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Types companies

  • Branch Office

    This is an extension of a foreign parent company and not as a separate business entity meaning the profits, losses, liabilities or damages incurred extend to the Foreign parent company.

  • Subsidiary Office

    This is a form of company incorporated in a jurisdiction with the foreign parent company as its shareholder.

  • Representative Office

    A representative office is one given as a temporary site for operation and management of business activities it doesn’t have any legal status and, so no profit can be gained. They explore the viability of operating a business in a jurisdiction before making any investment decisions.

Worldwide Company Formation Services FAQs

  • Is it compulsory to register my company?

    Yes, it is compulsory to register your company in a country as this gives you the right or privilege to operate or run that business.

  • How much does it cost to register a company?

    The cost of registration depends on the form of company and the requirements of that country. The total cost usually start upwards of $400 (depends on the jurisdiction), it includes preparation of legal documents, company registration, payment of all taxes and fees at the time of registration and legal address of the company for a (one) year.

  • How long does it take to register a company?

    The registration process of a company will depend on the type of company or requirements of the Company Registry.

  • What is a company registration number?

    The company registration number is a unique number issued when a limited company or limited liability partnership is incorporated by the Company Registry of that jurisdiction.

  • Where to get a company registration number?

    A company registration number (CRN) is issued by the relevant Company Registry of a particular country after the incorporation of a company.

  • How to verify a company registration number?

    Our Lawyers get in touch with the relevant ‘Company Registry’, working with them closely to verify the CRN of a company.

  • What is company registration certificate?

    The company registration certificate is a document from the company government authority of a country that confirms the company legally exists.

  • When will I be able to start trading?

    A company can begin trading as soon as it is incorporated.

Depending on the jurisdiction where you intend to set up your company, it might not be possible as certain documentation and submission processes require the expertise of an advocate.

Company Formation Services

Law and Trust International provide company registration and formation services in six different continents of the world, they include North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. An international law firm with offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kyiv, London, New York and Nicosia with representatives in 64 countries, successfully operating in more than 135 jurisdictions, working with more than 150 banks and providing services to over 3000 companies around the world. The process of company formation will depend on the jurisdiction where the company is being registered, the registration process, requirements, costs and services in general.

Business in the same region cannot be considered successful without expansion with regards to globalization and development of international trade relations. Entrepreneurs seek to expand their sphere of influence with diversify risks, business expansion in other jurisdictions should be considered as an important tool that does not only allow a company’s position to be consolidated in the international arena but also protects the company from developing competitors.

For these purpose, our lawyers offer the most optimal options for registering or purchasing an already registered company that meets your specific needs. In addition to company formation, compilation of the necessary documents and comprehensive support of transactions, the Law and Trust team provides additional services for the company in compliance with international legislation of the selected country, regardless of the location of the client as documentation processes can be made remotely.

Company Formation: Required Documents

The requirements stated below is not a restricted or complete list of a particular jurisdiction, but are the most general trading company (or new company incorporation) requirements.

They include:

  • Registered address certificate;
  • Directors’ certificate;
  • Shareholders’ certificate;
  • Secretary’s certificate;
  • Passport copies of the shareholders (must be notarized);
  • Apostille copies of constitutive documents;
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company (must be notarized);
  • Excerpts from the first Meeting of the board of directors;
  • Company’s chosen name with approval from the Company Registry;
  • Bank statement indicating the deposit of the share capital of the business;
  • The use of nominee service is allowed.

Company Formation Procedure: How to Legally Register a Company

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Step 1. Law and Trust works with the client to get the company’s name and activity approval from the Company Registry of the selected country;

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Step 2. Law and Trust with the client to secure the Memorandum of Association (MOA);

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Step 3. Law and Trust collects, prepares and files the necessary incorporation documents on behalf of the client to the relevant authorities for approval;

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Step 4. Law and Trust works with the client to open a corporate bank account in the selected country;

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Step 5. Law and Trust delivers the certificate of incorporation personally to the client or via courier service.

Limited Company

  • What Is A Private Limited Company?

    A private limited company is a type of Limited liability company, whose shares are held by less than fifty (50) persons. These shares are not available to the general public. Most businesses that are privately incorporated are private limited companies. The shareholders of a private limited company can be individuals or a group of individuals, private limited companies usually end with the name ‘Private Limited’ or ‘Ltd’.

  • What Is A Public Limited Company?

    A public limited company or a public company is a type of limited liability company that offers its shares to the general public. A public limited company must have a minimum of fifty (50) shareholders. A public limited company are mostly on the stock exchange.

