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Cost of registration The cost of the second year Number of Directors Corporate tax rates Payment of Charter Capital Financial statements
3100.00 EUR 2560.00 EUR 1 10.00% 1.00 Yes
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The cost of the second year: 

Registration of the legal entity in Serbia

Republic of Serbia is a sovereign state situated at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, covering the southern part of the Pannonian Plain and the central Balkans. Member of UNO from 2000, from 1st of March 2012 official obtained status of candidate to be a member of EU.

In Serbia, one of the most common forms of the company is the Limited Liability Company (DOO), less often - joint-stock company (AD).

DOO is more common because of few reasons:

- in DOO founders are responsible only for their shares. The minimum share capital is € 1. At least half of the authorized capital must be paid before the registration of the company, and the remaining half shall be paid within two years from the date of registration.
- Creating DOO is the quickest and easiest way to get your company in Serbia.

Business in Serbia

Registration of company in Serbia is available for natural persons (including foreign citizens) and for legal entities (Serbian and foreign entities).

Neutral persons should prepare scan copy of Foreign Passport, and founders of legal entities should prepare:

- Extract from the trade register or a certificate of registration of the company in the country of origin (or other document confirming the registration of a foreign company).
- The power of attorney for an individual with right to sign documents on behalf of foreign companies, including the opening of accounts and with ability to do all activities related to registration of companies.

It should be noted that these documents must be apostilled (the apostille is not required for Member-States of the Hague Convention), translated into Serbian language and translation must be certified by notary. These documents will be applied to the registering authority.

Accordingly to classification of economical activities you must fulfil paragraph about founding documents of your company - "Type of Economic activity".

Serbian companies are obliged to keep accounting records and submit reports. In the case of income from Serbian sources by non-residents, they (non-residents) must pay taxes.

We will register company in Serbia short terms.It is problematic to buy Company in Serbia . Registration your company in Serbia - one of the easiest and cheapest ways to start a legitimate international business. Registration of companies is one of the main directions of our work. For more information about business registration in Serbia please contact our Lawyers by phone or email.


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General information
Square88 361.00
Population7 243 010.00
State polityparliamentary republic
The difference of time zones with Moscow2 hours
Telephone code381
Place in the world in corruption80
locationBalkan Peninsula
Climatewinters are short, cold and snow, summer - warm
Literacy rate89.00%
Ethnic groups83% - Serbs, 3.9% - the Hungarians, the rest - Bosniaks, Roma, Albanians, Bulgarians, Montenegrins, Macedonians, Slovaks, etc.
National currencySerbian Dinar
USD exchange rate83.26
GDP per capita96
Official languageSerbian
Credit ratingBB-
The judiciarySupreme Court of Cassation, the Supreme Council of Judges of the Republic, the Constitutional Court
Executive authorityCouncil of Ministers headed by the chairman, who is elected by Parliament from among candidates proposed by the president.
Legislative authoritiesparliament
Corporate information
Opportunity to purchase ready-made companiesNo
Legal systemCivil Law
Terms of purchasing ready-made company2-4 weeks
The use of the Cyrillic alphabet in the nameNo
Local registered officeYes
Organizational and Legal Formspartnership; private company with limited liability; Open Joint Stock Company.
Terms of registrationweek
Local registered agentNo
Shares and share capital
The minimum amount of the issued capitalNo
Bearer sharesNo
Possibility to issue shares without par valueNo
Basic corporate tax rate10.00%
Capital gains taxNo
Withholding tax20%
Currency controlNo
The tax on personal income14%
Stamp dutyNo
Director and Secretary
Minimum number of directors1
The requirement for residency directorsNo
Director of legal entities are allowedYes
The data reveals to the local agentYes
Data field to the public registryYes
The requirement for the presence of the SecretaryYes
Requirement to the residense of the SecretaryYes
Requirements to qualification of the SecretaryNo
Legal entity as the SecretaryYes
Shareholder and beneficiary
Minimum number of shareholders1
Data is entered in the public registerYes
Shareholders residency requirementNo
Information about the beneficiary is disclosedNo
Information may be disclosed to the local agentYes
Shareholders-legal entities are acceptableYes
The requirement for filing reportsYes
Open access to reportsNo
Statutory auditYes
The requirement for filing Annual ReturnYes
Open access to the Annual ReturnYes
The requirement for reportsYes
Treaty on avoidance of double taxation (States which signed)35
Membership in the OECDNo
Is it offshore according to Russian legislationNo
Trademark Registration
TM Comprehensive Study
First Class Additional Class
60.00 EUR50.00 EUR
TM Registration Request
First Class Additional Class
740.00 EUR 120.00 EUR
TM Registration Certificate
First Class Additional Class
830.00 100.00
First Class Additional Class
1630.00 EUR 270.00 EUR
TM Comprehensive Study TM Registration Request TM Registration Certificate Total
First Class Additional Class First Class Additional Class First Class Additional Class First Class Additional Class
60.00 50.00 740.00 120.00 830.00 100.00 1630.00 EUR 270.00 EUR
«TRADEMARK» refers to «Wordmark» or «Logo»

60.00 50.00 1360.00 190.00 1500.00 200.00 1630.00 EUR 440.00 EUR
«TRADEMARK» refers to «Wordmark+ Logo»

Prices include all professional and official fees. If the change of official duties or exchange rates prices may vary.

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