Company Law & Trust International has its own staff of lawyers with the appropriate licenses.

Specialization of our lawyers:

  • administrative law
  • civil law
  • criminal law
  • corporate, commercial law
  • intellectual property law
  • environmental law
  • family law
  • customs law
  • labor law
  • tax law
  • housing law 

Our advocates are fully qualified to resolve the issue in all the above listed areas of law.

Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Lawyer is a professional who are involved in the lawsuit as a defender of the interests of the suspected or the accused person, as well as he can  consult individuals and legal entities. Professional assistance can be provided to the victim or the accused party, as well as suspects, witnesses and civil plaintiffs.

 We can provide professional legal support in the following types of crimes:

  • crimes against the person (violence, the threat of human life, etc.)
  • crimes against property (theft, fraud, misappropriations, illegal sale, etc.)
  • economic crimes (illegal business activities, tax evasion, money-laundering, deliberately bringing banks and other businesses to bankruptcy, etc.)
  • crimes against authority (abuse of authority, receiving or sending bribes negligent actions aggravated consequences, misuse of funds, etc.);
  • crimes against public health and welfare (storage, distribution,  drug use, etc. )
  • crimes against the Transportation Security Administration 

Civil Rights Advocates

Civil lawyer is a qualified specialist in the field of civil, family, housing, inheritance, employment and other areas of law.

We can provide professional legal support in the following types of civil law:

  • providing written and oral legal advice
  • legal representation in lawsuits
  • preparation of the necessary documents, including writs
  • search facts that have legal significance, limitation/resuming an individual civil capacity, declaration of death of a missing person, etc.
  • presentation and preparation of petitions, applications, complaints
  • presentation and preparation
  • presentation and preparation of applications to the new circumstances
  • direct participation of a lawyer at the cassational appeal and appellate appeal proceedings, etc.

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