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Cost of registration The cost of the second year Number of Directors Corporate tax rates Payment of Charter Capital Financial statements
510.00 EUR 0.00 EUR 1 18.00% No Yes
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Register a Company in Ukraine

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. It has more than 40 million inhabitants. The country aims to integrate with the European Union, and join NATO. In 2018, a visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU states began to operate. In addition, the state is a member of the Eastern Partnership. Therefore, the demand for the registration of companies in Ukraine is actively growing now.
The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv.
The official language of the country is Ukrainian, but most of the population speaks Russian.
The monetary unit of Ukraine is the hryvnia (UAH).

Why is it profitable to register a company in Ukraine right now? This country is experiencing rapid economic and political growth. The state authorities are changing the legislation, making it more attractive for business. Taxation in Ukraine is quite liberal, the working conditions are transparent. The government is taking measures to increase the investment attractiveness of the state and has introduced a new program. Therefore, registering a company in this country can give a serious impetus to the development of your business, opening new markets and attracting clients from a country with a large population.

The forecasts for the further development of Ukraine are also favorable, and there are prospects for further enhancing the stability and transparency of the country. Therefore, if you open a company right now, you can occupy empty niches before this market becomes especially popular for European companies.

Organizational and legal forms in Ukraine

  • Self-employed individual;
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC);
  • Double Liability Company (DLC);
  • Open Joint-Stock Company (S.A.);
  • Closed Joint-Stock Company (CJSC);
  • Representation office.

Legislative base in Ukraine

  • The Law “On State Registration of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Civil Units”, March 3, 2005;
  • Law "On Limited and Double Liability Companies", June 17, 2018;
  • Law "On Joint-Stock Companies", September 17, 2008
  • The Commercial Code of Ukraine, January 16, 2003
  • Tax Code of Ukraine, December 4, 2010

Registration of a limited liability company (LLC) in Ukraine

  • Minimum authorized capital of at least 1 UAH;
  • The director of an LLC can only be a citizen or a person who has received a residence permit in Ukraine;
  • There are no requirements for the residency of the shareholder;
  • A secretary is not required;
  • An LLC company in Ukraine is required to submit financial statements annually.
  • Information on beneficiaries is available in public sources;
  • The name of the company in Ukraine should be written in Ukrainian. The charter may also include the name in several additional languages, for example, in Russian and English.

Registration of a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine

Types of representative offices:

  • non-trading - without the right to conduct business; not subject to taxation in Ukraine; an H-type account is opened in a bank;
  • commercial (in other words - permanent) - with the right to conduct business; taxation takes place on a general basis; a P-type account is opened in a bank;
  • A permanent representative office is a permanent place of business through which a non-resident’s business activities in Ukraine are carried out in whole or in part (namely office, management place, warehouse, server, etc.), the construction/installation facilities are situated, the services by a non-resident are provided, including consultations;
  • A representation office regardless of its type (commercial/non-commercial) should be registered with the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, and Agriculture of Ukraine. And only after receiving a certificate of registration, you can register with the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Self-employed Individuals and Public Organizations, as well as with tax and pension authorities

Accounting in Ukraine

A company in Ukraine submits monthly reports after 1 month from the date of registration with the tax authority. At the end of the reporting period, annual reports must be submitted.

Taxes in Ukraine

In Ukraine, there are 2 tax systems: the general system and the simplified one. The taxpayers of the general system pay the 18% tax of the calculation of net profit (income minus expense = net profit).
Taxpayers of a simplified system pay tax according to their group: 1, 2 and 3 groups are individual entrepreneurs and certain categories of companies; group 4 is for companies.

Single tax rate:

  • For the first group - max. 10% of the minimum wage.
  • For the second group - max. 20% of the minimum wage.
  • For the third group - 3% + VAT or 5% excluding VAT.
  • For the fourth group, it depends on the area and characteristics of the land property, the amount may vary.

However, there are restrictions on the type of activity of companies that cannot use the simplified tax system.

It is possible to register a company or buy a ready-made business in Ukraine with the Law & Trust International company. Our lawyers will provide qualified advice and select a working business solution for you.

Set of documents
  • Charter
  • Protocol (Decision) of the meeting of participants
  • Director Appointment Order
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations.
Nominee director and shareholder
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General information
Square603 549.00
Population48 457 100.00
State polityrepublic
Telephone code380
Place in the world in corruption126
locationCentral Europe
Literacy rate99.70%
National currencyUkrainian hryvnia (UAH)
USD exchange rate25.00
GDP per capita49
Official languageUkrainian
Credit ratingВ
Corporate information
Opportunity to purchase ready-made companiesYes
The use of the Cyrillic alphabet in the nameYes
Local registered officeYes
Local registered agentNo
Shares and share capital
Information about the beneficiary is disclosedNo
The minimum amount of the issued capitalNo
Bearer sharesNo
Possibility to issue shares without par valueNo
Basic corporate tax rate18.00%
Capital gains taxNo
Currency controlYes
Stamp dutyNo
Director and Secretary
Minimum number of directors1
The requirement for residency directorsYes
Director of legal entities are allowedNo
The data reveals to the local agentYes
Data field to the public registryYes
The requirement for the presence of the SecretaryNo
Requirement to the residense of the SecretaryNo
Requirements to qualification of the SecretaryNo
Legal entity as the SecretaryNo
Shareholder and beneficiary
Minimum number of shareholders1
Data is entered in the public registerYes
Shareholders residency requirementNo
Information about the beneficiary is disclosedYes
Information may be disclosed to the local agentYes
Shareholders-legal entities are acceptableYes
The requirement for filing reportsYes
Open access to reportsNo
Statutory auditNo
The requirement for filing Annual ReturnNo
Open access to the Annual ReturnNo
The requirement for reportsYes
Treaty on avoidance of double taxation (States which signed)58
Membership in the OECDNo
Is it offshore according to Russian legislationNo
Trademark Registration
TM Comprehensive Study
First Class Additional Class
106.00 EURN/A
TM Registration Request
First Class Additional Class
475.00 EUR 0.00 EUR
TM Registration Certificate
First Class Additional Class
457.00 0.00
First Class Additional Class
1039.00 EUR 0.00 EUR
TM Comprehensive Study TM Registration Request TM Registration Certificate Total
First Class Additional Class First Class Additional Class First Class Additional Class First Class Additional Class
106.00 N/A 475.00 0.00 457.00 0.00 1039.00 EUR 0.00 EUR
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