Opening account in bank of Hong Kong

About 40% of China's foreign trade operations pass through the banks of Hong Kong, and in the terms of tough competition, every bank tries to maintain the level of its own reputation by all means. Chinese banks attract foreign investors by prompt development of the economy as a whole and the financial segment in particular.

How to open bank account for non-residents in Hong Kong?

Attempts to open account in China by yourself often end up with failure because of the language barrier. The lawyers of our company are ready to provide legal support for you up to the transfer of the details of the new account. Our partners for opening bank account for non-residents in Hong Kong are the following: HSBC Bank (HK) PLC, Wing Lung Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong.

The conditions they offer to their clients vary. In general, they can be presented as follows:

  1. The period of consideration of the application for opening the account in Hong Kong takes from 2 weeks to 30 working days.

  2. Minimum amount of the initial contribution is 1000 euros and more.

  3. All banks provide a wide range of services, open accounts of various types for legal entities and individuals.

  4. Multicurrency deposits, payment of fees and maintenance of the account are carried out in euros or dollars.

You can examine them in detail on the webpages with the description of banks, but much quicker way is contacting the lawyer by phone. Legal consultation will allow you to select the right bank for long-term cooperation.

The company Law&Trust International carries out the whole process from the very beginning up to obtaining requisite details. After applying to us and selecting the bank, you can continue to conduct business, and our lawyer will collect statements, references, notarization of copies of the charter and passports. Regardless of the bank you select for keeping your funds, you should visit its branch.

The collected documents for opening bank account in Hong Kong for non-resident will shorten the preparation time, and our legal expert can accompany you in special cases.

Hong Kong: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong 890 EUR 1859
HSBC Bank (HK) PLC 1200 EUR 1865
Wing Lung Bank 1500 EUR 1933
DBS BANK 1450 EUR 1999
Платежная система
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
i-Payments 550 EUR 2013