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Brand Registration on Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular international marketplaces. Every day, the millions of goods and services are sold here in different countries. If you trade on this platform, you need to be concerned about such issue as registering your brand on Amazon. Otherwise, in case of success, other people may take the brand name of your online store or products. Law & Trust will tell how the trademark registration will protect you and help to protect your brand on Amazon.
How to register your brand on Amazon?
How to register your brand on Amazon?

Why Do You Need to Register Your Brand on Amazon?

The brand registration on the marketplace is an optional procedure, but it is still recommended undergoing it. Having your own trademark for Amazon will allow you to get a few important benefits.


  • Brand protection. After you have registered your company’s brand or trademark on Amazon, other users of this platform are no longer entitled to use your trademark without permission. If it happens, you can file a complaint and the violator will be blocked for violating the rules for use of the intellectual property;
  • Promotion of goods and services on Amazon. Any business should be recognizable, and today, it is the brand that provides this recognition. Based upon the image, you can develop a unique design for your store;
  • Ability to use ASIN search. After you have registered your brand, you are included in the Amazon search base, making it easy to find your product by image or logo;
In addition, the creation and registration of your brand on Amazon allows you to become a member of transparency program. Each product promoted under your trademark has a unique ID code. It allows protecting customers from counterfeit and fake products. Thus, the trademark on the marketplace can be a useful tool for promoting your business and protecting your customers.

Key aspects of registering a brand on Amazon

Features of Amazon Private Label registration.
Features of Amazon Private Label registration.

What Do You Need to Know about Registration?

Before registering your brand on Amazon, you need to familiarize yourself with some specifics of this procedure. In particular, the marketplace offers this option for customers from a limited number of countries. The list includes:

  • USA;
  • Canada;
  • Mexico;
  • Brazil;
  • Japan;
  • Australia;
  • United Kingdom;
  • EU countries.

If you sell your self-engineered product, intellectual property, etc., it must be patented. If you have a patent, you will need to register your trademark with the competent authorities in one of the above-listed countries. The easiest way is to register a Private Label on Amazon, obtaining a trademark registration certificate issued by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It may take a little longer to check the documents from other countries. The registration procedure is online; the customer does not need to visit the Amazon’s office.

Professional legal assistance in registering a brand on Amazon

Law & Trust offers its services to the clients who work with Amazon. The company's lawyers will tell you in detail about the methods of brand or trademark registration, provide the list of necessary documents and help to execute them. We will also take over interaction with Amazon’s representatives and conduct the full registration procedure from submitting the application to activating the account with your trademark.


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