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The startup is an increasingly popular way to start a business. For a successful project to be implemented, a startup will need not only a business idea and its technical implementation but also a competent legal design of the project for interaction with customers, investors and contractors.

Legal support is necessary at all stages of the project life, but support at the stage of creating a business will eliminate many problems that arise when the activity is structured incorrectly.

The Law & Trust International team has extensive experience working with projects of various sizes. This article will allow you to pre-determine the tasks facing the Startup project and the specialists of our team.


Is it necessary to register a legal entity?

  • One of the first mistakes that a startup faces is the absence of a business entity. This entails taking all the risks of the project to an individual. To distinguish between the responsibility of a startup and a personal one, you must create a legal entity or register as an individual entrepreneur.

What about taxes?

  • In order to optimize the tax function of your project, we can select the most optimal tax system for you. 

  • If you have not yet decided on the appropriate jurisdiction, our specialists will select the most profitable country of incorporation and business based on your needs, goals and taxation.

Do you offer a product online?

  • NO:

    We will help you to issue a project with the actual presence in the selected jurisdiction. Our services will include:

    • Registration of the company;
    • Getting necessary licenses;
    • Obtaining work permits;
    • Conclusion of contracts with counterparties;
    • Opening a current account;
    • and others.
  • YES: 

    In addition to the above services, legalization of the product offered online will be required. The scope of work will depend on the answers to the following questions.

Do you offer to purchase or order a product online?

  • NO:

    You will need to draw up contracts for the provision of services or the sale of goods to customers, as well as the design of user interaction with the site.

  • YES:

    Our services:

    • Drawing up a public offer contract;
    • Preparation of documents for user interaction with the site: Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Cookies Policy, other documents depending on the nature of the product.

Do you plan the introduction of online payment on the site card?

  • NO:

    We will open a bank account for the possibility of receiving payment from customers and settlements with counterparties.


  • YES:

    In addition to the current account, you will need to open a processing account (merchant account) to accept payment by card. Our services:

    • Opening a current account;
    • Opening a merchant account (processing account);
    • Preparation of AML policy, support of website adaptation for receiving payments online with VISA and MasterCard.

Do you offer a unique product or a product under a unique brand?

  • NO:

    If your product is created by analogy with an existing product, you will need to take care of the individualization of your product and non-violation of competitor's copyright.

    Our services:

    • Audit to identify copyright infringement;
    • Legal opinion on product individualization;
    • Legal support for concluding contracts with copyright holders.


  • YES:

    Your unique product requires building a special system for protecting intellectual property rights.

    Our services:

    • Registration of a trademark in selected jurisdictions and classes;
    • Introduction of a trade secret mode;
    • Conclusion of non-disclosure agreements (NDA);
    • Registration of patents and other intellectual property rights.

Are you the only sponsor and initiator of the project?

  • NO:

    You will need to formalize relations with the other founders and investors of the project.

    Our services:

    • Preparation of the shareholder agreement;
    • Development of the structure of interaction with investors;
    • Preparation of contracts with investors.


  • YES:

    To attract investors to the project, we also recommend preparing the legal side of this issue an agreement and a plan for cooperation with potential investors.

Do you plan to introduce a referral or bonus system?

  • NO:

    You can go to the next question.


  • YES:

    Our experts will be able to provide you with:

    • Preparation of referral policy;
    • Consultation on tax issues related to receiving payments on the referral system;
    • Determination of the status of the system of incentives and the order of their implementation.

Which countries do you plan to cover customers?

  • EU: To offer services or products online, users from the EU will need to meet the new requirements of the GDPR in terms of collecting and processing personal data.


  • USA: To provide services in the United States or to provide goods to buyers from this jurisdiction will need to take into account the specifics of the laws of each state.

Consider the analysis of the project on the legal components of the examples

I. Opening an online store for selling digital photos in the EU with payment on the website. To implement the legal component of a startup, you will need at least:

  • Select the legal form and country of registration;
  • Determine the tax treatment;
  • Develop a public offer contract;
  • Ensure copyright protection on the site;
  • Develop contracts with photo copyright holders;
  • Register TM;
  • Prepare documentation for the site taking into account the requirements of the GDPR;
  • Open a checking account and a merchant account.

II. Messenger "Avos", available to citizens of the CIS can be purchased on the website of the copyright holder. Separate attention will require the implementation of the legal registration of both the messenger and its purchase.

To implement the legal component of the startup will require in addition to those listed in Example I:

  • Development of the Privacy Policy and Rules for the use of the instant messenger;
  • Enforcement of FZ-152 in Russia and similar laws in other CIS countries;
  • Compliance with the requirements of Regulators (for example, Roskomnadzor) in terms of regulating the activities of instant messengers;
  • Conclusion of contracts with developers.


Преимущества нашей юридической экспертизы-1

Experience and qualifications. The experience of the L&T International team is more than 15 years. It gives the opportunity for working with cases in many business areas like finance, IT, agriculture, trade and foreign economic activity. Thanks to this experience, our specialists always offer the best selection of services.

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Comprehensive approach and individual solutions. Law and Trust International always provides a vast range of services for our clients, taking into account the individual characteristics of each particular case. Due to this symbiosis, our specialists always fulfil all the wishes of clients in full and taking into account the requests and preferences of customers.

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Monitoring and innovation.Our team keeps tracking the newest and most advanced working methods, as well as the latest legislative, financial and economic information events around the world. It allows lawyers of Law and Trust International to quickly and creatively resolve virtually any issues in the field of legal consulting.

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Privacy and responsibility. The security of our customers' data and respond to them are particularly important in the work of Law and Trust International. For all the time of work, we have not had a single leak of commercial, personal or legal information. It allows us to develop, grow and achieve new opportunities.

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Reputation and result. A team of lawyers of Law and Trust International always welcomes the success of our clients. Reaching new results, we develop new skills that we successfully use in our work. Thanks to successful cases, our clients and our team, we are creating qualitatively new opportunities to achieve the desired result now.

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