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The modern development of the Internet and IT-sphere requires exceptional support for projects that develop in a rather fast way. Today, interest in the high-tech industry has increased in multiple volumes, and IT projects and many segments of the high-tech business have begun to rely on broad legal opportunities actively. It is the specialized assistance from legal experts that helps to create, maintain and not lose capital, investment attractiveness and reputation.

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A full range of related services: legal, corporate services and business intelligence.
Legal experts: formation and legal support of companies around the world, accounting services and auditing, tax planning, trademark registration and patent record, etc. Our professionals are always ready to assist you in your business.
The first consultation is free of charge: Law and Trust lawyers provide free initial consultation, as well as analysis and development of a strategy to achieve a positive result.

So, in particular, programmers and developers can lose:

  • Legal grounds for the use of developments in the IT sphere;
  • Financial losses;
  • Attracting further financing of the IT project by partners and parties concerned.

If owners and investors do not take advantage of legal support, they risk losing:

  • Payment for the work performed;
  • Rights to own and use a product(s) or service;
  • Right to compensation for professional and moral damages.


Law and Trust International offer a wide range of opportunities for development in the IT sector, not only for programmers and developers but also for investors and company executives. We provide a range of services and opportunities for all interested in the high-tech sphere, and we also show an individual approach to each case of cooperation with representatives of the IT-sphere.
Having worked for more than 15 years in the international legal consulting market in all branches of law, our highly qualified lawyers' team has thousands of successful cases. We also actively cooperate with 135 foreign jurisdictions and more than 150 banking institutions around the world.

Law & Trust International adheres to four primary criteria in its work, including in the field of information technology:

  • Top quality work
  • Compliance with legal regulations of the selected jurisdictions
  • Confidentiality
  • Data protection

These values ​​are fundamental in collaboration with each client.

Therefore, if you want to start or successfully develop your business in the IT field, get a patent, intellectual property rights to software or a computer game, register a startup, make a lucrative contract, and much more, then the best choice in legal support of your IT project will be the company Law & Trust International.

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For a startup in the IT sector, it is crucial to ensure that legal assistance helps to solve a considerable number of issues. This also applies to organizational matters and the drafting of the contract. If investors or owners of the company actively increase the development possibilities of the project, enter the international markets, then you cannot do without legal support.
The presence of qualified specialists in the field of law will allow Investors, owners or managers of projects of IT companies to increase the productivity of work that can be reoriented to the development of their business. Thus, the company receives not only advice, support and resolution of legal issues, but also acquires, in the person of lawyers, representatives of interests and lawyers in matters relating to legal and financial proceedings.

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