1.1. This document is a public offer of INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES L.L.C-FZ (Business Center 1, M Floor, The Meydan Hotel, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai, U.A.E.) and their agents (if indicated in invoices) hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor" and contains all the essential terms of the provision of information and consulting services.

1.2. Public Offer is an official document published on the website of the Contractor at the address:


1.3. In case of payment for services, legal or natural person thereby confirms the adoption and acceptance of the following terms of the Public Offer and becomes the Customer. The Contractor with the Customer are the Parties of the Public Offer.

1.4. Public Offer is not required to be signed and stamped by the Customer, while maintaining full force and effect.

1.5. In connection with the aforementioned, the Customer must attentively read the text of this Public Offer and in case of disagreement with the terms and conditions - refuse to conclude the Public Offer and use the Contractor’s services.


2.1. In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Contractor shall provide the services specified in the invoice and the Customer undertakes to pay for these services in accordance with the invoice.


3.1. The Customer makes acceptance of the Public Offer by prepaying the Contractor’s services in respect of which the Public Offer is concluded. The Customer’s acceptance of this Public Offer means that he/she fully agrees with all the provisions of this Public Offer.

3.2. By making acceptance of the Public Offer due to the order specified in paragraph 3.1 of the Public Offer, the Customer warrants that he/she is familiar, agrees, fully and unconditionally accepts all the terms of the Public Offer in the form in which they are presented.


4.1. The Contractor undertakes to:

4.1.1. Organize and ensure proper provision of services.

4.1.2. Use all personal data and confidential information of the Customer only for the provision of services, not to transfer and not to disclose information indicated in documentation and customer information to the third parties.

4.1.3. Provide oral and written consultations on additional issues of the Customer. The amount and timing of consulting, and the form of consultation are determined in each case independently by the Contractor.

4.1.4. The client is obliged to provide all the documents and carry out all the corresponding actions which are included in the KYC or relate to the KYC, DD procedures for him/her and persons affiliated with him/her, if the foregoing mandatory regulation is established by the country where the client buys services.

4.2. The Contractor is entitled to:

4.2.1. Unilaterally determine the value of services provided and change the terms of this Public Offer, except already running or executed cases.

4.2.2. Independently determine the forms and methods of services providing on the basis of legal requirements, technical capabilities, as well as specific conditions of the agreement taking into account wishes of the Customer.

4.2.3. Use the services of any natural persons or legal entities for the purpose of timely and quality fulfillment of obligations under the Agreement; independently determine the composition of professionals providing services, and distribute the work between them at own discretion.

4.2.4. Demand payment for rendered services or for services being provided.

4.2.5. Refuse providing services for the Customer in the case of non-payment (partial payment) for services in a timely manner, when untimely providing of the application for the provision of services.

4.2.6. Obtain any information from the Customer which is necessary to perform own obligations under the Agreement. In case of any incorrect or incomplete information which was provided by the Customer, the Contractor is entitled to suspend performance of own obligations under the Agreement up to the moment of providing the necessary information.

4.3. The Customer undertakes to:

4.3.1. Timely and fully pay the cost of the Contractor’s providing services in the order, in time and in the amount set forth herein.

4.3.2. Provide the Contractor with all the information and data which would be necessary to fulfill obligations under Agreement.

4.3.3. Not to disclose confidential information and other data provided by the Contractor in connection with the execution of this Agreement.

4.3.4. Not to compete with the Contractor in any spheres, be respectable, not to interfere in the internal affairs of the Contractor, not to take measures that directly or indirectly impair work organization of the Contractor and affiliated persons.

4.3.5. Apply for services, including additional services, directly through the contacts indicated on the website. Not to put conflicts in place, not to mislead the Contractor.

4.3.6. Not to use services of agents, providers, assistants, employees, authorized representatives of the Contractor for own purposes without prior consent of the Contractor.

4.3.7. The Customer is obliged to provide all the required documents for the execution of works / provision of services to the Contractor. In case of non-submission of documents, non-provision of responses to the Contractor's request within 180 calendar days from the date of payment of the invoice, the Contractor disclaims obligations to perform works / provide services and payment for the invoice is not subject to be refunded and / or offset against other works /services. The execution work/provision of services is considered as it is completed.

4.4. The Customer has the right to:

4.4.1. Demand from the Contractor to provide information about the organization and proper ensuring of the Services provision.

4.4.2. Demand proper and timely provision of the Services by the Contractor.


5.1. The Terms of providing Services are discussed with the Customer individually and start to be calculated from the moment when the Contractor receives from the Customer all necessary information, required documents, and payment in accordance with the procedure provided for in paragraphs 6.3, 6.4. of this Agreement.


