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Obtaining investment license in Australia

Investment license in Australia covers many areas of financial activity. It is necessary for both microcredit organizations, and brokers or insurance companies. Granting of loans, provision of intermediary services in the forex markets and other operations related to the storage or management of the clients’ capital should be licensed.

The certificate is issued by the expert commission of the country upon the request of the applicant from among local entrepreneurs or non-residents of the state.

Company Law&Trust offers services for issuing permissions for investment activities in Australia for all categories of persons from any country. Professional lawyers have thorough knowledge of the jurisdiction of this state, which speeds up the process of issuing the certificate. Availability of free consultations gives clients the opportunity to clarify all the stages of obtaining permissions for financial activities.

Obtaining investment license in Australia online

Our clients do not need to leave the office for obtaining certificate. After filing the application with Law & Trust, it is necessary to coordinate the time for conversation with the specialist and provide a copy of the passport, power of attorney, as well as application form with the original signature or EDS.

All the remaining obligations to collect the package of documentation and prepare it for transfer to the jurisdiction of Australia are incurred by our professionals. The entire procedure of preparing for application consideration can be divided into several stages.

Assessment of the counterparty and its financial condition

In Australia

  • issuance of investment licenses is possible only for those applicants whose organization is territorially located in the state and legally owned by the state. If the client does not have companies or branches in the territory of this country, it will be necessary to register new LLC or JSC. Registration of the company is carried out by our lawyers and does not take much time.

    Minimum package of documents is required to establish the enterprise:

    • Passport of the beneficial owner;

    • Completed application form;

    • Receipt on payment of the state fee;

    • Confirmation of the availability of capital (extract from the bank where the client's current account is held).

    All documents should be translated into English, and no recommendations are required. If the counterparty is already a legal entity, documents clarifying the sources of income of the applicant's existing firms may be required.

Если контрагент уже является юридическим лицом, могут понадобиться документы, проясняющие источники дохода действующих фирм заявителя.

Creating account and contribution of payments

For convenience of conducting transactions and tracking your incomes by the state tax system of Australia, it is necessary to open settlement account in the local bank. Our specialists will help you to select financial institution, and after determining the bank, financial contribution in the amount from 25 to 500 thousand US dollars is required.

Wide range is associated with differences in the scope of activities of investment companies, and specific amount of the transaction is determined during free consultation with the lawyer of Law&Trust. The account is not interest-bearing account, and it serves for one-time contribution of the authorized capital for development of your company and confirmation of financial welfare.

In addition to opening the account, payment of the state fee, as well as services of the experts, who will examine your application, will be required. The last fee is not refunded to the counterparty, regardless of the outcome of the consideration.

Collection and preparation of documentation

for obtaining investment license
The list of documents is determined on the basis of the client’s data regarding the company. Our lawyers collect all the necessary extracts by using the power of attorney from the applicant.
Depending on the requirements of the registrar, the process can take from 2 to 14 business days. Preparation includes reconciliation with the registry, verifying forms for compliance with the regulations of Australia and translation into English.

Cost of investment license in Australia

The total cost of the service consists of the set of tasks that are required to process the certificate.

Our lawyers will compile detailed work plan and provide you with an estimate at the e-mail address or during personal conversation. Leave applications in the chat today. Work is carried out within business days, and requests are accepted to the e-mail at the weekend.

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