This service is an integral part of the international tax planning but due to the special demand its essence should be described separately.

Our team has extensive experience in financial and property safety in protecting the assets against any illegal encroachment of both the hostile State, and individuals and institutions (raider attacks). Thanks to the excellent visibility of domestic and foreign trusts, private trust companies operating in the domestic and offshore jurisdictions, as well as investment management, we can give you the most comprehensive and competent advice on all aspects of the protection of your financial assets.

We will calculate in advance any possible risks of loss of savings (confiscation, seizure, etc.) and property, and we will take a number of measures to achieve the security of the assets. The well-timed preventive measures to protect assets will provide the desired result and release from worries about what will happen with the savings and assets in the event of a sudden force majeure. Measures of protecting the assets include property alienation (passing on trust, fund), transfer of assets to another jurisdiction (e.g. offshore), ensuring anonymity for the asset owners and others. The complex of actions for the protection of the capital includes the creation of rules of succession of property, protection against creditors, preventing the risk of loss of assets at the unreasonable use, planning retirement savings, etc. In our work we use only legal methods to protect the capital (assets).

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