Features of Limited Company Establishment

  • A certain amount for the authorized capital. 50% of the total amount must be paid at the time of registration;
  • The companies can have shareholders whose liability is limited by shares in the capital of the established company;
  • Status and residency of the shareholders do not matter;
  • Shares cannot be put on public sale;
  • Even one director - a legal entity - can run the company;
  • Company with a capital exceeding a particular amount will be required to elect a supervisory board in most cases.

What is a Limited Liability Partnership?

  • The Limited liability Partnership must maintain a list of members with stake (beneficiaries) in the company and must deliver this information to the authorities of the jurisdiction. LLP is a combination of the traditional partnership and a limited company. The LLP structure is mainly used for international trade. An LLP will still need to file annual accounts, annual return, annual zero tax return (a tax accountant is recommended) and an audit (not mandatory). LLP are taxed as partnerships where the profits and losses from the business must be reported on the partners' personal income taxes. LLP must have at least two partners.

Advantages of Forming an LLC (limited liability company)

  • The structure of LLP are more flexible to organize;
  • No limit on the number of partners in LLP;
  • Raising and utilizing funds of an LLP solely depends on the partners (guided according to certain jurisdiction codes);
  • LLPs are exempted from Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT);
  • Professionals like engineers, chartered accountant, lawyers and doctors may prefer this form of business partnership;
  • No requirement of compulsory audit in LLP.

Joint Stock Company

What is a Joint Stock Company?
It is a company where the shareholders own the stock. Joint-stock companies have capital divided into shares that can be owned by both founders and third-parties, this can be done by acquiring shares in the market. In this form of business, the partners or participants are not personally liable for the company’s losses with the entire joint-stock company limited to the value of its assets. Advantages of Starting a Joint Stock Company. Shares of the company's stock can be bought and sold by shareholders; Each shareholder owns company stock in proportion, evident by their shares.
Shareholders are able to transfer their shares to others without any effects to the continued existence of the company. Certain amount of authorized capital. 30% of the amount should be paid at the time of registration; The number of shareholders is not limited. Responsibility is defined by shares of shareholders; Status and residency of the shareholders do not matter; Registered and bearer shares are allowed, and they can be issued on public sale; The Board of Directors comprises of about 3-11 members. Legal entities can not be directors; A supervisory board monitors the activities of the company.


A partnership is a formal agreement between two or more (maximum of twenty people) interested parties on operating, managing and sharing the profits or losses of a business.

General Partnership

This is a form of partnership formed by two or more (maximum of twenty people). All profits and liabilities are shared equally. All partners are actively involved in business activities of the company. Partners remit their taxes as Personal income tax in this business structure. 

Limited Partnership

This business structure allows for a limited partner and a general partner. The liabilities of limited partners are based on investment (capital or assets) in the partnership but however, they are not capable of being part of the day to day running or managing of the business. It is alternative structure of partnership business to general partnership. A Limited Partnership (LP) is not mandated to deliver a list of its beneficiaries to authorized Company Registry. LP is a traditional partnership with limited liability. It is not a separate legal entity unlike LLP, although, some of its features are incorporated. 

Some of the features of partnership include: Amount of minimum capital is not fixed, the capital is distributed evenly among all owners of the shares, partnership is established with a minimum of at least two partners, status and residency of the shareholders do not matter and the transfer of shares to third parties is prohibited without the general meeting’s decision.


Advantages of Setting Up a Partnership

  • The structure of this business makes it a little easier to start up and operate.
  • Better productivity due to workload share or division of labour.
  • The opportunity to offer future key positions in the company is one that can bolster the long term plan for the company.

Sole Proprietorship

Sole proprietorship is an individual structure of business or individual entrepreneurship, it is a type of business that is owned and run by one individual. There is no legal difference between the owner and the business entity - the business is an extension of the owner and therefore makes him/her responsible for any loss, debts or liabilities associated with the company. It is the most popular form of business ownership.

Advantages of Establishing of Sole Proprietorship

  • Easy and least expensive structure of business to start up and run.
  • Full ownership and decision making of the business;
  • A better tax and accounting operation - there is no need to file a tax return as income generated are categorized as personal income tax.
  • All profits are a 100% yours. 
Non Profit Company (Company Limited by Guarantee) What is a Non Profit Company? This form of company structure can be referred to as a company limited by guarantee. It is a public company for non-profit purposes. They are more of trade associations, student unions, charitable organizations, club societies, religious bodies and so on. A company limited by guarantee does not usually have a share capital or shareholders, but instead has members who act as guarantors. Companies limited by guarantee provide personal financial protection to business owners and ideal for non-profit organizations. A company limited by guarantee must have at least one director and one guarantor,
all limited companies must also provide details of a registered office address during the company formation process. Advantages of Starting a Non Profit Company. A distinct legal entity from its owners responsible for its own debts. The personal finances of the company’s guarantors are protected. They will only be responsible for paying company debts up to the amount of their guarantees. 'Limited' status builds trust and confidence amongst clients and investors - provides credibility and helps the company achieve its goals and objectives.

