The gambling issue has been discussed in Ukraine over the past few months. In 2019, a complete legislative ban on any gambling was introduced. However, already at the beginning of 2020, a law was adopted in the first reading that would allow casinos to operate in Ukraine. After refinement, the law was adopted in the second reading, July 14, 2020. Now gambling is legal in the country.

The Law on Gambling stipulates a number of requirements for representatives of gambling business. In particular, all organizations providing such services are required to obtain a license. In case of operation without appropriate permits, criminal liability is provided.

Slot machines can only work on the territory of hotels rated at least 3 stars. Casinos in Kyiv can only work in hotels if they have at least 150 rooms. For other regions, the requirements are reduced. The law also contains a ban on opening gambling establishments for representatives of the Russian Federation.

As for land-based casinos, they can accommodate no more than 10 tables. Maximum 2 of these can be roulette. In addition, up to 50 slot machines are allowed. It’s possible to conduct offline poker tournaments.

There are also some requirements for space and personnel. The area of ​​the hall should be at least 500 m2. The number of employees for such organizations is at least 50 people.

In addition, hotels 3*+ can accommodate bookmakers. Such offices are allowed to be opened in hotels with 50 rooms at least. The area of ​​the bookmaker office must be at least 50 m2.

The Verkhovna Rada also determined the distance from educational institutions. Casinos cannot be placed closer than 500 meters from schools. Compensation is also provided for families of ludomans - funds will be returned in ten times the amount of the loss. If a player or his relatives file an application, the ludonan’s access to gambling activities may be restricted for up to 3 years. In addition, the cost of a license for gambling has been increased 5 times. The law also contains a rule on online monitoring of slot machines.

Licenses will be issued for 5 years, their cost for online casinos is UAH 59 million per year ($ 2.18 million), the license must be paid for a year in advance. Bookmaker activity is also licensed for 5 years, it costs UAH 566 million ($ 21 million).

To obtain a license, you must have at least UAH 30 million ($2.1 million) of registered capital, a domain in the .ua zone, a bank guarantee in the amount of UAH 34 million ($ 1.5 million) from a state bank or authorized banks.

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