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Gambling license in Latvia

A gambling industry is considered the most profitable field for rapid business development and income multiplication. As in any other sector of economic activity, it is necessary to provide guarantees to clients and investors, as well as ensure legalization of a gambling establishment by obtaining appropriate licenses and certificates.

Gambling is strictly prohibited on the territory of Russia, China, Kazakhstan and many other countries of the former Soviet Union, but Latvia provides certificates for gambling activities to both its citizens and non-residents. Among the advantages of business registration in this country, the following should be mentioned: absence of double taxation and low cost of considering an application regarding offshore zones.

You can order a gambling license from Law&Trust. Our specialists undertake obligations on legal support of the client during the whole process. The complex of services includes free consultations, drawing up of the register of documents and their collection on the basis of a power of attorney from the counterparty, translation and verification of the received forms for reliability and compliance with the regulations of Latvia. Before filling out an application, you need to find out exactly what type of license is required to develop the client's business.


for slot machines in Latvia

  • Slot machines are the most popular means of entertainment in many casinos. The rules of the game are simple, do not require compilation of algorithms or calculation of the actions of opponents. The possibility of winning here is determined by the random number generator. The level of payments largely depends on this software, which means that it must have a verified supplier, and the algorithms themselves are checked by a specialized commission during the audit of the website after consideration of the documentation package by the gambling experts of a foreign country.

    It is possible to obtain a license for gambling machines in Latvia during 6-12 months. Specific period depends on the territorial coverage of users by your portal, as well as the number of types of gambling on the website.

for lotteries in Latvia

  • All kinds of lotteries are divided into national and private, the first can cover all residents of the country, and the latter are held in a relatively narrow circle. Also, such draws differ from each other in duration and type of gifts given to players. Lotteries are often held not as a separate kind of entertainment, but in combination with slot machines in online and real casinos.

    Earnings of lottery tickets are carried out when playing slot machines, and the number of tickets depends on the number of bets placed. The more tickets particular player has, the higher his chances to win the main prize.

    The cost of a license for lotteries in Latvia can be included in the general package of licenses for the casino. If you plan to obtain it separately, the time for consideration of the application will be reduced, but re-submission of a package of documents will be necessary for the development of bingo or poker.

Casino registration in Latvia

  • Opening of physical branches of gambling establishments is possible only in the territories of those countries where this business is officially authorized. So, obtaining a license for casino in Latvia gives you the opportunity to expand gambling halls within Latvia, the UK, Gibraltar, Curacao, the Seychelles, the Isle of Man and other territories.

    When creating an online portal for gambling, you must perform all the same operations for registering a business and licensing it, but there is no need to rent a room for machines, and gamers can play from anywhere in the world on the international website.

    In addition to the official certificate for each type of gambling, you will need certificates of honesty policy, quality assurance of the supplied software and other permits, a full list of which can be clarified by the specialists of Law&Trust.

Bookmaker license in Latvia

  • Obtaining a bookmaker license in Latvia takes no more time than for regular casino certification. Bets can be accepted for sports, personal disputes and any events depending on the interests of the owner of the office or its users.
    The object of taxation in this form of gambling is not material income - contributions are paid in the amount of up to 15% regardless of the profitability of the institution and its level of financial position. License for betting in Latvia is issued by the special department of the expert committee on gambling.

Bingo license in Latvia

To get an opportunity to conduct this type of lottery in the territory of the jurisdiction of Latvia, an extensive package of documentation is required. Bingo is often used as an independent section of gambling. The game is seldom found in the casino, however it is popular among local population and non-residents. The tax on bingo also does not exceed 15%, which is beneficial for the business owner.

You can obtain a license for bingo in Latvia with the help of our lawyers. Despite the long period of registration of the necessary documentation, the client does not need to spend months of personal time on the collection. The counterparty provides a power of attorney, CV, a copy of the passport and an application form with personal signature, and our specialists make a request for all other documents.

Depending on the number of beneficiaries and types of games on the website, the number of items in the list of official documents can reach 40-50. After studying all the documents, the commission sets the time for auditing the portal in order to be sure of its compliance with the legislation of Latvia and the data specified in the documentation package.

The license is valid for 5 years from the date of receipt. In order to renew the certificate, re-verification of both the website and the documents is required. In view of the circumstances of repeated application, the terms of consideration with renewal may be shorter.


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