Advantages of Starting a Non Profit Company

  • A distinct legal entity from its owners responsible for its own debts.
  • The personal finances of the company’s guarantors are protected. They will only be responsible for paying company debts up to the amount of their guarantees.
  • 'Limited' status builds trust and confidence amongst clients and investors - provides credibility and helps the company achieve its goals and objectives.

What Is An Unlimited Company?

An unlimited company ("ULL") or private unlimited company is a hybrid company that can be incorporated with or without a share capital (drawing similarities with its limited company counterpart)
In this form of company, the legal liability of the members or shareholders are not limited: that is, its members or shareholders have a joint, several and non-limited obligation to meet any insufficiency in the assets of the company to enable settlement of any outstanding financial liability in the event of the company's formal liquidation
ULLs do not file public accounts, providing thorough confidentiality

Why Incorporate with Law&Trust International?

Benefits of worldwide company registration, formation and incorporation service with Law&Trust International include:

  • Full range of related services: Provision of a full range of legal, corporate, government, and business intelligence related services in any jurisdiction of the world. A detailed overview of our services include full legal support of the company registration procedure, obtaining a legal address, interaction with the official government authorities of the jurisdiction, state fees, legal address of the company for a year, production and registration of company stamps and advising the client as part of the registration process. Opening a bank account and the cost of this service are discussed during the consultation.
  • Professionals and expertise of Law: Worldwide registration and legal maintenance of companies, accounting services and audit, tax planning and optimization, trademark and patent registration, and many more. Law and Trust provides the client with the best company incorporation services.
  • Domestic service: Law&Trust ensure our services cover every region, area or state in the chosen jurisdiction. Be rest assured that no matter where the company intends to incorporate in a particular jurisdiction, we’ve got the location covered. 
  • Free initial advice: Free consultation from the lawyers of L&T International regarding strategies or the provision of services for analyzing and developing legal position on an issue the client raises anywhere in the world.
  • Security: L&T makes use of modern technological features to keep the records and details of every client safe.
  • Efficiency and productivity: Strategically providing up to date personalized services to help your business succeed.

Ready for Company Registration?

If you are interested in registering and incorporating a company in Europe, Asia, America (North & South), Australia, and Africa, contact Law & Trust International by simply sending an email or call now to take your business to the next level!