6.1. The cost of the Services being provided is determined by the Contractor in accordance with the issued invoice in which a certain range of Services is stipulated, and the Customer is obligated to pay for these Services in accordance with the issued invoice.

6.2. All fees calculated in currency from invoice.

6.3. Payment for Services under this Agreement shall be made on the basis of 100% prepayment and in the manner prescribed by this Agreement.

6.4. The Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of payments. The moment of payment is considered to be the moment of crediting of funds to the Contractor’s bank account.

6.5. The Contractor reserves the right to change Tariffs at own discretion, except already running or executed agreements.

6.6. Tariffs on the website LawsTrust.com are indicated for standard Services and considered as informative. The final cost of the Service is determined by the Executor depending on the Customer's task. In the event that additional services are required, the cost increases accordingly.

6.7. Fee for the provision of Services for registration and company maintenance is charged in advance and annually thereafter.

6.8. Fee for the Contractor’s services is not refundable and does not include the tariffs of the bank.

6.9. If the Customer provides incomplete, false or contradictory information, which affected the outcome of the provided Services to the Customer, the Contractor reserves the right not to refund the Customer’s payments made for these Services.


7.1. The Parties are responsible for any failure to perform or improper performance of obligations under the Agreement in accordance with the laws of Great Britain.

7.2. The Contractor shall be responsible for the timeliness of the provided Services if the Customer performs all specified terms posted on this website:


7.3. The Contractor shall not be liable for non-receipt of the Services by the Customer and the produced payment in this case is not refundable and not transferred to the other Services in the following cases:

7.3.1. the Customer’s email address which was specified at the time of the Service is not available.

7.3.2. the Customer can not receive the purchased Services by reason of his/her technical or other problems.

7.4. The Contractor provides independent consultations to the Customer and in no way bears responsibility for the Customer's actions and/or inaction performed before or after the provision of Services.


8.1. This Public Offer has the power of the Service Acceptance Report. Acceptance is performed without signing of the corresponding act. Services shall be considered properly rendered to the full extent if the Customer does not make a claim within two days from the date of the Service provision.

8.2. The Customer’s claims for the Services provided by the Contractor are taken into consideration within 2 (working) days from the date when the dispute arose through an email.

8.3. Taking into account the nature of the Service provided, the Contractor and the Customer  undertake to apply the pre-trial procedure for settling the dispute in the case of disputes and disagreements relating to the provision of Services.

8.4. Issues, arising from the interpretation and application of this Agreement and not regulated by it, are governed by the laws in force of the United Kingdom. The Parties shall use all reasonable efforts to settle through negotiations any disputes arising out of this Agreement, in connection with it or its violation, termination or validity.


9.1. Parties are released from liability for complete or partial failure to fulfill obligations under the Agreement if the failure to fulfill obligations was caused by force majeure, such as: fire, flood, earthquake, strikes, wars, acts of public authorities or others circumstances  beyond the control of the Parties.

9.2. Party which can not fulfill obligations under the Agreement must promptly, but not later than 10 calendar days after the force majeure, notify the other Party in written form with the provision of supporting documents issued by the competent authorities.


10.1. The time of conclusion of this Agreement shall be the moment of enrollment of payment to the Contractor’s account.

10.2. The Customer enters into this Public Offer voluntarily, while the Customer:

a) fully acquainted with the conditions of the Public Offer;

b) fully understands the subject and conditions of the Public Offer;

c) fully understands the meaning and consequences of his/her actions in relation to the conclusion and execution of the Public Offer.

10.3. The Customer has all the rights and powers required for the conclusion and execution of the Public Offer.

10.4. The Customer may at any time unilaterally refuse the Contractor’s Services. In the case of unilateral Customer’s refusal from the Contractor’s Services, the payment is not refundable.

10.5. In case one of the parties to the agreement wishes to terminate the agreement before the expiration of the term for the provision of services stipulated by the parties, but not in accordance with the terms of termination of the agreement provided by the parties, the other party has the right to demand from the party wishing to terminate the agreement to pay a fee for early termination of the agreement (termination fee) commensurating with the cost and duration of the provision of services upon prior coordination with the other party. The minimum fee for early refusal to provide services can be provided for by the parties in advance when agreeing on the services provided.

10.6. The Contractor has the right to terminate the agreement with the Customer in the event that the Customer's actions potentially can cause or caused direct or indirect damage to the Contractor, his partners and (or) other companies and persons affiliated with the Contractor and (or) his (their) employees.

10.7. In case of damaging the Contractor, his partners and (or) other companies and persons affiliated with the Contractor and (or) his (their) employees by personal actions, the Customer undertakes to pay compensation in monetary equivalent to the proportional inflicted damage.

10.8. According to all issues not covered in this Agreement, the parties shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.