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Investment license in Lithuania

According to the appropriate laws of the Republic of Lithuania, legal entities have the right to engage in the selected type of activity only after obtaining license or official permission.

The government of the country approves the licensing rules for investment activities. It is very important to select a qualified company for carrying out the foregoing, which will be able to quickly and correctly process the legal documents.

It is possible to obtain investment license in Lithuania with the help of legal company “Law&Trust International”.

This service is provided at the professional level by our company, due to great experience and high qualification of lawyers. Therefore, the clients do not spend a lot of time preparing documents for obtaining license, and possible problems are solved quickly and effectively.

The issued documents regarding state licensing always indicate the type of activity, the institution issuing the license, as well as the documents required to obtain license. The license for investment activity in Lithuania is issued for an indefinite period, especially if the conditions under the license agreement permit so.

Obtaining investment license in Lithuania according to online procedure

It is possible to contact Law&Trust and consult with the lawyer in order to clarify information regarding the process of obtaining investment license in Lithuania. With the help of lawyer, it is possible to answer all the questions of interest and prepare the documents as soon as possible.

You can look through the information of your particular interest on our website, and the foregoing data is posted in the corresponding section.

In addition, there is the opportunity to consult with the specialist of the law firm online. The above fact considerably simplifies the processing of documents and obtaining official permission for investment activities.

Each client will be able to find the necessary information about the services that we provide on the website of our company. In order to obtain investment license in Lithuania, it is necessary:

  • To provide full and detailed information on the type of activity that you plan to be engaged in;
  • After providing information, the company's specialists will conclude agreement with you, which will indicate the terms, cost and conditions for obtaining permission. In each case, we coordinate the nuances of processing the documents with the official state institutions of the Republic of Lithuania.

Due to unstable economic activity within the country, external investments are increasingly being considered as a means of accumulation of capital funds.

The investments contributed are being quickly repaid, and this is characteristic of countries with developed economies and political stability.

The cost of obtaining investment license in Lithuania

The cost of obtaining official license in each case may depend on several factors, namely: the type of planned activity, the terms of preparation of the document and the requirements of the legislation.

In order to clarify the specific cost for your case, you need to contact the company and discuss all the nuances with our employee.

Due to the vast experience of work, we conduct the processing of the investment license within the shortest possible time. We are glad to every client, so we will always provide assistance in licensing in Lithuania.

We guarantee professional approach to solving the problem in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania to each client.

We always take into account the requirements and intentions of the client, and all received data are kept in strict confidentiality. By applying for qualified help in Law&Trust International, you will get qualitative services at affordable prices!

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