot machines in Curacao is the registration of your company on the same territory.

    You can order a service with full legal support in Law&Trust. Contacting the same company to perform a set of tasks allows you to save time, money and keep confidentiality - we only need one power of attorney, and a separate group of specialists will be allocated for the process of registration and obtaining a certificate for you.

for the lottery in Curacao

  • Documentation package will depend on the type of lottery. Users from around the world often play on online portals, but obtaining a license to conduct lotteries in Curacao requires that each player comply with certain rules and is notified in advance about the dangers of gambling.

    Such a warning is published on the gambling resource itself and acts as the guarantor of the responsible game. It is possible to get a free consultation on the rules of this jurisdiction by phones, indicated on our website, in chat or by mail.

for opening a casino in Curacao

  • The complex of operations on registration of gambling in the territory of Curacao includes:

    1. Registration of a legal entity under all rules of the current legislation.
    2. Collecting documentation and preparing an official form for obtaining e-Zone status. This is necessary in order to legally issue a license for casino in Curacao.
    3. Appointment of the director of new corporation, as well as collection of his personal and financial data.
    4. Opening a settlement account in one of the banks in the territory of Curacao.
    5. Preparation of an application for the registration of a gambling organization.
    6. Registration of Merchant Account for payments in electronic systems with an appropriate level of protection.

    Further, you can order legal support for the website from us, as well as submission of tax and accounting statements to be necessarily filed with public authorities annually.  You will find out the cost of license to open a casino in Curacao during individual consultation.

A bookmaker license in Curacao

  • You can obtain a license for accepting bets in Curacao after the approval of this type of activity by the Department of Justice. This department deals with all applications for opening of casinos, bookmakers and lottery portals. If your website was registered in accordance with all the laws of the country, the time for studying the package of documents can be reduced to 6-8 weeks.

    Collection of a complete package of documents and translation of the forms into the official language of the expert commission takes a little less time.

How to obtain a license for bingo in Curacao

You just need to leave an application on the website of Law&Trust. Registration of a legal entity and establishment of a gambling business require significant investments that pay off in 3-6 months with the correct business strategy. The bulk of payment for our services goes to cover commissions and government duties. Lawyers of our company can represent your interests in personal negotiations with representatives of the foreign certification department.

The license for bingo in Curacao is valid for 5 years after its issuance to our counterparty. You can cooperate with the specialists of our company to solve current problems in the legal sector of the gambling business or to order the renewal of the license for gambling in Curacao.

Get a free consultation today. Professional lawyers are on call during working days. Your requests are accepted in chat and by phone. At weekends and at night, you can leave a request by mail with an indication of convenient time for the call of our specialist.

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