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Brokerage license in Hungary

Hungary is a member state of the European Union. This economic area is suitable for registration of financial business by non-residents due to the fact that it is possible to authorize a legal entity through passportization.

The foregoing process allows the expansion of the Forex company to the whole Europe through filing of one application and one package of documentation. Permission for brokerage activities in Hungary is issued not only to those businessmen who carry out currency transactions on stock exchanges. The certificate is necessary for the firms connected with:

  • creation of financial instruments for their application in real and Internet environments;
  • consulting users on the issues of financial investments in particular valuable objects;
  • storing of customer capital (banks, pawnshops).

In order to obtain brokerage license in Hungary it is necessary to comply with the regulations of the country. The requirements set forth concern not only the applicant himself, but also his company. Specialists of Law&Trust provide free consultations at any time convenient for you. During personal conversations, you can clarify the details of the legislation that will help to avoid delays in the licensing of the enterprise. Consultations are conducted remotely: use a call from the website, phone, mail and chat for quick answers.

Requirements for non-resident applicants


  • Presence of actual office in the territory of Hungary. The enterprise must confirm its registration address at the first request from the Commission on Regulation of Financial Turnover of the country. The building should have all means of communications, including Internet and telephony. The office must be staffed with employees, and the staff is selected personally by the beneficial owner. There must be one resident of Hungary among the Board of directors, and all representatives of the management will be verified for compliance with the position by the special audit department. Documents on the education and working experience of the personnel should be submitted along with the remaining package of official documents.

  • Availability of account in one of the local banks. Before licensing an enterprise, the counterparty must confirm the material condition and good standing of the firm. The easiest way to do this is through the contribution of authorized capital. The foregoing transfer indicates not only the availability of finance, but also ensures the development of the enterprise. The amount of capital on the account may increase with the development of the corporation, but the current legislation regulates the amount of the irreducible balance. Its amount depends on the type of activity of the firm.

  • Compliance with the legal norms of Hungary. This paragraph refers mostly to the policy of the company and its directorate: the constituent documents must be drawn up without a "small print" and in an unambiguous form. If one of the shareholders or beneficial owners of the enterprise has criminal record, it will lead to his removal from the affairs of the corporation, as well as additional investigation of the firm's activities. The foregoing delays the timing of consideration of the application and could be the reason for refusal. To avoid delays, you must immediately provide exhaustive information about the co-owners of the company, as well as the sources of their income.

  • The main condition is the authorized capital in the amount of 125,000 €.

  • A mandatory requirement is the presence of at least 2 local directors (Hungary citizens) in the company structure.

Similar rules for certification of brokerage activity apply to Hungary's residents, but the latter most often already have their own businesses and bank accounts in the country.

Cost of obtaining forex license in Hungary

In order to calculate the cost of a complex of services aimed at obtaining a brokerage license, it is necessary to submit relevant application to our representative office. Lawyers determine the work plan, make a list of documents, after which the final amount becomes known. Certain prices, such as the cost of establishing a company and opening an account, are already listed on our website. Moreover, it is necessary to add various state duties, fees and the size of the authorized capital of the enterprise to the foregoing amount.


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