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Open a bank account for casino: quickly and easily!

Lawyers of the company Law & Trust provide a range of services for registration of gambling businesses in offshore and foreign areas in which territory it is allowed to conduct gaming activities.

Open a bank account for casino as soon as is possible to to the sweepstakes site establishment, this service includes the base cost of the package the casino "turnkey".

If you require additional registration of accounts or you do not have time to complete the of the company registration process - we are at your service.

It is possible to open bank account for casino immediately after establishment of a sweepstakes site. This service is included in cost of the package of establishing ready-made casino. If you require additional registration of account or you did not manage to complete the  registration process of the business - we are at your service.

Bank account for casino: How to become an owner?

Beneficiaries of gambling establishments are not prohibited to open multiple deposits in different banks. This approach allows to efficiently manage finances and keep them in case of emergency. Activities of casino is rarely limited to audience coverage of only one country, and as a consequence users contribute different types of currencies. This should be taken into account when applying to register account.

Among the important details, which can also have a serious impact on registration process of the deposit, there are the following:

  1. Jurisdiction. Each state makes its own requirements for applicants. What also matters is the fact in the territory of which country the official representation of gambling corporations is situated. According to the law of certain republics, foreign legal entities are prohibited from opening account for casino in banks  belonging to the financial system of other states.
  2. Choice of bank. Accounts exist not only for storage, but also for augmenting material resources. Estimated deposits are not accompanied by remuneration rates, but with correctly chosen financial structure there are chances to pay for the services of the bank the least possible amount of money.
  3. Requirements for the applicant and package of documentation. In order to find a bank that is beneficial for you and which conditions of opening an account you meet, you need to spend a lot of time. Our specialists are ready to provide assistance in comparing some of the most suitable options of financial institutions, that will save your time and allow to avoid the pitfalls when concluding contract.
  4. Requirements for bank. In choosing a bank it is necessary to pay attention to the terms of opening an account, the amount of minimum balance, the size of documentation package, presence of Internet management of deposit and other important factors.

Documents required when registering account

Only legal entity can open bank account for casino. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide:

  • All personal documents to confirm the identity, date of birth and place of residence;
  • Package of charter documentation of the company, including the statute and an extract from the minutes of the constituent assembly;
  • Data on personal and corporate financial condition. Honesty of receiving money must be confirmed by certificates from the accounting department and other documents, which will be required by representatives of the bank.

Law & Trust experts will assist in collecting and preparing a full package of documents for transfer to foreign bank, give consultation in choice of jurisdiction and provide full legal support of procedure.

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