Conditions for obtaining a license for lottery

лицензия на лотерею

Lottery is allowed in almost all countries, since it contributes certain amounts from every win to the state treasury in addition to profit to the businessman.

However, business activity of this kind is strictly controlled by law and is prohibited without obtaining a license to conduct the lottery.

Law&Trust offers to purchase a license for the lottery in the following jurisdictions: Antigua and Barbuda, Kahnawake, Romania, Montenegro, Costa Rica, Curacao, Malta, Isle of Man, Latvia, United Kingdom, Seychelles, Gibraltar and Alderney.

Permission to conduct lotteries abroad means instant lottery, jackpot lottery and SMS types of draws, and players can receive both money and property or either money or property items as a prize, if the foregoing is provided for by the prize fund.

License terms for the lottery

Criteria and requirements are established in accordance with the jurisdiction of the country to be chosen by you when contacting us. Details on this matter will be explained to our legal specialist. However, the requirements for applicants are similar in many respects in different states.

Instant lotteries

A corporation planning to hold drawing of the lottery of this type must have:

    1. methodological and instructive material describing the rules of lottery;
    2. charter of internal control rules;
    3. a building or its part for storing financial resources and tickets;
    4. owned lottery equipment;
    5. personnel who serves clients and is completely instructed.

Jackpot lottery

It is conducted quite rarely, but has not so far been substituted by new technologies. The list of requirements for a corporation for obtaining permission to conduct lotteries is similar to the previous one. However, in addition, there will be a need for an agreement with a television or Internet channel to broadcast the prize draw live.


In this case, the condition regarding a contract with any mobile operator is added, the latter undertakes to provide customers with feedback messages containing information about changing conditions or winning.

For each type, it is necessary to provide samples of tickets indicating the degree of their protection against forgery. This is a very important nuance that can protect your company from depriving a license because of intruders.

License for a lottery: terms and prices

When registering a license to conduct a lottery abroad, it is necessary to take into account local jurisdiction. Approximate period for consideration of an application is 30 working days, however, if inconsistencies are found in the documentation or the company itself, the period may be extended by half or more.

The cost of purchasing a license to conduct the lottery online will be informed to you by our legal expert after consulting and clarifying your requirements for jurisdiction.

The procedure for obtaining a license to conduct lotteries

Lawyers of Law&Trust are waiting for your requests on weekdays. You can choose an offshore for registration in advance or take advantage of our experience for quick and correct selection of the country. When the jurisdiction is determined, we will be able to find out the accurate set of documents and requirements for the applicant.

The next stage will be collection of documents by our legal experts.

All necessary pages of passports, as well as charters and other forms are translated into the required language, sealed and signed by the notary, and then sent to the representatives of the licensor.

Having consulted with our specialists only once, you should not worry how to obtain a license for the lottery, because experienced professionals will do all the job required.

Documents required for holding a lottery:

    • A statement and a form confirming the firm's compliance with the requirements of the jurisdiction.
    • Full charter and documents for the company, providing details on its material condition.
    • A package that indicates the availability of a special equipment for the lottery, as well as methodological materials with the rules of the drawings.
    • Certificate of payment of state fee.

The cost of license for the lottery depends on the number of items in the list of documents. Only those that are most often required are listed above. More detailed information can be specified with our specialists in online chat or by telephone.