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Investment license in the United Kingdom

Obtaining investment license in the UK is possible for citizens of any country in the world. Assistance in processing the certificate is provided by Law&Trust. Our lawyers work with individuals or corporate clients, and applications are accepted around the clock.

Issuing permission for conducting financial activities in the jurisdiction of Great Britain is carried out by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). The Financial Conduct Authority in the UK is a non-governmental body, but it has a strong authority both for its own citizens and for non-residents.

The FCA issues licenses to banks, insurance and mortgage companies, funds and brokers, financial advisers and other legal entities that carry out activities in the field of tangible assets. The regulator imposes strict demands on the applicants, and when submitting the application, it is necessary to provide complete information about the scope of activity of the corporation, as well as about the beneficial owners and shareholders of the enterprise.

The cost of investment license in Great Britain

The cost:

  • Before submitting the application for certificate, it is required to establish your own company in the territory of the UK. The price for this service is indicated in the price list on our website, and it can also be clarified by calling to our lawyer.

  • After the company is registered, membership fee should be contributed to one of the banks in Great Britain. The amount of transaction is 25000 euros and more. The amount may increase depending on the scope of activity of the organization and the number of services that are planned to be provided to the clients.

  • State fees. This item includes fee for consideration of the application and transfers for the renewal of the license. Tax deductions are calculated separately.

The procedure for obtaining investment license in the UK

The procedure:

  • Application of the client to Law&Trust. The lawyer identifies the needs of the counterparty during individual conversation, compiles the list of documents, as well as action plan aimed at prompt preparation of the package of documents to be sent to the jurisdiction of Great Britain.

  • Primary exchange of documents. Regardless of the client’s category (natural or legal person), it is necessary to provide the applicant's passport, the application form with original signature or EDS, and the power of attorney. All forms can be submitted remotely by mail, fax or through interactive means of communication.

  • Collection of the package of documents. Our specialists negotiate with state and private authorities to obtain all necessary official documents. The package includes not only personal data on shareholders and beneficial owners, but also complete information about the company itself including its organizational structure, number of employees and level of material condition. In addition, extracts from the tax service, state registers, receipts on the absence of debts and payment of all fees are required.

  • Preparation of the package of documents. The UK Commission considers the data in English, which means that most of our clients need professional translation of the forms. In addition to interpretation, we carry out preliminary examination of the package for compliance with the regulations of the United Kingdom.

Consideration of the package by the foreign financial department takes about 6-8 months. Applicants, having obtained certificate and conducting financial activities in Great Britain, are required to submit reports to the tax structure of the state and comply with all FCA requirements.
Renewal of the permission is carried out only with the participation of the foregoing commission. You can clarify the procedure of obtaining investment license in the UK today - just contact our specialists for free consultation.

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