In jurisdictions with preferential taxation, the level of income tax is lower in comparison with other jurisdictions. At the same time, in some jurisdictions, when receiving income from other countries, some of these jurisdictions apply a system of unique tax benefits. Moreover, tax rates at the source on the distribution of dividends, royalties, interest in these jurisdictions are very low or equal to zero.

Countries with preferential taxation include: Andorra, Bermuda, Great Britain, Scotland, Hungary, Hong Kong, Ireland, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Madeira, Macao, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Uruguay, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Estonia.

Applicable in tax planning schemes of jurisdiction, can be divided into the following categories:

1. States with zero taxes, also called Classic Offshore. Such countries are characterized by a low level of economic development, while these jurisdictions are politically stable. In such courts, the income tax is absent. In many classical offshore jurisdictions, there is no requirement for filing financial statements; the only condition that the state makes is to pay an annual fixed fee to the treasury. These jurisdictions also apply maximum measures to preserve the confidentiality of information about the ultimate beneficiaries of companies.

2. Countries with low taxes. The establishment of low fees in such countries is carried out to stimulate the economy and attract foreign capital. Offshore such jurisdictions are not, because companies in their territories pay taxes and submit accounting reports.

3. Countries with a national tax system. In the states of this category, the level of taxation is affected by the place of origin of the income. To prove eligibility, companies are audited every year and submit financial statements. In some jurisdictions, the application of tax rates depends on whether the funds were transferred in any way to “home” jurisdiction, or not.

4. High-tax countries with exclusive benefits. In such jurisdictions, the location of the source of income does not affect taxes. It is possible to distinguish rather high tax rates, as well as mandatory financial statements. Several organizational and legal forms of business are fully exempted from taxes (corporate):

  • LLC company;
  • Limited partnerships (LP, LLP, SLP);
  • Specialized companies.

5. Countries with special economic zones. Some states create special economic zones to achieve individual goals. Residents of economic zones are taxed at preferential rates or exempted from taxation in general. Among such countries can be identified as UAE, Georgia, Belarus, Russia.

Preferential jurisdictions
Страна Cost of registration $ The cost of the second year $ Financial statements
Andorra 7050.00 USD 3000.00 USD Да
Bermuda 6925.00 USD 3150.00 USD Нет
Cyprus 1995.00 USD 1990.00 USD Да
Czech Republic - A.S. 2450.00 USD 750.00 USD Да
Czech Republic - S.R.O. 2650.00 USD 950.00 USD Да
Estonia 1650.00 USD 850.00 USD Да
Great Britain - Ltd 1500.00 USD 1450.00 USD Да
Great Britain LLP (LP) 1650.00 USD 1490.00 USD Да
Hong Kong 2290.00 USD 2190.00 USD Да
Ireland 1975.00 USD 1725.00 USD Да
Latvia 1575.00 USD 750.00 USD Да
Liechtenstein - Anstalt 7740.00 USD 3980.00 USD Да
Liechtenstein-AG 7772.00 USD 3980.00 USD Да
Lithuania 1850.00 USD 750.00 USD Да
Luxembourg-S.A. 8432.00 USD 5630.00 USD Да
Luxembourg-S.A.R.L. 8460.00 USD 5630.00 USD Да
Macau 6000.00 USD 2625.00 USD Да
Madeira-LDA 2140.00 USD 1275.00 USD Да
Madeira-SA 2100.00 USD 1275.00 USD Да
Malta 2900.00 USD 1990.00 USD Да
Monaco SAM 6075.00 USD 3000.00 USD Да
Monaco-Sarl 5925.00 USD 3000.00 USD Да
New Zealand 1800.00 USD 940.00 USD Да
Panama 1390.00 USD 1350.00 USD Нет
Poland SA 1950.00 USD 950.00 USD Да
Poland Sp. z o.o. 2925.00 USD 2250.00 USD Да
Portugal-Lda 4800.00 USD 2250.00 USD Да
Portugal-SA 4425.00 USD 2250.00 USD Да
Romania SA 2100.00 USD 825.00 USD Да
Romania SRL 1725.00 USD 1090.00 USD Да
Singapore 2499.00 USD 2395.00 USD Да
Slovakia 2025.00 USD 1690.00 USD Да
Slovenia 2450.00 USD 950.00 USD Да
Switzerland Zug - AG 8100.00 USD 5250.00 USD Да
Switzerland Zug - GmbH 8132.00 USD 5250.00 USD Да
Uruguay SA 3415.00 USD 1420.00 USD Да
Uruguay SRL 3450.00 USD 1425.00 USD Да
Гибралтар 1950.00 USD 1890.00 USD Да
Коста-Рика 1950.00 USD 1850.00 USD Нет
Сан-Марино 2325.00 USD 3565.00 USD Да
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