Obtaining license in Vanuatu

License In Vanuatu: General Information

Law & Trust International provides issuing licenses for carrying out various types of activities in Vanuatu. Our experts carry out complete legal assistance of the client, and the applicant needs to leave a request on the website and submit small package of personal documentation to our representative.

All the remaining issues are under the control of the lawyers of Law & Trust International.

Obtaining license in Vanuatu is related to certain nuances. First of all, all the documents are submitted to foreign jurisdiction with their translation into English. In order to negotiate with representatives of the foreign party, it is also necessary to be proficient in language.

We are ready to release you from problems and provide English-speaking lawyer who will act on your behalf on the basis of power of attorney.

Among the reasons why it is worth acquiring license in Vanuatu, there are the following:

  1. The terms of consideration of applications are rather loyal. Obtaining the document will take not more than 2-3 months taking into account all the preparatory stages.
  2. The amount on the account of the authorized capital is not blocked with the contribution, and can be spent on the development of the enterprise or other purposes. The transfer of capital is necessary only to confirm your financial solvency.
  3. In terms of rate of taxation, Vanuatu offers better conditions than Belize, Mauritius and other states.
  4. Local legislation does not put forward requirements for presence of the office in the territory of the country, and containing the resident employees in the workforce.
  5. The reporting is minimal, and there is no need to be annually audited.

How to obtain license in Vanuatu? Set of services

Certifying activities is possible only after the establishment of new company or branch of the corporation. If the application is submitted by natural person, our specialists will help to establish new enterprise in the territory of the country. After obtaining the status of legal entity, the following actions are performed:

  • Collection of the package of corporate documentation. The charter and extracts from the minutes are mandatory.
  • Payment of state duties and fees for licensing, and it is possible to transfer funds for several procedures immediately, if both registration and certification of the enterprise are provided for.
  • Opening bank account for contribution of the authorized capital. This requires standard documentation package, which is collected by our specialist.
  • Preparation of business plan. Conducting activity of any type implies its planning. If the client has no strategy, its development can be ordered from the experts of Law & Trust International.

Depending on the type of activity which requires obtaining license in Vanuatu, it is possible to add supplementary stages to the list. You can clarify the algorithm suitable for your company during personal conversation with the specialist, and also remotely via the Internet or by telephone.

Applications are accepted on a round-the-clock basis, and it is enough to fill in small form on our portal for sending.