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Brokerage license in New Zealand

The process of obtaining a brokerage license in New Zealand involves the need for a detailed study of local jurisdiction. You can find out rules and regulations according to which the activities of new companies are governed from our experts. Professional lawyers conduct free consultations for citizens of all countries.

Natural person or company representative can apply for legal assistance. Depending on the type of counterparty and its objectives, a further work plan is drawn up.

Law&Trust provides a comprehensive approach to the procedure for obtaining a brokerage license in New Zealand. The certificate is issued to all types of corporations operating in the economic segment:

  1. the Forex companies, after verifying their policy for honesty;
  2. advisers in financial matters, as well as intermediaries in foreign exchange transactions;
  3. depositaries and pawnshops providing services for storing material and monetary capital of counterparties with the right to use them at their own discretion;
  4. insurance companies that undertake to provide material compensation for the client's funds in cases stipulated by an individual contract;
  5. private traders, with their desire to enter the world market or come to the European level by establishing a new broker or representative office.

Permission for brokerage activity in New Zealand can not be issued to an individual, which means that the trader must first establish a company in the required field of activity, confirm his financial management experience and provide data on the fair receipt of all accumulated capital.

Obtaining Forex licenses in New Zealand

New Zealand does not belong to the EU and does not maintain the procedure for passportization of counterparties, but it is an offshore zone for the registration of enterprises, which greatly simplifies the subsequent expansion into the territory of the United States and other countries of the American continent.

Filing of an application is made to the Commission of the Financial Market Authority of the state, while the applicant is expected to have his own company within the jurisdiction of New Zealand. Beneficial owner does not need to obtain a second citizenship or burden himself with other legal procedures, since a director from among the residents of the island can be appointed to manage the new organization.

The founders' composition must consist of both individuals and legal entities. All founders and managers are required to file a package of personal documentation, which includes confirmation of the address of residence, certificates on education, extracts from the work record book or other forms indicating a solid work experience in financial management.


Less often, the Authority requires a certificate of psychological health of the applicants and the absence of a criminal record. Not only the founders should have remarkable and brilliant reputation, but the foregoing refers also to the capital, which is considered as a nominal contribution.

Law & Trust provides a full range of preliminary and direct services to obtain a brokerage license in New Zealand. In order to obtain your company, account and certificate, you do not need to contact three different companies.

Our company collects a package of documentation for all procedures at once; this also includes the translation, verification and certification of forms that are produced by our specialists. You can get all application forms, recommendations for filling out and other documents remotely and free of charge.

The cost of a brokerage license in New Zealand

The cost estimate is compiled on an individual basis. Each request has its own characteristics, which can affect the final amount, so we can not publish the figures and exact sums in order to avoid misleading the clients. You will need to provide the most accurate and reliable information about your company and copies of some documents during the first consultation. Lawyers guarantee observance of the confidentiality and promptness of fulfillment of the tasks.


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