Actual on 22.05.2024

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Offshore jurisdictions
Country Cost of registration $/€ The cost of the second year $/€ Financial statements
Anguilla 1690.00 USD 1650.00 USD No
Antigua 2215.00 USD 1635.00 USD No
Aruba - N.V. 1275.00 USD 900.00 USD Yes
Aruba-VBA 1200.00 USD 825.00 USD Yes
Bahamas 1455.00 USD 1390.00 USD No
Barbados 1050.00 USD 900.00 USD Yes
Belize 750.00 USD 720.00 USD No
British Virgin Islands 1195.00 USD 1170.00 USD No
Cayman Islands 2950.00 USD 2750.00 USD No
Cook Islands 1555.00 USD 1500.00 USD No
Curacao 3680.00 USD 2575.00 USD Yes
Dominica 1465.00 USD 1390.00 USD No
Guernsey 1965.00 USD 1200.00 USD No
Isle of Man 2325.00 USD 1875.00 USD Yes
Isle of Man - old style 2175.00 USD 1650.00 USD No
Jersey 2890.00 USD 1575.00 USD Yes
Labuan Offshore Non Trading 2775.00 USD 1425.00 USD No
Labuan-Offshore Trading 2815.00 USD 1425.00 USD No
Liberia 1315.00 USD 900.00 USD No
Marshall Islands 1315.00 USD 1185.00 USD No
Mauritius – GBC I Company 1615.00 USD 750.00 USD Yes
Mauritius-GBC II Company 1725.00 USD 825.00 USD Yes
Nauru 1185.00 USD 900.00 USD No
Nevis Corp 1350.00 USD 1290.00 USD No
Niue 1575.00 USD 975.00 USD No
Panama 1390.00 USD 1350.00 USD No
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1090.00 USD 1050.00 USD No
Samoa 1860.00 USD 940.00 USD No
Sark 2930.00 USD 1725.00 USD No
Seychelles 1090.00 USD 990.00 USD No
St. Kitts 1495.00 USD 863.00 USD No
St. Lucia 1635.00 USD 675.00 USD No
Turks and Caicos 1615.00 USD 1200.00 USD No
Vanuatu 2385.00 USD 1145.00 USD No
Preferential jurisdictions
Country Cost of registration $ The cost of the second year $ Financial statements
Andorra 2620.00 USD 710.00 USD Yes
Bermuda 9900.00 USD 8900.00 USD No
Costa Rica 1950.00 USD 1850.00 USD No
Cyprus 1770.00 EUR 1760.00 EUR Yes
Czech Republic - A.S. 2160.00 EUR 660.00 EUR Yes
Czech Republic - S.R.O. 2340.00 EUR 840.00 EUR Yes
Estonia 1460.00 EUR 750.00 EUR Yes
Gibraltar 1950.00 USD 1890.00 USD Yes
Great Britain (LP, LLP) 1460.00 USD 1320.00 USD Yes
Great Britain - LTD 1330.00 USD 1290.00 USD Yes
Hong Kong 2290.00 USD 2190.00 USD Yes
Hungary 1780.00 EUR 670.00 EUR Yes
Ireland 1975.00 EUR 1725.00 EUR Yes
Latvia 1400.00 EUR 670.00 EUR Yes
Liechtenstein - AG 6880.00 EUR 3980.00 EUR Yes
Liechtenstein - Anstalt 6850.00 EUR 3520.00 EUR Yes
Lithuania 1640.00 EUR 660.00 EUR Yes
Luxembourg - S.A. 7460.00 EUR 4980.00 EUR Yes
Luxembourg - S.A.R.L. 7490.00 EUR 5630.00 EUR Yes
Macau 6000.00 USD 2625.00 USD Yes
Madeira - LDA 1680.00 EUR 1275.00 EUR Yes
Madeira - SA 1860.00 EUR 1130.00 EUR Yes
Malta 2650.00 USD 2430.00 USD Yes
Monaco - SAM 5380.00 USD 2660.00 USD Yes
Monaco - Sarl 5240.00 USD 2660.00 USD Yes
New Zealand 1800.00 USD 940.00 USD Yes
Poland - SA 1730.00 EUR 840.00 EUR Yes
Poland Sp. z o.o. 1730.00 EUR 1020.00 EUR Yes
Portugal - Lda 1720.00 EUR 1020.00 EUR Yes
Portugal - SA 2600.00 EUR 1150.00 EUR Yes
Romania - SA 1720.00 EUR 870.00 EUR Yes
Romania - SRL 1670.00 EUR 870.00 EUR Yes
San Marino 13060.00 USD 10160.00 USD Yes
Singapore 2499.00 USD 2395.00 USD Yes
Slovakia 1790.00 EUR 1500.00 EUR Yes
Slovenia 2170.00 EUR 840.00 EUR Yes
Switzerland Zug - GmbH 3040.00 EUR 840.00 EUR Yes
Switzerland Zug - AG 2600.00 EUR 840.00 EUR Yes
Tunisia 2900.00 EUR 2900.00 EUR Yes
Uruguay SA 3415.00 USD 1420.00 USD Yes
Uruguay SRL 3450.00 USD 1425.00 USD Yes
Other countries and jurisdictions
Country Cost of registration $/€ The cost of the second year $/€ Financial statement
Albania 3150.00 USD 2520.00 USD Yes
