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Investment license in New Zealand

The law was promulgated in the jurisdiction of New Zealand in the end of 2014, and according to the foregoing law all companies that conduct financial activities in the country are required to undergo special licensing procedure. Amendments in the regulations have affected not only service providers, but also intermediaries, such as forex brokers, advisers, insurance agencies, etc.

Acquisition of investment license in New Zealand can be successfully accomplished using services of Law&Trust. Our employees specialize in legal assistance with regard to sector of company registration, patents, processing of accounts, as well as licensing of various activities abroad.

Quite a narrow focus of activity allows to examine each jurisdiction in detail for the subsequent execution of the tasks that the client needs in a prompt manner.

Permission for investment activity in New Zealand can be obtained by the applicant from any continent, regardless of location. Negotiations and exchange of documents are carried out by e-mail, official documents with the original hand-written signature can be sent via regular mail.

The client is required to provide a minimum of documentation, namely:

  • Color scanned copy of the main pages of own passport;


In the event the client is natural person or does not have subsidiaries in the territory of this jurisdiction, as well as account in the local bank, two more application forms for registration of new company and opening of deposit will be required.

Application form for obtaining investment license in New Zealand. Power of attorney with EDS or original signature for subsequent collection of statements;

The procedure for obtaining investment license in New Zealand

The procedure:

  • 1. Preparation of the application for submission. It consists in registration of the new enterprise, opening of the account and recruitment of personnel from among qualified applicants. Our specialists provide full legal support at all stages of business registration. The term of formal establishment of the company with the legal address does not exceed 3-5 working days. Obtaining bank account may take longer, depending on what type of financial institution you select.

    2. Contribution of the authorized capital. Minimum balance on the account in the bank is about 1 million New Zealand dollars. This is an irreducible amount, but increase in capital in view of business development is permissible.

    3. Compiling the application with the Financial Markets Authority. The  financial management company in New Zealand has compiled the list of rules for filling in and submitting the application, as well as package of documents. Our lawyers personally complete the package of documents, and also verify each form for the accuracy of translation and legal compliance of all data.

    4. Consideration of the application. The term of examination of the dispatched package can reach 6-7 months, depending on its extent. Each stage is controlled by our specialists, and the client receives timely notifications of the progress of the case.

    5. Amount of the authorized capital. It equals to the amount of 770 thousand US dollars, and the contribution is transferred in local currency.

    6. The cost of registering new company in the territory of the country is indicated in the price list on our website, and it is also possible to look through the estimate for opening bank account in the price list.

    7. State fee in New Zealand, renewal of the license, as well as services of the foreign expert commission are paid separately.

The cost of investment license in New Zealand

You can specify the details of obtaining investment license in New Zealand, calculate total and accurate cost of the entire process, and clarify the details of local jurisdiction with our experts.

Private conversations are possible in chat, by mail or by phone. Primary consultation is free of charge and acceptance of applications is round the clock.

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