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Cost of registration The cost of the second year Number of Directors Corporate tax rates Payment of Charter Capital Financial statements
1575.00 USD 975.00 USD 1 0.00% No No
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How to register company in Niue

niue_0.jpgThe island of Niue is a self-governing state formation in the Pacific, which is in free association with the state of New Zealand. The borders of Niue are tangent to the territorial waters of such islands as Tonga, Cook Islands, and American Samoa. The land area of Niue is about 260 km2. The population is approximately 1600 people.

The geological base of Niue is three underwater reefs and coral atoll. The climate of the island is characterized as hot and moderately humid. Given the fact that there are no mountains on the island, and Niue's area is small, climatic conditions are similar throughout the state.

According to its administrative arrangement, Niue is divided into 14 districts with centers in 13 villages.

English has the official status.

The currency of Niue is the New Zealand dollar.

The legislation of Niue is based on English common law.

Given that Niue is tax-exempt jurisdiction, the registration of offshore companies in Niue is becoming increasingly popular.

Forms of doing business in Niue

Registration or buying business in Niue is possible in the form of exempt company, that is International Business Company (IBC).

The legislative framework.

Control over the activities of offshore company in Niue is conducted in accordance with the provisions of the International Business Companies Act of 1994.

Registration of offshore company in Niue. Main provisions

Establishing company in Niue can bring its owner huge benefit:

  • The company can conduct any activity permitted by law, except for providing banking, insurance and reinsurance, and trust services which require special licensing;

  • Offshore company in Niue can not conduct business with residents of jurisdiction, and also own real estate in the territory of Niue;

  • The term of registration procedure equals up to 2 working days;

  • The name of the company should be original, that is not similar or identical to already existing one. Limited, Corporation, Societe Anonyme and those other words present in the names of exempt companies can be included in the name of the offshore company in Niue;

  • In order to register company in Niue, it is necessary to provide the Charter and the Memorandum of Association;

  • There are no fixed minimum and requirements for compulsory payment of the authorized capital. The amount of the authorized capital shall equal to $ 50,000, and the foregoing amount is divided into 50,000 shares, and par value of each one is $ 1;

  • Registered and bearer shares, and shares with and without par value can be issued;

  • The company can have one shareholder (natural person/legal entity). Nominee service is allowed. Shareholders can own shares on the basis of trust;

  • Minimum number of directors of exempt company is one (natural person/legal entity). The rights of the director are limited only to the extent of the competence of shareholders set forth in the Charter and the Memorandum;

  • There are no requirements concerning registration of the real owner of the company in Niue;

  • Information on banking transactions is not available to third parties;

  • There should be registered office of the company and registration agent in the territory of Niue;

  • Place and manner of holding the meetings are selected by the participants themselves. There are no requirements regarding the place of storage of the minutes of meetings;

  • There is no currency control.

Taxes in Niue

The IBC in Niue is completely exempt from taxes and fees.

Bookkeeping in Niue

Offshore Company in Niue:

- does not maintain accounting;

- does not submit annual report;

- is not subject to audit.

Registering company in Niue or buying offshore company in Niue is now easy and quick. Registration of offshore company in Niue is excellent solution for all those who tend to develop their business. We will conduct the entire procedure within the shortest time possible, because registration of companies around the world is one of the most important directions of our work. We will assist in registration of business in Niue.

Set of documents
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General information
Population1 269.00
State politySelf-governing parliamentary democracy
Telephone code683
locationOceania, island in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Tonga
ClimateTropical; modified by southeast trade winds
Literacy rate95.00%
Ethnic groupsNiuen 78.2%, Pacific islander 10.2%, European 4.5%, mixed 3.9%, Asian 0.2%, unspecified 3% (2001)
National currencyNew Zealand dollar
USD exchange rate1.24
GDP per capita142
Official languageNiuean, a Polynesian language closely related to Tongan and Samoan; English
Credit ratingN/R
The judiciarySupreme Court of New Zealand, Niue High Court
Executive authorityHead of government: Prime Minister. Government: The Cabinet consists of the Prime Minister and three ministers
Legislative authoritiesunicameral Legislative Assembly (20 seats)
Corporate information
Opportunity to purchase ready-made companiesNo
Legal systemBased on English Common Law with local modifications
The use of the Cyrillic alphabet in the nameNo
Local registered officeYes
Organizational and Legal FormsInternational Business Company (IBC)
Indication of BPA in the nameLimited, Corporation, Incorporated, Societe Anonyme, Sociedad Anonima
Local registered agentYes
Shares and share capital
Standard currencyNew Zealand dollar
The minimum amount of the issued capitalNo
Bearer sharesNo
The usual size of the authorized capital50000
Usual nominal value of shares1 USD
Possibility to issue shares without par valueNo
Basic corporate tax rate0.00%
Capital gains taxNo
Currency controlNo
Stamp dutyNo
Director and Secretary
Minimum number of directors1
The requirement for residency directorsNo
Director of legal entities are allowedYes
The data reveals to the local agentYes
Data field to the public registryNo
The requirement for the presence of the SecretaryNo
Requirement to the residense of the SecretaryNo
Requirements to qualification of the SecretaryNo
Legal entity as the SecretaryNo
Shareholder and beneficiary
Minimum number of shareholders1
Data is entered in the public registerNo
Shareholders residency requirementNo
Information about the beneficiary is disclosedNo
Information may be disclosed to the local agentNo
Shareholders-legal entities are acceptableYes
The requirement for filing reportsNo
Open access to reportsNo
Statutory auditNo
The requirement for filing Annual ReturnNo
Open access to the Annual ReturnNo
The requirement for reportsNo
Treaty on avoidance of double taxation (States which signed)12
Membership in the OECDNo
Is it offshore according to Russian legislationYes
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