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Law&Trust International provides company registration and account opening service in one country.

This service is necessary for legal entities who plan to start a business in a particular state. However, the requirements in different countries for registration of companies and opening of accounts may vary significantly, and applicants may face difficulties. To avoid problems, you should trust the experts.

The law firm Law&Trust will take all necessary steps to ensure that the opening of a legal entity and an account in one country is as quick as possible. Customer involvement in the process is minimal. Turning to Law&Trust, you will receive a ready-made company registered for any industry, and you can start a business by working on a current account in any bank.

The advantages of this service are as follows:

Banks are more willing to open accounts for resident companies, the procedure for opening an account is simplified, and significantly fewer documents are required than for non-resident ones.
The presence of a company and a bank account in one country positions you as a reliable counterparty to partners.
Compliance with GOOGLE requirements (for IT-customers), Paypal, Google PLAY - in terms of the coincidence of the country of registration with the bank. This requirement is also put forward by other large companies.

Law and Trust offers the following options

for registering a company and opening a bank account in one country:

Law&Trust is reliable legal support for your business. The lawyers of our company have vast experience and will be able to find a solution to any problems that may arise during the registration process. Law&Trust regularly monitors all changes in the legislation and tax policies of the above countries. Therefore, we are always ready to help not only register a business, but also choose the most preferred option for your company.

Law&Trust is a guaranteed result. The result of our work is a legal entity registered in accordance with all rules of the jurisdiction with a current account in a local bank. We will also help you choose a financial institution that meets your requirements. Law&Trust means qualified legal support for any business.

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