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Electronic money license in Australia

The Commission on Regulation and Control of the Turnover of Finances in Australia offers non-resident entrepreneurs favorable conditions for obtaining certificates for the use of electronic money in the territory of the jurisdiction of a given state. The reasons why a lot of businessmen seek to pass licensing in this country are the following:

  1. Free use of different types of currencies without the need for constant conversion.
  2. Use of simplified tax reporting systems and reduced level of tax rates.
  3. Existence of legislation with clear regulation of certain disputes in the field of material and electronic finance.

Law&Trust Company offers services of the lawyers for prompt certification of entrepreneurial activities. Counterparty of any type from among the citizens of the country and non-resident can obtain permission for virtual money in Australia online.

Both of the foregoing undergo the same procedure for considering the package of documents, but foreign businessmen will need to open a representative office of own corporation in Australia.
The main condition is the authorized capital in the amount of 5,000,000 Australian dollars.

The cost of license for electronic money in Australia

Final price for registration of permission depends on a number of influencing factors, in view of which it is not possible to publish the exact amount. The price of authorization for virtual money in Australia consists of the number of services necessary to implement the process.


  • The cost of registration of a private company is indicated in the price list on our website. In addition, it is necessary for the counterparty to select a board of directors and employees from the managers with appropriate qualifications and work experience.

  • Opening bank account with the procedure of contributing nominal capital is the most costly and expensive stage of the whole process. The amount of contribution is determined by the type of client, the scope of activity of the firm, the number of employees and other factors.

  • When issuing a license for electronic money in Australia, state duties and fees  are not returned to the client, regardless of the decision of the expert commission. The transfer is charged both for filing the package of documentation and for the procedure for its examination. Additional fee for issuing the certificate is not required. Renewal of the license is an annual procedure, implying considerably small commission fee.


    You can find out the details about all stages of registration and permission to use electronic assets during private conversation with our specialist. Registration for consultation is made upon the initiative of the client at any time convenient for him. Lawyers answer all questions regarding the scheme for issuing the license, as well as the introduction of a virtual currency in financial accounting systems.

Acceptance of citizens' applications is conducted in any accessible way, including online chat, calls from the website and by phone. There is an opportunity to send a request to the e-mail during non-working hours.
Incorporating either representative office or branch is a must. The office performs several functions, namely: a) confirms the seriousness of the counterparty's intentions; b) simplifies interaction with clients from among those who are not familiar with virtual money; c) legal person is taxed according to the regular scheme, hence it must have an expression in real world, rather than virtual space.
Law&Trust offers a full complicity in the process of registering license for clients. The client does not need to study all the details of the jurisdiction of Australian legislation: issuance procedure does not require personal presence or negotiation with the applicant. Your interests are represented by our specialists at all stages of the procedure.

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