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Investment license in Latvia

State regulation when issuing license in Latvia is carried out by the Commission established under the Ministry of Finance. The department is engaged in control over the certification of brokerage, banking and other spheres of activities related to the economic segment.

The regulator of financial markets in Latvia compiles the list of services that a firm with license of one type or another can provide. Each set of financial instruments requires obtaining special permission, but there is the license that provides maximum freedom for business development. Permission for investment activity in Latvia regulates operation of all financial enterprises, thus, it is the most prevalent document.

License for Investment Activities in Latvia

Features of obtaining:

    • The counterparty should undergo the procedure of registration of a legal entity in the territory of the state. Among the founders of the enterprise there should be natural persons. Our company offers company registration in Latvia within the period of 6-10 working days. The period depends on the individual characteristics of the applicant.
    • In order to confirm the seriousness of intentions concerning the company's development, it is necessary to contribute the authorized capital into the account of one of the local banks. Minimum contribution equals to 50 thousand euros. The foregoing amount serves as the financial coverage of all primary transactions, procurements, and is also necessary for granting loans or providing other services to users.
    • Organizational and legal form of the enterprise should be either JSC or LLC. The package of documentation consists of all information about the founders and shareholders. Registration of the application takes about five days, but the commission's experts examine the data transferred to make a decision on the issue of licensing of your business within subsequent 3 months.
    • Obtaining investment license in Latvia makes it possible to use the certificate in the territory of other EU countries after simple passportization procedure. Authorization of the client in the neighboring jurisdictions of the European Economic Area is carried out through cooperation with our specialists.

Consultation is conducted at the time agreed with natural or legal person tending to obtain license. The first consultation is free of charge.

Initial contribution to be made by the client is the deposit of funds into the account of the bank of Latvia in the established amount of the authorized capital. The exact value of the transaction is calculated by our specialists, depending on the type of applicant, the availability of legal persons among the founders, as well as the scope of your company's activities.

Many procedures during registration require payment of the state fee, so our lawyer will inform in advance about the need for contribution, and we will provide confirming documents after the transfer of funds.

There are also fees provided for accepting the application and its consideration. The client is obliged to renew the certificate every year. The form itself is issued for an unlimited period. Before the prolongation procedure, the enterprise is audited to identify deviations from the regulations of the country.

Our lawyers maintain legal support of the clients not only until the moment of obtaining certificate, but in case of the client’s intention, we can provide permanent legal control over your company and office. The foregoing type of assistance guarantees passing of audit procedure without any difficulties, as well as lack of any problems with the renewal of the license or in dealing with the other companies of the jurisdiction.

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