Opening a bank account in Switzerland for non-residents

Swiss banks are the benchmark for banks around the world. The largest corporations of the world keep their savings and funds there, and the banking system itself is characterized by the highest level of security. Our company Law&Trust cooperates with more than 20 banks of the country, therefore customers can choose the most favorable conditions for themselves.

Our specialists be knowledgeable about all the information regarding opening of account with the bank of Switzerland, and the service includes collection of full package of documents, negotiations with representatives of foreign financial institution, legal support for the client, translation of documents and forms into a language understandable to the client.

Each bank imposes its own requirements to investors, therefore it is not possible to indicate specific and complete list of services. You will clarify the cost of account opening in the bank of Switzerland and the list of credentials of our lawyers after you select the bank.

How to open bank account in Switzerland for non-resident? Selection of the bank

We have a lot of partner banks and detailed information about each of them can be clarified by specialists by phone, and below we list several banks with their features and conditions for general acquaintance with the Swiss financial system.

BCGE (Banque Cantonale de Geneve)

It is the bank with high level of data secrecy. The personnel speaks many European languages. It takes up to 10 days to open account in the bank in Switzerland, and detailed description of the activity is required. Standard package of documents will be necessary to open bank account in Switzerland.

CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvetique SA

The main advantages are the following: there are Russian-speaking personnel and personal presence is not required. You can send all the documents through authorized lawyer from our company. Consideration of the package takes 2 weeks, and description of the activity is mandatorily required, but recommendations are not needed.

Bank account in Switzerland: documents and their collection

The list of documents that are necessary to open bank account in Switzerland depends also on the selected financial institution. Most often the list is standard, namely:

  1. Passport (national and international) and confirmation of the address of residence;

  2. Confirmation of welfare;

  3. Complete package of documents for the company (charter, samples of signatures of directors).

After submitting the list of documents, our lawyers will compile bank documents, bring all the forms into conformity (they will be translated and notarized) and send to the bank. If your presence is necessary, you can be accompanied by interpreter or legal specialist.