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Brokerage license in the UK

Lawyers of the company Law&Trust offer to obtain a brokerage license in Great Britain for unimpeded carrying out of investment activities in the United Kingdom. The main regulator of forex exchanges is the FCA, that is an organization created at the expense of the material assets and funds of the companies it controls.

Regulations established by the FCA should be strictly observed by the clients of the licensor, that is the guarantor of long-term business cooperation.

License for brokerage activities in the UK is issued to companies that fully comply with all legislative norms of the country, have their own office on the territory of the state and have certain amount of authorized capital.

Main feature of the financial rules of English jurisdiction is the absence of strict restrictions regarding the amount on the counterparty's bank account: the applicant himself sets the required level, however a form where the justifications of the sum are listed is added to the documentation package.

Confirmation of the adequacy of the level of finance on the account can be a business strategy, which is often required along with the other documents.

Specialists of Law&Trust undertake to provide legal support to the client during the whole process of obtaining and issuing brokerage license in Great Britain. The lawyers have carefully studied the local legislation and have been cooperating with the FCA for a long time, which guarantees prompt consideration of the documentation and increases the chances for a positive decision by the commission members.

Forex license in the UK

Stages of obtaining:

  • Consultation. At this stage, the counterparty can find out all the nuances of registering permission for brokerage activity in Great Britain. Amount of the authorized capital is determined, and primary collection of documentation is carried out. The client needs to prepare a copy of his passport, CV or recommendations, a power of attorney for our specialist for further collection of documents, as well as a completed application form with the original signature. The application form is provided by Law&Trust, and shall be filled in English. If you need a translation of the form, ask for it and your personal lawyer in Law&Trust will provide the foregoing.

  • Compilation and collection of documentation package. The power of attorney is used by the specialists to obtain all the documents from the necessary register, after which its legal force is canceled. We strictly observe the policy of honesty and confidentiality. The list of official documents can consist of several dozens of points depending on the number of beneficial owners, branches, personnel in the entity and other factors. Jurisdiction of Great Britain involves and presumes the employment of residents of the country in managerial positions, and all other representatives of the board of directors must have considerable experience in financial management confirmed documentarily.

  • Consideration of the application begins with the form of the application itself, as well as information about the branch in the UK and the account with the local bank. Obtaining a brokerage license is impossible without registering a legal entity and opening an account. If necessary, our company provides an opportunity to include both operations in the package of services.

  • The brokerage license is issued after a thorough study of the package of documents and instruments of operating in the forex market.

  • The main condition is the authorized capital in the amount of 125,000 €.

  • A mandatory requirement is the presence of at least 2 local directors (UK citizens) in the company structure.

The validity period of the certificate, the specifics of its renewal and other details should be specified by phone or mail. We cooperate with counterparties all over the world, and customer support is conducted in Russian and English.

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