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Most jurisdictions in the world oblige their companies to prepare financial or audit reports, which in turn oblige to complete full calculation and accounting reports.

There are different types of reports depending on the jurisdiction; reports can be submitted either monthly, quarterly, or annually.

We provide accounting, tax accounting, annual report preparation, and legal audit services. We also provide services for the preparation, conduct of audits, filing of financial statements, and annual reports of companies (partnerships, LLCs, etc.) registered in any jurisdictions, including such as the UK, Hong Kong, the USA, Cyprusб and many others. We also provide turnkey accounting services.

We have extensive experience in supporting reporting and bookkeeping for organizations that work with cryptocurrency.

Law&Trust International employs specialists with extensive experience in the field of international financial reporting standards (IFRS). We provide outsourced services in many countries, thanks to the staff of professionals in different countries.

In addition, we provide a wide range of services for obtaining VAT numbers, both for resident enterprises, and non-residents.

Our firm also provides the following services


  • Obtaining a VAT number in Europe

    Any company registered in Europe can receive a VAT number, both in the country of registration and in any other country of the European Union - all conditions, terms, procedures are here.

  • Obtaining VAT for Amazon

    All European companies doing business and working with Amazon (EU) know that it requires a German or English VAT number from all companies under the threat of account closure.

  • Monthly and quarterly reports

    We offer services for sorting company transactions, preparing VAT reports based on them, submitting them to the tax authorities of any country in the world, and we also conduct further communication with the tax authorities in case of additional questions.

  • Reverse charge

    Many businessmen are sure that because of its complexity, this tool is not applicable in the European Union, although it is installed. We will argue with this since we have many successful cases where the money for several years was returned.


  • Preparation of primary reporting documentation for accounting

    The preparation of the primary documentation is an important step to the successful submission of the report since this stage takes quite a considerable amount of time. Our experts will help you with the systematization of the transaction database, checking invoices, preventing the negative consequences of economic activity, etc.

  • Accounting

    The accounting system will provide control of operations, the expediency of operations, determination of financial reserves of the company.

  • Financial statements

    The main difference between financial statements and audit is preparation standards. The financial statements are prepared by a certified accountant who does not provide an opinion. All other information that is prepared and submitted to the tax office does not differ from the audit. Also, during the preparation of the financial statements, the accountant calculates the tax that must be paid. There is the possibility of calculating the interim tax but in any case, for the calculation, it will be necessary to fully analyze the company's transactions.

  • Audit

    When preparing the audit, the auditor thoroughly checks the transactions and contracts of the company before submitting it to the register, as the auditor gives an opinion, for which he then bears responsibility and assumes all risks.

The cost of our services is formed depending on the number and complexity of operations, as well as on the jurisdiction where the company is registered. The first consultation on general accounting standards, the procedure, and form for submitting reports to government bodies is provided free of charge.

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