Argentina 5160.00 USD 2925.00 USD Yes
Argentina 5160.00 USD 2925.00 USD Yes
Australia (Proprietary) 2325.00 USD 1350.00 USD No
Australia (Public) 2250.00 USD 1350.00 USD No
Austria - AG 3480.00 EUR 840.00 EUR Yes
Austria-GmbH 3480.00 EUR 840.00 EUR Yes
Bahrain 7875.00 USD 4500.00 USD Yes
Bangladesh 3990.00 USD 1990.00 USD Yes
Belarus 350.00 USD 90.00 USD Yes
Belgium 3280.00 EUR 1980.00 EUR Yes
Brazil 4875.00 USD 2550.00 USD Yes
Brunei 22500.00 USD 15000.00 USD Yes
Bulgaria 1620.00 EUR 730.00 EUR No
Canada 1915.00 USD 1500.00 USD No
Canada - Alberta 1850.00 USD 1500.00 USD No
Canada - New Brunswick 1785.00 USD 1190.00 USD Yes
Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador 1875.00 USD 1500.00 USD No
Canada - Nova Scotia 1868.00 USD 1500.00 USD No
Canada - Ontario EPC 2210.00 USD 1360.00 USD No
Canada - Partnership (LP) 1490.00 USD 1470.00 USD Yes
Canada - Prince Edward Island 1800.00 USD 1500.00 USD No
Canada - Quebec 1915.00 USD 1500.00 USD No
Canada - Saskatchewan 2038.00 USD 1500.00 USD No
Canada Ontario LP 1700.00 USD 1360.00 USD No
Canada-British Columbia 1785.00 USD 1190.00 USD No
Canada-Manitoba 1915.00 USD 1500.00 USD No
Chile 14500.00 USD 5967.00 USD Yes
China 4935.00 USD 2400.00 USD Yes
Colombia 3850.00 USD 1280.00 USD No
Croatia 2160.00 EUR 840.00 EUR Yes
Cuba 37500.00 USD 26250.00 USD No
Denmark - A/S 3130.00 EUR 840.00 EUR Yes
Denmark - ApS 2950.00 EUR 840.00 EUR Yes
Finland 2600.00 EUR 1460.00 EUR Yes
France - S.A. 3420.00 EUR 2110.00 EUR Yes
France - S.A.R.L. 3020.00 EUR 2100.00 EUR Yes
Georgia 1750.00 USD 1550.00 USD No
Germany - AG 1760.00 EUR 840.00 EUR Yes
Germany - GmbH 1630.00 EUR 840.00 EUR Yes
Greece 3480.00 EUR 840.00 EUR Yes
Iceland - Ehf 2810.00 USD 1390.00 USD Yes
Iceland - Hf 3400.00 USD 1390.00 USD Yes
India 3900.00 USD 2025.00 USD Yes
Indonesia 9490.00 USD 9200.00 USD Yes
Iran 2950.00 USD 2450.00 USD Yes
Israel 3560.00 USD 2490.00 USD Yes
Italy - SAS 3470.00 EUR 830.00 EUR Yes
Italy - SrL 2160.00 EUR 830.00 EUR Yes
Japan 4990.00 USD 1990.00 USD Yes
Jordan 2900.00 USD 1900.00 USD No
Kyrgyzstan 990.00 USD 890.00 USD No
Lebanon 4300.00 USD 2500.00 USD No
Macedonia 3200.00 EUR 2560.00 EUR Yes
Mongolia 3675.00 USD 3000.00 USD Yes
Montenegro 1580.00 EUR 1060.00 EUR Yes
Namibia 3450.00 USD 2450.00 USD Yes
Netherlands B.V. 2560.00 EUR 830.00 EUR Yes
Netherlands N.V. 3030.00 EUR 830.00 EUR Yes
Norway 3270.00 EUR 2650.00 EUR Yes
Peru 18020.00 USD 9163.00 USD No
Russian Federation 600.00 USD 200.00 USD No
Serbia 3100.00 EUR 2560.00 EUR Yes
South Africa 1990.00 USD 1900.00 USD Yes
Spain - S.A. 3290.00 EUR 830.00 EUR Yes
Spain S.L. 1980.00 EUR 940.00 EUR Yes
Sweden - Private 4540.00 EUR 2040.00 EUR Yes
Sweden - Public 9230.00 EUR 4940.00 EUR Yes
Tenerife 6090.00 USD 2560.00 USD Yes
Thailand 2390.00 USD 2250.00 USD Yes
Turkey A.S. 4560.00 USD 2045.00 USD Yes
Turkey L.S. 3500.00 USD 1980.00 USD Yes
United Arab Emirates (Dubai) 3950.00 USD 3075.00 USD No
United States - New Jersey 845.00 USD 790.00 USD No
Urkaine 510.00 USD 0.00 USD Yes
USA - Florida - LLC 1100.00 USD 900.00 USD No
USA - Nevada 1190.00 USD 1090.00 USD No
USA - Utah 950.00 USD 750.00 USD No
USA - Wyoming 925.00 USD 890.00 USD No
USA Arkansas 900.00 USD 600.00 USD No
USA Delaware 847.00 USD 800.00 USD No
USA Delaware LLC 890.00 USD 765.00 USD No
USA Florida 990.00 USD 850.00 USD No
USA Oregon 1015.00 USD 845.00 USD Yes
USA-NY 1240.00 USD 715.00 USD Yes
USA-Washington DC (District of Columbia) 1320.00 USD 660.00 USD No
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