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Cost of registration The cost of the second year Number of Directors Corporate tax rates Payment of Charter Capital Financial statements
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Norway (which full title is the Kingdom of Norway) is one of the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula, located in the north-western part of Europe. Eastern neighbor of the state is Sweden, and Norway also shares border with Finland and the Russian Federation in the north-east. The area of state is about 385 000 km2.

Norway is the unitary state existing on the basis of the principles of constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. The state and executive power is headed by the King of Norway. Legislative functions are performed by bicameral parliament, known as the Storting.

The capital of the state is the city of Oslo.
The number of Norway's population is close to 5 million people.
According to its administrative arrangement the country is divided into 19 regions (counties).

The official language is Norwegian, which exists in two forms.

The landscapes of Norway are very picturesque. Here it is possible to see magnificent mountain ranges, rugged by glaciers, narrow fjords and green valleys. Most of the country’s territory (70%) is occupied by the Scandinavian mountains. Permafrost and ice sheets cover huge areas of Norway.

In the north of Norway the climate conditions correspond to subarctic climate, and coastal areas are under the influence of the oceanic climate.

Stability of economic and political situation are the main factors that influence the investment attractiveness of the country. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs tend to register a company in Norway.

Approximately a quarter of all foreign enterprises registered in Norway are involved in sales and rentals of real estate. In addition, highly profitable business in Norway is associated with the processing of fish. This field of activity is really cost-effective. Another type of successful companies in Norway is travel agencies or entertainment centers.

Forms of doing business

Business in Norway is constantly growing and developing.

Company registration in Norway is possible in the following forms:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC);
  • Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC);
  • General Partnership;
  • Limited Liability Partnership.

The most popular forms of business in Norway is LLC and JSC.

Registration of LLC company in Norway. Peculiarities.

  • Minimum share capital is NOK 30 000.
  • The company's shares can not be made public and freely transferred.
  • The company can have one shareholder and two or more directors.

Registration of joint stock company in Norway. Main provisions.

  • The amount of the minimum share capital is NOK 1000000.
  • The company is obliged to provide the public an opportunity to acquire shares.
  • Property rights are regulated by the rules of the company.

What do you need to know about registration the general partnership in Norway?

  • Activities are regulated by special Act on partnership.
  • Two or more participants (general partners) can establish company.
  • Minimum capital is not required.

Registration of partnership with limited liability

  • At least two participants are required for registration of this type of company in Norway.
  • Minimum authorized capital is not fixed.
  • The company has two types of partners (general and limited).

The following requirements are necessary to establish company in Norway:

- Three names of company;

- Set of documents that certify the identities of all directors;

- Opening bank account;

- Submission of documents to the Register of Commerce.

Each company should have a registered office in Norway. Any person can be the company's shareholder. The Board of Directors shall consist of at least two people. The founder of the company in Norway shall be over 18 years old.
Foreigners are required to have residence permit.

Taxes in Norway

General tax rate equals to 25%.

VAT is 25%.

Tax on dividends is 25%.

For investors from the OECD countries, tax on dividends equals to 15%.

Bookkeeping in Norway

Annual report shall be submitted.

The company shall undergo mandatory audit of the financial report.

The company discloses information about income in annual report and balance sheet.

It is now simple to register or buy company in Norway. Registration of companies and enterprises abroad is one of the main fields of our activity. You can clarify information concerning possibility of establishing offshore company in Norway during the personal conversation with our lawyers or by phone.

Let business registration in Norway become a successful business start for you!

Set of documents
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Nominee director and shareholder
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General information
Square323 802.00
Population4 707 270.00
State polityConstitutional monarchy
Telephone code47
Place in the world in corruption6
locationNorthern Europe
ClimateTemperate along coast, modified by North Atlantic Current; colder interior with increased precipitation and colder summers; rainy year-round on west coast; avg. maximum temperature (August) +20°; avg. minimum temperature (January) -4°
Literacy rate100.00%
Ethnic groupsNorwegian 94.4% (includes Sami, about 60,000), other European 3.6%, other 2% (2007 estimate)
National currencyNorwegian krone (NOK)
USD exchange rate5.75
GDP per capita8
Official languageNorwegian
Credit ratingAAA
The judiciaryThe Supreme Court, the Special screening appeal committee of the Supreme Court, district courts, courts of second instance, courts of first instance, conciliation commissions, courts of special affairs
Executive authorityHead of government: Prime Minister. Government: State Council appointed by the monarch with the approval of Parliament.
Legislative authoritiesParliament: Big collection - Storting (169 seats)
Corporate information
Opportunity to purchase ready-made companiesNo
Legal systemMixture of customary law, civil law system, and common law traditions
The use of the Cyrillic alphabet in the nameNo
Local registered officeYes
Organizational and Legal Formsaksjeloven (AS) - private limited liability company, allmennaksjeselskap (ASA) - public limited liability company или corporation; Limited Partnership, General Partnership; indivudual enterprise, Branch; European public limited company (SE)
Indication of BPA in the nameAS
Local registered agentYes
Shares and share capital
Standard currencyNorwegian krone
Information about the beneficiary is disclosed100000
The minimum amount of paid-in capital, nat. currency100000
The minimum amount of the issued capital100000
Bearer sharesNo
Terms of payment of the issued capitalWithin 3 months from the date of registration
Terms of capital paymentWithin 3 months from the date of registration
Possibility to issue shares without par valueNo
Basic corporate tax rate25.00%
Capital gains taxNo
Currency controlNo
Corporate tax rates details28% + 50% for petroleum companies granted a license to explore and exploit petr. Resources on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Update February 2018: Rate reduced from 24% as from fiscal years ending in 2018. 25% rate applies to enterprises enagaged in financial activities.
Stamp dutyNo
Director and Secretary
Minimum number of directors1
The requirement for residency directorsYes
Director of legal entities are allowedNo
The data reveals to the local agentYes
Data field to the public registryYes
The requirement for the presence of the SecretaryNo
Requirement to the residense of the SecretaryNo
Requirements to qualification of the SecretaryNo
Legal entity as the SecretaryNo
Shareholder and beneficiary
Minimum number of shareholders1
Data is entered in the public registerYes
Shareholders residency requirementNo
Information about the beneficiary is disclosedNo
Information may be disclosed to the local agentYes
Shareholders-legal entities are acceptableYes
The requirement for filing reportsYes
Open access to reportsNo
Statutory auditNo
The requirement for filing Annual ReturnNo
Open access to the Annual ReturnNo
The requirement for reportsYes
Treaty on avoidance of double taxation (States which signed)83
Membership in the OECDYes
Is it offshore according to Russian legislationNo
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TM Registration Request
First Class Additional Class
880.00 EUR 210.00 EUR
TM Registration Certificate
First Class Additional Class
340.00 0.00
First Class Additional Class
1580.00 EUR 420.00 EUR
TM Comprehensive Study TM Registration Request TM Registration Certificate Total
First Class Additional Class First Class Additional Class First Class Additional Class First Class Additional Class
360.00 209.00 880.00 210.00 340.00 0.00 1580.00 EUR 420.00 EUR
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Prices include all professional and official fees. If the change of official duties or exchange rates prices may vary.

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