Opening a bank account in the USA

Due to Law&Trust, opening accounts in western banks has become simple and prompt. The client only need to have intention and provide certain assistance (signing of copies, provision of passport). The remaining paperwork are carried out by our lawyers, who have extensive experience in this field, thus they will promptly prepare all the documents for submission to the bank.

Account opening in the bank in the USA takes about 3-4 weeks.

How to open bank account in the USA for non-residents? List of financial institutions

Euro Pacific Capital

The financial institution provides a wide range of banking services, which means that the client can completely use its services. High level of secrecy guarantees the safety of your personal data and information about your activities. In order to open account in this bank in the USA, it will take up to 24 days for the application to be considered, and it may take more than one month along with sending of documents and transferring of bank details. Among positive aspects of the financial institution, there are the following:

- initial contribution to the account is 500 euros, and minimum balance is equal to 1000 euros;
- the time for conducting transactions does not exceed 3 working days, and the fee for transfers depends on turnover and financial status of the deposit;
- account maintenance fee equals to 20 euros per month.

TD Bank

It is similar to Euro Pacific Capital in many respects, but the term for opening of the account is 7 days, so the whole process along with collection and sending can take approximately 3 weeks.

Maintenance of the account will cost a little more, namely $ 25 per month. The amounts of initial payment and minimum balance are the same and equal to 1100 euros. There are no restrictions on conducting transactions, and the use of such cards as Visa and MasterCard is free. The fee of 20 dollars is charged for crediting any amount to the account.

United Bank

It is the most efficient in the country, thus it is possible to open account in the USA in this bank within one day. However, the financial institution requires personal presence of the beneficial owner. Initial contribution to the account is 100 euros, and you can specify information regarding the tariffs for transfers and the amount of deposit maintaining on our website or by phone.

Peculiarities of opening bank account in the USA

All of the above banks are united by the fact that standard package of documents is required for filing. Selection of American bank to open account is up to the client, but our lawyers can help you with the choice.

What documents are needed to open bank account in the USA for non-residents?

In order to open bank account in the USA, color copy of your passport and full package of documents for the company are required. Specific list depends on the bank, and exact consultation is available by phone.

Law&Trust International offers the service of opening bank account for non-residents in the USA and the professionalism of our lawyers will ensure prompt procedure.

USA: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
TD Bank 1150 USD 1852
United Bank 690 USD 1858
Платежная система
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Payoneer 750 USD 2005